Tales of Terror from the Black Ship

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship Book by Priestley Chris

  • Title: Tales of Terror from the Black Ship
  • Author: Chris Priestley David Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780747589860
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book by Priestley, Chris

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      375 Chris Priestley David Roberts
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    One thought on “Tales of Terror from the Black Ship”

    1. I was drawn to this book by the wonderful Gorey-esque drawings on the cover and once I picked it up, I could not put it down. As the title clearly says, these are tales of terror from the black ship. The stories are told within the framework of a severe storm, an inn perched on the top of a sea cliff, and two ill children left alone who open the door to a stranger. That these children have a penchant for frightening stories is somehow not surprising, nor is the stranger's apparently endless supp [...]

    2. Not nearly as atmospheric or gripping as Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, but brilliantly macabre nonetheless. Although the short stories do improve throughout the novel, they are a far cry from the more enigmatic tales that I know Chris Priestley can write. Worth the read, but the other two books in the trilogy are much better.

    3. Another great collection of scary stories, this one has a nautical theme. Fantastic read for a Halloween read-aloud or listen to the audio version read by Bill Wallis. This series keeps getting better and better, I’m looking forward to reading the third book . 4.5 stars

    4. This book of macabre tales connected with the sea reminds me of the short stories of William Hope Hodgson. Priestley writes in a Victorian, gothic style, and the eerie black and white drawings by David Roberts, reminiscent of those of Edward Gorey, add to that atmosphere. Cathy and Ethan are sick at the seaside inn where they live, waiting during a fearsome storm for their father to return with the doctor. A knock on the door brings a young sailor seeking shelter from the wind and rain--Thackera [...]

    5. Continuo a chiedermi se un libro del genere possa essere letto dai bambini, certe cose le ho trovate esageratamente macabre e splatter *Disagio*Poi penso a quanto "L'autobus del brivido" mi abbia causato incubi da bambina e capisco che sono sempre stata rincoglionita, da questo punto di vista :DIl finale è GENIALE. Adorato!

    6. 3.5 stars.This book has the same structure as Priestley's earlier Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror. After an introductory chapter setting the stage and introducing the main characters, each chapter consists of a gruesome tale and a preamble to the next tale. In this case the setting is an inn standing on a promontory precariously connected to the rest of Cornwall. The characters are the children of the innkeeper, who has left them to fetch a doctor while a terrible storm is raging, and a mysteri [...]

    7. Schaurig schön mit einem absolut unerwarteten Ende. Das Buch strotzt nur so vor Phantasie und hat mich völlig in den Bann gezogen. Leicht und schnell zu lesen.

    8. Last week the Cornish coast was lashed by storms.I was tucked up at home with a book, with waves outside crashing against the sea wall and being forced up over the promenade and the road. Our garden was soaked by the spray and the downstairs windows got a salt water rinse.It’s a marvellous sight when you’re inside, secure in the knowledge that your home has withstood a multitude of storms over a hundred years and more.And in the pages of my book two children looked out on a similar storm.Eth [...]

    9. This is the sequel to the wonderful 'Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror' which I read last year. Being a bit of a scaredy cat, this book, which is really a childrens book (age range 9-12 approx), is about as scary as I go without needing to leave the light on at night.It's a collection of short stories told to two children on a dark stormy night by a stranger who needs shelter from the raging storm outside.As in the previous book, some tales are scarier than others . 'The Scrimshaw Imp', 'Irezumi' [...]

    10. I loved this book, loved everything about this book, the writing was superb and perfectly balanced and the illustrations are fantastically and darkly Gothic. Consisting of eleven stories told through the hears of Ethan and Cathy and the voice of Thackeray as they wait out a vicious storm in The Old Inn that clings to the cliff top above the storm battered seas. This book is chillingly atmospheric as Thackeray weaves and winds his words into tales of terror, anticipation and dread on the high sea [...]

    11. İlk kitabı gerçekten beğenmiştim, karakterin adının Edgar olması ( :D ), genel olarak hikayeleri ve çocukların da doğuştan kötü olması gibi hoş ayrıntıları vardı. Bu da iyi bir kitaptı, denizcilik-korsan hikayeleri severim, ama tekrara çok sık düştü maalesef Birkaç tane sivrilen hikaye de vardı ama. Özellikle son kısım ve Oyma Şeytanı güzeldi. Hatta birkaç iyi detay eklense Oyma Şeytanı'ndan iyi bir roman bile çıkabilirdiGotik-korku sever olarak her şekild [...]

    12. 3,5 stelline in realtà.Non mi aspettavo molto da questo libro (che ammetto, ho comprato per la copertina e le pagine nere XD), mentre in realtà è ben scritto scorrevole. Le varie storie che compongono il romanzo sono TUTTE interessanti, alcune veramente macabre. Il finale è assolutamente geniale e un po' malinconico.Spero di riuscire a rintracciare il volume precedente, ma per il momento sembra sparito dalla circolazione :(

    13. Korsanlar , boğularak can verme , deniz yaratıkları beni her zaman korkutmuştur. Priestley'nin bu kitabı da korkularıma tuz biber oldu. Kara Gemi hikayesi beni gerçekten korkuttu , diğer hikayeler de fena değildi.Serinin ilk kitabında yer alan Urfa'daki Cinler hikayesi hala listemde bir numara ama :D

    14. After reading ‘Uncle Montegue’s Tales of Terror’ by Chris Priestley,I was really excited to see ‘Tales of Terror from the Black Ship’ in my local library! I checked it out straightaway read it immediately!‘Tales of Terror from the Black Ship’ follows sibling Cathy and Ethan. When the siblings fall ill during a terrible storm their father is forced to leave them and find a doctor. They live in an inn by the sea, and it is not long before a storm drenched sailor comes knocking at the [...]

    15. Once again Chris Priestley presents us with a selection of ghostly tales covering a variety of sea-related monsters and frights linked together by an intriguing tale of two sick children waiting for their father to return with the doctor. I enjoyed the previous tale – Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror (reviewed here), but I definitely preferred these selection of tales. The ongoing theme of nautical terror was a strong link between stories – after all what is scarier than being trapped on a [...]

    16. Great As Stand Alone Tales As Well As Being Able To Link The Larger Story Together. A Twist That I Saw Coming And One That I Didn’t But This Wouldn’t Be Obvious To Readers Of A Younger Age

    17. The Old Inn clings to a clifftop above a storm-lashed sea. Ethan and Cathy are ill and their father has gone to fetch a doctor. A visitor comes begging for shelter and the three of them sit out the storm with the visitor telling grisly and terrifying tales of the sea.This is an odd book with an interesting twist at the end. It's well told and well written with the oddest illustrations to go with the stories. The stories are filled with tension and suspense and you just know that something isn't [...]

    18. Intense, gripping, and flowing are the words i would use to describe this frightening book. At no point was i tired of reading it and had no trouble following the basic plot line which, in its case, worked. Each tale in each chapter began a new burst of imagination and wonder that hooked me to every character in every plot line. This is certainly a quick easy read but also goes into detail about the main characters, especially Thackeray, which gave me more characters feelings to think about. But [...]

    19. Hat mir um einiges besser gefallen als der Vorgänger (Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror). Die Rahmenhandlung war nicht so klischeehaft (Onkel erzählt Gruselgeschichten) und die Kurzgeschichten selbst hatten viel bessere Enden.Der Stil passt zum Buch, wirkt ein wenig altbacken und hat mich daher ab und zu gelangweilt. Die Ideen für die Geschichten sind aber alle ziemlich cool und die Zeichnungen von David Roberts sind wieder absolute Highlights.Insgesamt Tendenz zu 4 Sternen, also 3.5 :)

    20. The horror stories were pretty good and scary by themselves, though as an adult reader, I wanted them to be longer with greater use of descriptions and details. The narrator, a young boy by the name of Ethan, was aggravating. He states the same emotions and reactions over and over and over and at every new chapter, there he is with the same restatement of the same emotions. But as far as scary stories go, I found these to be appropriately scary!

    21. A collection of very entertaining, and often unpredictable, scary tales set in the world of pirates and mariners.I didn't give it 5 stars only because the final tale - which frames all the others - was unfortunately not as original and surprising as the rest, reminding me instead of (view spoiler)[ the plot of the film "The Others" (hide spoiler)].

    22. THE REVIEWWhy this book?Another story for HalloweenWhat I thoughtI didn't like this one as much as I liked Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror. But the stories were still somewhat enjoyable. I skimmed over a couple that couldn't hold my interest though. With that said the ending was shocking I got to admit that. Overall an ok read

    23. Quite creepy if predictable. I liked the first book and probably liked this one more. Some of the stories were quite eerie and clever and others I have heard before but the author puts a new spin in many of them with the seafaring theme. I particularly enjoyed the snail story! Not a challenging book but light, entertaining and a bit disturbing.

    24. This book is sooo cool! The stories are breathtaking! A book anyone should read, if you like to scare yourself a little bit ;DBut be warned: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK AT NIGHT OR IF YOU ARE ALONE AT HOME!!! OR IT WILL TOTALY FREAK YOU OUT!!! (only if you are easiliy frightended of course) xDDD

    25. Bi yerden sonra kitap kendini tekrar etmeye, hikayeler etkileyiciliğini kaybetmeye başlıyordu. Ama sonunu sevdim, okurken de hiç sıkılmadım. Fena degildi. *-*

    26. Una lectura con la que la palabra decepcionante se queda corta y eso que no tenía ninguna expectativa. Lo leí (aun no se muy bien porque), y, por Dios! El leguaje es muuuy rebuscado, y utiliza palabras muy rocambolescas, algo que dificulta bastante la lectura.La historia principal, trata de dos hermanos que están solos en la posada de su padre un día de tormenta. Mientras esperan a que su padre vuelva, llega un desconocido pidiendo cobijo, y los niños le dejan entrar.Para pasar el tiempo el [...]

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