Mi Pais Inventado

Mi Pais Inventado El primer recuerdo que Isabel Allende tiene de Chile es el de una casa que nunca conoci la casa grande y vieja de la calle Cueto donde naci su madre Esta casa evocada por su abuelo con tanta frecuen

  • Title: Mi Pais Inventado
  • Author: Isabel Allende
  • ISBN: 9789500723381
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • El primer recuerdo que Isabel Allende tiene de Chile es el de una casa que nunca conoci la casa grande y vieja de la calle Cueto, donde naci su madre Esta casa, evocada por su abuelo con tanta frecuencia que Isabel cree haber vivido all , se convierte en la protagonista de su primera novela La Casa de los Esp ritus Dicha obra vuelve a aparecer al comienzo de las fasEl primer recuerdo que Isabel Allende tiene de Chile es el de una casa que nunca conoci la casa grande y vieja de la calle Cueto, donde naci su madre Esta casa, evocada por su abuelo con tanta frecuencia que Isabel cree haber vivido all , se convierte en la protagonista de su primera novela La Casa de los Esp ritus Dicha obra vuelve a aparecer al comienzo de las fascinantes y seductoras memorias, Mi Pa s Inventado, que ahora nos ofrece esta talentosa escritora.Los asiduos lectores de Allende reconocer n inmediatamente a los miembros de esta familia chilena abuelos, bisabuelos, t as, t os y amigos , personajes de car cter m tico que pueblan este magn fico libro A su vez, es un retrato inolvidable de la idiosincrasia del pueblo chileno, su historia violenta y su esp ritu indomable Aunque Isabel afirma haber sido una extranjera en su propio pa s Nunca encaj en ning n sitio, ni en mi familia, ni en mi clase social ni en la religi n que se me confiri lleva consigo hasta hoy la marca de la pol tica y la magia de su tierra natal En Mi Pa s Inventado explora el papel de la memoria y la nostalgia que le ayudaron a dar forma a su vida y a sus libros.Dos acontecimientos vitales alteran la peripat tica narrativa de este libro el golpe militar y la violenta muerte de su t o, Salvador Allende Gossens el 11 de septiembre de 1973 que la condujeron a exiliarse y a convertirse en escritora, y el ataque terrorista del 11 de septiembre del 2001, en los Estados Unidos, que suscita en ella un sentimiento de lealtad a su segunda patria Mi Pa s Inventado, cuya estructura sigue el funcionamiento de la memoria, recorre de ac para all la distancia temporal en la que se acumulan las vida pasada y presentes de la autora Esta obra se dirige al inmigrante, ya que refleja su experiencia y su lucha por mantener una vida interior coherente en un mundo lleno de contradicciones.Sobre la autoraNacida en Per , Isabel Allende se cri en Chile Algunos de sus libros, La casa de los esp ritus, De amor y sombra, Eva Luna, Cuentos de Eva Luna, El plan infinito, y m s recientemente, Paula, traducidos a m s de 25 lenguas, encabezan la lista de bestsellers en varios paises de Am rica y Europa Isabel Allende reside actualmente en California.Born in Peru, Isabel Allende was raised in Chile She is the author of the novels Portrait in Sepia, Daughter of Fortune, The Infinite Plan, Eva Luna, Of Love and Shadows, and The House of the Spirits, the short story collection The Stories of Eva Luna, the memoir Paula, and Aphrodite A Memoir of the Senses City of the Beast is her first novel for young readers She lives in California.

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    1. For those who have read my reviews, then they know that I have mentioned that Isabel Allende is my favorite writer. Her most recent book, In the Midst of Winter, left a bad taste in my mouth because it was largely devoid of her magical realism that I love. Craving a book with magical realism but not knowing which author to turn to, I decided upon her only memoir which I had not yet read, My Invented Country. A journey that takes readers from Chile to California and back, Allende paints a picture [...]

    2. به یادم می‌آید که خانواده‌ام و من، در حالی که دست‌هایمان پر از بار و بنه بود سوار ترنی شدیم که با سرعت لاک‌پشت از میان بیابان بد آب و هوای آتاکاما به سوی بولیوی حرکت می‌کرد. خورشید، صخره‌های داغ، کیلومترها سکوت و انزوای وهم‌آور ، گاه به گاه قبرستانی متروک، کلبه‌های مخروبه [...]

    3. This is Isabel Allende's funny and sorrowful tribute to her native country. She starts off with amusing stories: a cat-killing refrigerator; her grandfather's insistence that he saw the devil on a bus; her father who disguised himself as a Peruvian Indian woman with bright petticoats and a wig with long braids. Later in the book she moves on to the horror and repression suffered by the Chilean people following the CIA-assisted military coup in 1973. The book is not so much a memoir as it is an e [...]

    4. بلدي المخترع تعجبني هذه الكاتبة، دخلت بالنسبة لي منذ قرأت روايتها (ابنة الحظ) نادي كبار الروائيين والذي كانت تفزعني ذكوريته حينها – نعم لازلت أسميه نادي كبار الروائيين رغم وجود أنثى داخله، فقط لأنني أحب وقع الاسم ولا أريد تغييره -، ايزابيل الليندي تكتب بأسلوب خاص جداً، مميز [...]

    5. I never noticed how much I love memoirs until my daughter pointed it out to me. We joke about that endlessly, since I’m often quite unaware of the genre of a book when I choose it and start reading it. Well, a memoir and never mind one written by Allende, I simply knew that it had to be good! This book is full of nostalgia and memories of her life in Chile. She writes beautifully and from the heart. For me, reading Isabel Allende books are a pleasure. This one was a re-read and I loved it yet [...]

    6. Isabel Allende's writing flows like a story that your grandmother would tell you about a time long before you were born, but that still has an intricate connection to your world and flickers into existence only to be half seen or intuitively perceived as a lingering presence. These are the stories about a past that does not belong to you, but that seems so familiar because of the wonderful voice of the author who, inadvertently perhaps, but nevertheless compellingly, makes you a part of her hist [...]

    7. I've never been tempted by Allende's fiction, and I can't say I am now, but this is one well-written, engaging memoir! To break things down, I'd say it's about 65% memoir/20% history/15% travel narrative. Other reviewers have said the book is meandering, which is true, but she tells the story in a way that makes sense to her; autobiographies need not be strictly chronological narratives. If you're wondering why no fifth star, well, she does dwell on the negative at times, both in Chile and the U [...]

    8. Surprisingly InternationalYou don’t have to be Chilean to enjoy this beautiful memoir, but you will gain an appreciation for Chile and its people after reading “My Invented Country”.This is the story about how Isabel Allende, one of the most charismatic Latin American authors of our time, came to become the person she is today. Her very personal narrative will take you to a different country and a different era that will (almost) make you feel Chilean. We follow her steps from the very beg [...]

    9. I don't know how interested I would be in this book had I not lived in Chile for several months. However, since I have, I found it endearing and hilarious, especially when I read a few gems that I though my sister might appreciate."on my last trip I found to my amazement that coffee had finally made its entrance into culture and now anyone willing to pay can find espressos and cappuccinos worthy of Italy."Isabel, really? This book was published about 8 years ago but still in 2009, when I ordered [...]

    10. Invented Country, yes. But Nostalgic Journey Through Chile? Not really. My Invented Country: A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile is more than anything else an autobiography of a life fragmented by years of exile due to the violence of the Pinochet regime. In addition, the (probably) murdered left-leaning ex-president, Salvador Allende Gossens, was a favorite relative of hers. Isabel Allende's Chile is primarily in her heart. Her first book, House of the Spirits, was written while she was living in [...]

    11. هنا تكتُب إيزابيل اليندي كتابًا وكأن وزارة السياحية في تشيلي تكفلت بتكاليف طباعته، تتحدث إيزابيل في هذا الكتاب عن تشيلي ذلك البلد النحيل الذي يقع في أقصى وأبعد مكان في العالم والعامر بالعادات والتقاليد الغريبة، تتذكر إيزابيل وطنها عندما رحلت عنه بعد الإنقلاب الذي أطاح بإب [...]

    12. I don't like her. I don't like how she described a fat actress as a woman of whale proportions who had to be imported. I don't like how when she's writing about racism she actually invokes noble savage and other racist tropes. I don't like how she essentializes random qualities. I just don't like her at all.

    13. La escritura es tipo casual. En donde no hay una línea de tiempo, sino que puede saltar de un tema a otro.Bueno para nuevos lectores de Isabel Allende, porque los que hemos leído varios libros de ella, sobre todo La casa de los espíritus, probablemente conozcamos la mayoría de lo aquí escrito.

    14. When I looked up Chilean books I should read, the list was basically her and Pablo Neruda, so I picked up a copy last week when I found it in English. I enjoyed it and will probably re-read, but it was a bit of a strange book. It's a memoir, but she's already written a full memoir and this is more a memoir of her thoughts and feelings about Chile than her life story, although that is the background structure of the book. Some of what she says about Chile seems almost like secondhand knowledge, a [...]

    15. Maybe 4.5 stars, but not less!I enjoyed it a lot. She writes beautifully, and she is very honest and really funny! Such a smart lady.This was my first Allende read, but it won't be the last. I'm very excited to read her other two biographies, and all of her novels, especially 'The house of the spirits'.I was struck by the amazing similarities between Chilean and Lebanese cultures, wow, who knew?! And I've learned that she spent some time in Beirut before the civil war broke out. I wished she tal [...]

    16. البرنسيسية ايزابيل الليندي.الأقرب الي القلب دائما وأبدا.مجرد الإمساك بكتاب لها هو متعة لا شبيه لهاربما الكتاب صيغة معادة بطريقة مختصرة من مذكراتها العظيمة (باولا)ومن روايتها الأولي بيت الأرواحربما ركزت أكثر هنا علي وصف بلادها تشيلي بناسها وطبيعتها وجغرافيتها وما مر بها من [...]

    17. Wonderful book!No idea why I've waited so long to read it (oh, yes, it's in Spanish my copy!), but I love it FIRST book in Spanish! :)

    18. I wasn't sure what to expect from My Invented Country as I'm pretty sure I've not yet read any of Isabel Allende's novels. What I got was gently nostalgic reminiscences of her childhood and adolescence, sprinkled with witty and sharp observations of not only Chile, but also Allende's adopted countries since the 1970s, primarily Venezuela and the USA, and the contrasts between them. I knew little, also, of Chile other than the name of Pinochet so was fascinated to learn insignificant details of d [...]

    19. Nostalgia is something that I don't particularly like getting caught up in, especially someone else's since what we each treasure from our pasts is so personal. But whether I tell my nostalgia or not, they still exist and may become more prominent as I grow older. Isabella Allende has plenty of reason to to feel nostalgia for chile, having grown up either side of the coup and amidst some of the characters involved. She left after the coup, exiled, with all the more reason to reflect on what she [...]

    20. It has taken me a while to digest what I want to say about Allende's My Invented Country.It starts off rather awkwardly with a catalogue of facts, about Chile, its geography and history. Once she gets to the history, we begin to hear a more characteristic voice, at turns wry, funny, horrified and horrifying as she sums up invasion, settlement/appropriation of land, interactions between the colonists and the native peoples, and the mores of the Chile her grandparents and parents lived in and in w [...]

    21. Isabel Allende has written a memior of herself, her family, her first society, and her country of birth, Chile. Ms Allende mostly loves in San Francisco with her beloved, however imperfect, husband.As usual, Allende spells things out. In part, she speaks of the political dramas post WWII, of her country of birth. Speaking of how President (General) Pincochet was elected, she says: "It is a fact that information was censored and brainwashing was the goal of a vigorous propaganda machine; it is al [...]

    22. A warm, intimate memoir of Allende's Chile, both the invented country of her memory and imagination, and an attempt to make some historical and sociological observations. Her writing alternatives between the personal and the general tense, and neither is dry, rather always full of anecdotes, humor, and poignant insight. She covers themes from the light like humor and cuisine, to the serious like the Pinochet period and its aftermath. Mostly, the book is an attempt to understand nostalgia, and wh [...]

    23. I found the generalizations made by Allende rather offputting for much of this book, even as I appreciated her stories from her childhood in Chile. The last few chapters which filled in much of her adult life won me over, however. I relate to the way she admits to shaping her own story (and that of her native country) in ways that suit her design. We all do it, but how many are comfortable with admitting it? A wonderful book to read on my Chilean adventure.

    24. Pág. 65 "Los Chilenos tenemos el ojo bien entrenado para determinar la clase a la cual pertenece una persona por"Pág. 102 "Una de las características de los chilenos en general, y de los descendientes de castellanos y vascos en particular, es la sobriedad, que contrasta con el temperamento exuberante, tan común en el resto de América Latina."

    25. DNF at page 42. I really liked this while I was reading it, but then I set it down and never picked it up again. I've had it from the library for six months, so I think it's time to let it go. I liked her writing, though, so maybe I'll try one of her novels ~*someday*~

    26. This was one of the few Isabel Allende’s books I hadn’t read, at this point (I’m still missing a few, though). I wasn’t particularly interested, considering that this is non-fiction and I didn’t use to read much non-fiction back in the day (a lot has changed since then, I guess). So, I picked this up at my aunt’s and gave it a read.It’s fun how I live in the same country, but everything is completely different for me. Well, not everything, but a lot has changed since the 60s. There [...]

    27. Isabel Allende is a natural born storyteller, and can spin just about any yarn with fluency and wit. Here she is at her best when she is discussing the Allende-Pinochet years and her personal experience of political upheaval and exile. I was expecting more insight on Salvador Allende, seeing as how Isabel was his niece, but unfortunately she has nothing of interest to say about the personality of the martyr-president. Maybe she didn't know him all that well?She does make some pretty powerful poi [...]

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