Bad Marie

Bad Marie Bad Marie is the story of Marie tall voluptuous beautiful thirty years old and fresh from six years in prison for being an accessory to murder and armed robbery The only job Marie can get on the

  • Title: Bad Marie
  • Author: Marcy Dermansky
  • ISBN: 9780061914713
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bad Marie is the story of Marie, tall, voluptuous, beautiful, thirty years old, and fresh from six years in prison for being an accessory to murder and armed robbery The only job Marie can get on the outside is as a nanny for her childhood friend Ellen Kendall, an upwardly mobile Manhattan executive whose mother employed Marie s mother as a housekeeper After Marie movesBad Marie is the story of Marie, tall, voluptuous, beautiful, thirty years old, and fresh from six years in prison for being an accessory to murder and armed robbery The only job Marie can get on the outside is as a nanny for her childhood friend Ellen Kendall, an upwardly mobile Manhattan executive whose mother employed Marie s mother as a housekeeper After Marie moves in with Ellen, Ellen s angelic baby Caitlin, and Ellen s husband, a very attractive French novelist named Benoit Doniel, things get complicated, and almost before she knows what she s doing, Marie has absconded to Paris with both Caitlin and Benoit Doniel On the run and out of her depth, Marie will travel to distant shores and experience the highs and lows of foreign culture, lawless living, and motherhood as she figures out how to be an adult how deeply she can love and what it truly means to be bad.

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      334 Marcy Dermansky
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    One thought on “Bad Marie”

    1. For the second time in about as many weeks I've come across a book with gushing blurbs from well-respected authors that don't seem to fit the book. ".ciously evilworthy of Flaubert.a naughty pleasure, a philosophical romp, heady hedonism very very bad." these are just a sampling of unworthy praises on the front and back cover of the book. Never mind the gushing words to be found in the three pages of blurbs inside. 'Bad' Marie is a kind of dopey, hapless woman who does bad things because she has [...]

    2. I LOVED this book. Marie is, indeed, bad, as the inciting incident of the novel is her stealing her childhood friend's husband (and two-year-old daughter!) and escaping to France. But the narrative is so good that I wanted Marie to make it, and it was so fun to read about a female antihero who is simply living from moment to moment. This is all over the place and it is delightful. Dermansky says at the end that she wanted to write a book that read like a French noir film, and she definitely succ [...]

    3. I don't know Marcy Dermansky, but I have to imagine the novelist behind the ridiculously delicious joy-ride Bad Marie spent a lot of time bent over a keyboard cackling as she pulled the wings off her title character.Fiction just got fun again, friends. This is the kind of book you sprint through, only to realize everyone else is doing it wrong. Writers are taking themselves -- not to mention their characters -- far too seriously.Lets start where Dermansky starts: With a glass of whiskey and a ba [...]

    4. This reminded me of a Highsmith novel, only the anti-hero's adventures aren't played for suspense in exactly the same way. There aren't really many near misses with the authorities, though there are a few twists and turns. But there's the same insane, off-kilter moral equivocating (stealing an old frienemy's husband and child are justifiable, but not stealing a stranger's stroller), the same delusional self-confidence. It takes real talent to walk that tightrope that stretches the span between " [...]

    5. Bad Marie is a bad influence. I say this because while reading Marcy Dermansky's second novel, Bad Marie, I was driven to do something that I, as a mother of a small, active child, never do anymore--and that is stay up past 11PM reading, which should tell you something about how engrossing this novel is if even an exhausted mother will stay up late reading it.It is that good.So what about Marie? Who is she? She's a nanny. She's an ex-con. She's a fuck up. She's also got a big, twisted heart that [...]

    6. This deceptively simple book was a gripping read and I felt my chest clutch throughout, and whole body sigh at the novel's end. Told in clear, concise prose, Dermansky's characterization of the novel's protagonist, Marie, is masterful. Though a deeply flawed character, I cared a great deal about Marie and found myself hoping for her all the way, even while knowing her situation was impossible.That sense of the inevitable and the impossible at the end of the novel will stay with me for a long tim [...]

    7. DAMN. Literature with a capital L, and you know, it's idiotic of me, but I always forget that Literature with a capital L is frequently just as entertaining and readable as Literature with a capital Crap. Why do I forget that? How do I not remember that, even though I read Chelsea Cain and Christopher Moore and John Burdett, my FAVORITE books are by Cormac McCarthy and Updike and Walker Percy and Liz Jensen?I don't know. Blame Marie. Everyone else does. Marie is too much. She is beautiful and gr [...]

    8. It was intriguing to be inside the head of Marie. I've never come across a character like her. I would guess she is a sociopath, consumed with only herself and her immediate desires. She will take you on an unexpected journey and you will not be able to put the book down! Can't wait to read Marcy Dermansky's other novel, The Twins!

    9. I found this book through a discussion of unlikeable characters at The Millions, which is one of those random literary happenstance events that have been occurring quite a bit for me these days. Anyway, the point of the discussion was that oftentimes many readers will gauge their appreciation of a book on how much they liked the main character (or even worse, how much they could relate to the main character). The author held up Bad Marie as an example of a book with a rotten main character that [...]

    10. This is a truly vile book. I can't imagine why anyone would give it a positive rating. It is a slight but ugly story about weakness and evil in which the author, through the protagonist, exploits the fear and loneliness of a kidnapped 2 year old and portrays an abandoned cat so starved and desperate that it loses its teeth trying to bite through metal to get at food. Why present child and animal suffering as central features of a novel along with an unending exposition of fraud, betrayal, theft, [...]

    11. I loved this book about a young woman who lives on the edge of life. It was a quick read and one I will reread. It reminded me of going to a movie in the afternoon, being totally immersed in the experience and feeling startled when it was over and I exited into the bright daylight. I will read her other novel. Hope it is in Sony.

    12. This was exactly the reading jumpstart I needed. I've been struggling through books lately, pushing my way through book club selections and endless classics and not a bit excited about any of them. Then came Bad Marie. I read it in less than 24 hours, something I can't remember having done in the 12+ months since my daughter was born. Its paperback, its short, its fabulously twisted and full of vicarious thrills. I came away with a love and appreciation for despicable Marie. I had this on my lis [...]

    13. So strange and wonderful. Bad Marie makes one bad, no make that "catastrophic," choice after another. It begins with a love affair with an accomplice to a bank robbery and murderer, flight from the law, and six years in jail. Marie is bad but so believable and so oddly likable. Like Marie's life, the book is pure escape, hurtling from one choice and piece of bad luck after another. I have one more Dermansky book to read. She's going to have to get busy so I can keep reading her.

    14. I have to give this novel 5 stars because I can't see how Marcy Dermansky could have done a better job protraying Marie. As bad as Marie is, I found myself rooting her on and hoping for redemption. It's a real page turner. Dermansky's prose is extremely readable and contemporary. This is a fun read.

    15. Burned through this in 48 hours and I wasn’t even trying. Bad Marie is a hard character to like, but fun to follow around on her adventures. I kept marveling at her talent for self-delusion and wondering where her brazenness would take her next. People who need to like a character to like a book may not enjoy this, but I appreciated the plot-driven story, the entertainment value, and the wry writing. This is a woman whose moral compass is permanently on the fritz. Marie is always just Marie, s [...]

    16. It's scandalous that the New York Times didn't give this book the two-review, author-profile treatment--it's thrillingly plotted, very literary, and gleefully impious. I think Jennifer Weiner is right when she says: "What made these books—or, at least, their authors—so hard for the critics to embrace? Why didn’t they get the attention that translates into sales? Why so much love for Franzen and Shteyngart and hardly any ink for Emma Donoghue and Marcy Dermansky?I blame the children.After a [...]

    17. Marie is bad, or is she really? Marie just isn’t bad enough. If the author wanted to project the opposite, she didn’t do well on that either. The characters are all on the neutral side; no one has given a strong impact to the reader or at least to me.Wish there was some brutal sense to it, so I could really feel how bad Marie is or that how bad things turned out for her. I did not feel for her all throughout the story. I just read page after page, always wondering what will happen next and e [...]

    18. Marie, the lead character of Bad Marie, is bad—a fuck up—but she's not evil. Mostly she's not very ambitious, an underachiever who, after being released from prison, is waiting for the big next thing in her life to just happen of its own accord. Well, it does.This is the second of Ms. Dermansky's novels that I have read, and what I loved about both of them, besides the adventures that the lead characters go on, is that I'm always surprised, I never know what will happen next. I get to go alo [...]

    19. A hard-drinking ex-convict fresh out of prison, Marie takes a job as a nanny and soon runs off to Paris with the little girl and the French husband, who turns out to be the author of her favorite book--a novel about a lonely girl in love with a sea lion--that she discovered in prison. Marie is selfish, rebellious, and proudly immature--she wears purple Converse high tops as proof--but she is also profoundly romantic and naive, making one bad decision after another, so that you sympathize with he [...]

    20. Oh how I loved this book. I loved the name. I loved the cover (Marie never smokes in the book, not even once, but the cover picture shows a woman smoking, which is somehow perfect, that incongruence). I loved the writing and the plot and everything about it.It was just too wild a story and too beautifully written for me to spoil it by giving away any details. Read this book, but don't read the cover flap or any other synopsis, just open the book to the first page and let Marie into your life. Bu [...]

    21. I would have given this a 5 if I didn't just rate the Round House which was a total 5 for me. Let's say a 4.5 for Bad Marie. The story is a thriller in that you feel the train wreck of Marie's life yet cannot stop it. What will she do next????op!!! Fabulous twist and turns that leaves you wanting to give her an intervention and yet be her friend. Oh heck.I just changed it to a 5.It was a great book.

    22. This is a funny, sad, brilliant book to read in one enjoyable and worried sitting. Don't miss the chance to meet Bad Marie. And Caitlin.

    23. Should you choose to read Marcy Dermansky’s polarizing Bad Marie (and I recommend that you do!), get ready for a wild ride. Anti-heroine Marie was the source of much pity, rage, sympathy and other varying emotions as I cruised through this fast-paced and unpredictable novel. But regardless of your final opinion of titular bad girl, Bad Marie teaches a lesson in love that is worth the read.For a thirty-year-old ex-con, Marie’s life isn’t so bad. She’s managed to secure comfortable employm [...]

    24. I picked up this book during a completely self-indulgent weekend; shopping, eating, and drinking by myself in Portsmouth then dealing with the aftermath on the couch the next day not touching the piles of laundry or dealing with the plumbing situation in the bathroom. Call me the ostrich. Little did I know when I grabbed the small book at River Run bookstore in Portsmouth just how perfect Bad Marie would be for my selfish weekend. When I started reading the book in the bookstore, I knew that I w [...]

    25. Marcy Dermansky makes it easy to love Marie, a husband-stealing, baby-snatching, underachieving ex-con. The author sends us rocketing along on a brilliant, bumpy ride across the ever-changing landscape formed by the simple loves, the staggering losses and the bad choices that make up Marie’s existence. Fast-paced and unsentimental, Bad Marie blazes with life.Available for preorder now.

    26. I was completely absorbed in this book because I wanted to know what the main character would do next. It definitely took some unpredictable and often uncomfortable turns, but overall I really enjoyed this. This is probably another book where people will complain about the "unlikeable female character."

    27. I read this incredibly entertaining, fun, but also surprisingly moving book in one sitting. Definitely one of the best reads I've had in the last few years. A more thorough review to come!

    28. Fast and out-of-control. But not cheap. This book (almost a novella) smacked my ass and rattled my brain.

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