What Is a Family?

What Is a Family All the moving changing shapes of a family ever in need of work are shown in Edith Schaeffer s imaginative reflections on infancy to grandmotherhood

  • Title: What Is a Family?
  • Author: Edith Schaeffer
  • ISBN: 9780801083655
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • All the moving, changing shapes of a family, ever in need of work, are shown in Edith Schaeffer s imaginative reflections on infancy to grandmotherhood.

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    One thought on “What Is a Family?”

    1. I loved this book! Mrs. Schaeffer’s writing style is vivid and poignant. I was immediately drawn into the very scenes she described, watching their family dynamics unfold before me. She captures the essence of family life and the purpose of family in a way I’ve never contemplated before. Each chapter is full of the beautiful possibilities that exist in a family environment, without neglecting the realities of the effects of our sinful natures and the sinful influences of the world around us. [...]

    2. This book lived on my nightstand for way too long as I would only ever pick it up to wind down when I was way too tired to read so I never really made any progress. I finally intentionally picked up the book again because I needed to give it back to my friend and I am so thankful that I did because this book has become one of my most treasured recent reads. At first, her writing sort of bothered me because she initially compared a family to a changing mobile and I just could not connect with her [...]

    3. Not that I've read a lot of books about "family," but I'd have to rate Edith Schaeffer's What is a Family? as a really unique and valuable find. When I picture your typical book that sets out to both define and celebrate the idea of "family," I get the picture in my mind of a "too perfect" happy nuclear family -- Dad, Mom, 2 kids, and the family dog in their mini-van. A book with parenting tips and little ideas for rainy-day activities for your pre-schoolers, etc, etc.I love how Schaeffer doesn' [...]

    4. As expected, Edith Schaeffer offers wise counsel for parents raising the next generation. Using Scripture, personal stories, and illustrations (I loved the metaphor of the home being a museum of memories and we are the curators-beautiful), Schaeffer points to the importance of biblical homemaking in shaping the lives of our children. The book was written in 1975, so it is a little dated. Still, the principles are timeless, and if we needed to hear them then, how much more do we need to hear them [...]

    5. It has been several years but I really enjoyed reading this at the time. Edith Schaeffer paints beautiful word pictures and I believe her life showed for a love for God and a love for her family and a love for strangers.

    6. This book was foundational for me as a young mother. I highly recommend re-reading it every few years as a vision statement for your family!

    7. "Not only for little ones, but at every age, the knowledge that there are people close to you - family - who want to 'hear all about it' is a double blessing. First, it is a protection against doing the most devastating thing that occurs to you in the midst of anger, self-pity, the danger of placing the drive to fulfill one's immediate desire above the long-term continuity of life; and second, an inspiration to 'keep on.' It helps to know that somebody, another human being, really cares whether [...]

    8. Overall a great book. Often times I felt like I was listening to a wise older grandmother sharing her personal, yet Biblically focused, advice. I would have loved to have met her in person. I had tried reading this a few years back but it was slow in getting started so I never stuck with it past the second chapter. I am glad that I picked it up again and was able to be reminded of various aspects of family. I love her openheartedness and the thoughtful views and personal stories she shares to he [...]

    9. There is a welcome trend on Reformed books about the realities of marriage, but this is a classic on a truly Christian ideal of marriage for the modern times.It sports a surprising emphasis on creativity, besides the usual — but still countercultural — injunctions & applications of the Bible to the realities of life.Ms. Schaeffer helped her husband keep an open home for questioning students during the counterculture heyday in Europe, and her insights are refreshing and liberating, but ch [...]

    10. Schaeffer seeks to define the family in terms of a balanced environment, birthplace of creativity, formation center for relationships, a shelter, a relay of truth, economic unit, educational control, and museum of memories. She uses heartwarming examples from her own family and once again is quite transparent in her personal struggles in various areas over the years. I resonated with so much of what she said in this booke is an incredibly wise woman.

    11. Edith's Schaeffer's voice is steady, strong, sage and secure: a life of wisdom written into words. Her practical advice rooted in Scripture inspires me to really 'give thought to my ways' and stick to the priorities we have for our family. I'm was especially challenged to show intentionality in the education of my children and myself--this is an area in which I need to be pushed! Solid book, not as engaging as "The Hidden Art of Homemaking," but useful, encouraging and re-readable!

    12. Interesting book. I felt as though Schaeffer romanticized pre-revolution Agrarianism too much though. I love agrarianism too, but I don't find it to be the blame of fractured families. Sin is the reason for fractured families, not husbands going out to make a living to support their families. There are some good things here though.

    13. This book is such a thoughtful admonition to be mindful of the "little" things. As a stay at home mother, it's a refreshing reminder of all of the reasons that staying at home is a GOOD choice--even when difficult--in a time when the mothering community has reached record breaking levels of divisive opinions and judgment.

    14. I didn't care for some of the flowery metaphors, but I really loved the chapter called "A Family is a Door with a Lock and Hinges". A good book for thinking through a vision for how to conceive of your family in a big picture way.

    15. In a society where many young women have never been taught how to make a home, this is a wonderful tool for getting started. It's pro-family and pro-motherhood, but will probably be offensive to those who have been raised to believe that self-sacrifice is a dirty word. A very enriching book.

    16. Great book, but I did not finish it in time (due at the library). She gives insight into God's design for families. I resepct her work at L'Abri, but this book is dated. Still, she remains true to God's word. May try to check it out again from the library and finish it.

    17. I haven't looked at this in years and never really finished it. My mistake with the five stars. I give it a two. Schaeffer seems a bit out-of-date with her ideas in the book and I was not able to see the relevance of her ideas in our particular home life/culture.

    18. This book emphasizes the need to work on family togetherness now or it will never happen. It is similar to The Hidden Art of Homemaking.

    19. Read this book when the older kids were babies and it was a great book to read especially about how to be a servant and what is means to pass the baton of truth in your family.

    20. This explains all that a family means and is in very practical terms. I recommend it to anyone getting married or starting a Christian family. A must read!

    21. Beautiful book. I loved her book The Hidden Art of Homemaking, and this book was even more inspiring that one.

    22. This book was recommended to me by a good friend, whose family I admire. It was good. I'll have to reread it before the bambinos come along so I can apply it.

    23. Love this! Talks about family being an artform. Lots about having grace with each other and making special memories.

    24. I really liked the book. I'll keep it and refer to it as I live out life with my family. It's a bit on the dry, repititious side, but most certainly filled with excellent advice. Worth the read.

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