The Life Eaters

The Life Eaters An incredibly imaginative tale that used stunning artwork to explore germany s embracement of neromancy to win World War II In this story Hitler devises and unholy plot that pits the ancient Norse god

  • Title: The Life Eaters
  • Author: David Brin Scott Hampton Todd Klein
  • ISBN: 9781401200992
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • An incredibly imaginative tale that used stunning artwork to explore germany s embracement of neromancy to win World War II In this story Hitler devises and unholy plot that pits the ancient Norse gods against the Allied forces, but the plan quickly backfires and Gemany becomes involved in a truly epic war.

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      318 David Brin Scott Hampton Todd Klein
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    One thought on “The Life Eaters”

    1. 5.0 stars. This is one of the BEST comic/graphic novels I have ever read. That is not an idle comment as I have read quite a few, including many of the ones that are the most higly rated. This amazing story holds its own with all of them in my opinion.Adapted and expanded by David Brin from his Hugo nominated nevella called "Thor versus Captain America" the basic premise is that the Nazi's, on the eve of losing World War II, discover a way to "conjure" and create an unholy alliance with the Nors [...]

    2. Did I read this because of the Norse god standing next to Hitler on top of dead soldiers pictured on the cover? Certainly. The idea that Hitler, in his belief of mysticism, called on the Aesir to help him win the war is a fascinating supposition. I really enjoyed the addition of gods from multiple faiths. The fact David Brin who wrote The Postman wrote this comic helped. I thought the book would be hokey and fun but it ended less hokey and entertaining. The book reminded me a bit of American God [...]

    3. Not sure why the author felt the need to make Nimitz an author of SF and Heinlein an admiral, but this was still great!

    4. An odd book about what happens when Norse Gods decide to join Hitler's side just as he is almost defeated. The war turns, but how do you fight gods? It's a good story, odd but good. Brin writes a good story, but has trouble adapting to the comic medium as he turns whole pages into text. I read the books description at the end, it seems that this was a Novelia that was turned into a comic book, that would explain a lot.

    5. A fascinating story idea, if a bit over-the-top and definitely not subtle in execution. Nazis use necromancy (that's what all the death camps are for) to bring the Norse gods into the world to fight for them. So World War II turns out quite a bit differently. I really liked Brin's original novella ("Thor Meets Captain America") that this was expanded from. Seeing it in graphic form (and continuing the story) is very cool.

    6. Thor Meets Captain America was a truly excellent short story, which translated to a very good comic. The original story is part 1, and they added 2 more chapters. There are -- naturally I, suppose -- several more comic references (for a while he wears an Iron Man suit) in this graphic novelization, but as a whole it works.

    7. An amazing story that tries its hand at an explanation for the industrial level of murder during WWII. While the first part was amazing, the second and third parts leave a bit to be desired, and the art could have been a bit better, still the overall story gives many interesting directions of thought.

    8. Spawned from a David Brin short-story, what would happen if the Holocaust were part of a larger design, in which the Nazis were attempting to summon the ancient Norse gods to come back and it worked?

    9. When the Aesir (Norse gods) decide to fight on the side of the Nazis it is Sturm und Drang for the rest of the world.

    10. Very good expansion of Brin's original short story, Thor vs Captain America. Artwork is great, and the story leads to a satisfying (but somewhat dismal) conclusion.

    11. As with most of the Graphic Novels I rave about, this one has a unique story, great artwork, comes in hardcover, and stands alonel things that make graphic novels an artform on their own.

    12. Quite a nice story, about an alternate reality. What if the nordic gods had intervened in WWII and chosen the side of the Nazis? Suspenseful and well drawn/told.

    13. I have always enjoyed the creativity of David Brin and this is no exception - okay I will say at this point never has been keeping to my self imposed rule of no spoilers been so tricky - even though he has left the realms of science fiction and headed out deep in to the realms of fantasy.First of all a little history - this book was born out of another story by Brin - Thor Meets Captain America, a short story which was nominated for the 1987 Hugo. That novella was expanded and illustrated to bec [...]

    14. The squatting monkey-like creature yells out, "NHHHH." Then the caption mentions it being Loki's Dwarf! What kind of a way to start a comic is that and that thing is definitely not a Dwarfunless it was tossed through a blender or something. Then the American soldier says, "Dig it, daddy-o! There's an AES over by the scope, dope." Holy f**k, did he actually just say that? That's some bad dialogue right there and furthermore, that's beatnik slang from the 50'st a US soldier in WWII! But the slang [...]

    15. When I read Thor Meets Captain America by David Brin, I was impressed at such an original idea for a novella. The Nazi's summon the Aesir through their death camps using necromancy. David Brin pulled it off and it was a fantastic story. Then I found out the story continues, in of all things a graphic novel called The Life Eaters.The first part of the graphic novel retells the novella in art form. It felt as if they were just adding lines from the novella on top of art, but still entertaining. At [...]

    16. Uma moderadamente interessante brincadeira de David Brin com o fantástico e histórias alternativas. Brin imagina uma II guerra mundial em que as piras dos campos de concentração permitiram aos nazis materializar deuses da mitologia nórdica. Com estas criaturas ao seu lado tornam-se invencíveis. Nem a tenacidade dos combatentes da liberdade e o seu poderio científico impedem a derrota. Ou aliás, uma longa luta, que vai evoluindo enquanto diferentes povos manifestam os seus antigos panteõ [...]

    17. Based on a famous short story by David Brin called "Thor Meets Captain America". Is was an alternate history in an alternate universe, where the Nazis ally with the Aesir against the West. This graphic novel recapitulates the story and extends it to a war of the gods on earth.[return][return]It is worth reading for some of the ideas expounded and for the original story segment, but it is not great. The art could have done much more for the story and the extended story lacks the punch of the orig [...]

    18. this comic is an alternate history that poses the question: "what if germany won WWII 'cause norse gods like thor and odin came from valhalla and helped smite the allied forces with lighting?". It's batshit crazy.SPOILER:ter an allied secret agent finds out how the germans summoned the norse godsUBLE SPOILER!!!!!!!!!e nazis killed 6 million people in concentration camps so hitler's own personal necromancers could use their dark energy fused with the spear of destiny to summon the gods!!! CRAZY!P [...]

    19. An alternate history in which right before the nazis lose, they manage to summon something like the Aesir. And so we have a whole bit of WW2 gone wrong. And Gods and magic and heroism. Including Loki as a hero. Whatever. It was okay. But it just wasn't very interesting, neither the text nor the art. It was just kind of meh.

    20. Interesting story with a few very cool ideas but for me they were too stretched out to really keep my attention, further not a great fan of the art style, accomplished though it is, it really wasn't to my taste.

    21. Really awesome premise, and periodically comes up with some cool, surprisingly fresh takes on religion, but ultimately is a pretty clunky story. Mostly worth it for Scott Hampton's artI just wish Hampton could find a writer worth of himself.

    22. Not bad. I love David Brin, and the story was great but the art I wasn't crazy about. Solid, but not much else.

    23. No doubt that my rating is a bias one. I've loved Norse mythology since childhood and seeing a great many of those figures portrayed as the villains didn't sit well with me.

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