How to Ruin a Summer Vacation

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation When sixteen year old Amy a spoiled American goes to Israel for a three month summer vacation with a father she barely knows she is not prepared for his Jewish family and the changes they bring abo

  • Title: How to Ruin a Summer Vacation
  • Author: Simone Elkeles
  • ISBN: 9781417763023
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When sixteen year old Amy, a spoiled American, goes to Israel for a three month summer vacation with a father she barely knows, she is not prepared for his Jewish family and the changes they bring about in her life.

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    One thought on “How to Ruin a Summer Vacation”

    1. Damn, I haven't written a review in forever. Seriously, I am like 13 books behind or something. So, I am going backwards, reviewing the freshest ones first. Here goes. This is my second Simone Elkeles book. I read Perfect Chemistry, and enjoyed it, but for some reason it took me two years to pick up another Elkeles. I'm not sure if How to Ruin a Summer Vacation was the right one for me. Young Adult books are supposedly marketed for teenagers, but I'm not so sure about that one. Just looking at m [...]

    2. Ok, before I start reviewing the book I have to say a couple of things a bout Israel. I live in Israel. My mom lived in the US for 20 years and moved to Israel because of my dad, therefore I read only english books and speak english better then I speak hebrew Sad I know. I started reading this book knowing it will be a fun read about a book that's written from Americans perspective about Israel. About Israeli's and American's being together. While I was reading this book I understood that the au [...]

    3. amy is looking forward to a summer of tennis camp and hanging out with her new boyfriend. suddently, her parents change her plans for her. now she is going to israel with her estranged father to meet her grandmother, who is ill. israel is full of unexpected surprises: a sweet grandma, a jealous cousin, a cute but arrogant boy, an annoying dog.i think i would have really enjoyed this book in 8th grade! unfortunately, i'm not in 8th grade anymore and it takes more than some steamy make-out scenes [...]

    4. 3 1/2 starsWhile I liked this book, I'd have liked there to be more of some things in it and less of others. I'd have liked to read more about Amy's talks with her Safta. She seems to immediately connect with her, worries about her health, but why? Because the older woman has her eyes? This is the basis of her beginning to change, I'd have liked to be in on more of their conversations.I'd have liked more of the Jewish traditions, the Seder, keeping Kosher, their beliefs. I'd have liked more of h [...]

    5. You just can´t go wrong with Simone Elkeles. She turns everything she touches in gold. Check this one out. It was a fun read altogether. A little family drama,some friendship stuff and we can´t forget about romance. Oohhh yeah baby!

    6. I'm sorry, is it just me or this book actually feels broken and incomplete?Ok, let's start from the beginning. The protagonist Amy is one of the most annoying characters I've ever encountered in a book. And I mean it. Her head is a hollow space filled with crazy thoughts, constantly triggered by what appears to be ADD on the loose, and a boobs fixation that's just about over the roof. And her emotions? Don't even get me started there, 'coz there's nothing positive I can say about that. People, s [...]

    7. Hmm, I don’t have too much to say about this one. How to Ruin a Summer Vacation was a quick and fun read; a pretty predictable story addressing all the typical teenager problems and insecurities. The romance was cute, the love interest hot and the heroinewell, she was a piece of work. I can definitely see why people don’t like her. She’s overdramatic, shallow and selfish but in this typical teenage OMG-everything’s-so-unfair-and-the-whole-world-is-against-me kind of way. Several times I [...]

    8. Я очень люблю серию «Идеальная химия» Симоны Элькелес, в свое время это была моя первая серьезная работа по редактуре любительского перевода, и она покорила меня (особенно первая книга). Прекрасные герои, запретная любовь и препятствия, которые должны были преодолеть влюб [...]

    9. Amy has plans for her summer.They don’t include her father, Ron, and his surprise trip to Israel. Or the dog who eats her Ferragamo sandal, the snotty cousin who barely tolerates her, or sheep.Much less rude-hot-guy-without-his-shirt.But then Amy’s plans didn’t include her awesome grandmother either. Or the trip down the rapids of the Jordan river. Or the hike up Mt. Masada.Sometimes the best moments are totally unplanned.Simone Elkeles is one of my new favorite authors. I haven’t found [...]

    10. Hmmm ratings are odd. I mean this was okay. Probably slightly better than 2.5 stars, but certainly not 5 stars and all the raving comments. Maybe if i was a teenager I might like it but the protagonist annoyed me. but then it was a story of redemption which was nice and yes I'll probably continue with eh series :) Haha, yes I'm not a "deep" reader in my mid-week reading slumps"

    11. What a great book! I've come to really enjoy Simone Elkeles' writing, and How to Ruin a Summer Vacation did not disappointt one bit! I loved the storyline, characters, setting, dialog and plot. From beginning to end, it was all perfectly blended and executed. Every character in the book added substance to the novel and I came to care for every one of them. In addition, the storyline progressed at a perfectly rapid pace, which kept me riveted the entire time.About the story: Amy Nelson has always [...]

    12. This book was awesome! Simone Elkeles completely rocks!How To Ruin a Summer Vacation is about a girl named Amy who doesn't want to believe she even as a father and she sure as hell doesn't want to go away with him back to country where war very much exists, for her summer vacation. Needless to say Amy is going to have an awful three months.Or will she?I have to say, this book took me by surprise, I guess I didn't know what I was expecting, but I guess it's like that with ever Elkeles book I read [...]

    13. This got on the 2007 Teens' Top Ten List????? This book was horrible. The only reason it didn't get 0 stars from me was because I was able to finish it - barely. Even until the very end the main character was a selfish brat. Having 3 whole conversations with a grandmother that she's never met before and loves her and decides she wants to become Jewish; the conversations were short and shallow. The authors description of a kayak makes me wonder if she's ever seen one. Amy and Avi say nothing but [...]

    14. Not the best. I didn't like Amy and thought she was pretty annoying for most of the narrative. I appreciated the coming-of-age theme but I felt like that came up short and Amy's whole "I'm Jewish" realization seemed kind of rushed and forced. I didn't think the relationship between Amy and Ron was developed enough and don't even get me started on how surface-level Amy and Avi were. Read her other books instead.

    15. Es increíble la manera de escribir de Elkeles. Es el primer libro que leo de esta autora y me ha encantado. No me esperaba para nada una historia así, realmente aprendí mucho sobre la cultura Israelí, y los personajes me enamoraron por completo.

    16. That awkward moment when you forget you feckin hate an author and start reading another one their books and it all comes flooding back to you.

    17. I must be in the summer-ish mood since I wanted to read this book.I was also kind of excited because I wanted to know how this character was going to ruin a vacation. I have personally ruined tons of vacations (not necessarily all in the summer) due to being sick. Name any family vacation - I've been sick. Like the plague kind of sickness that basically ruins all of the fun for my family. IT'S NOT MY FAULT MOM AND DAD.They probably got my sick in the first place. Pftt adults.Now reading this bo [...]

    18. I never would have thought, after reading Elkeles' steamy, hardcore romance novels, that she would be able to write and pull off a light, cute Chick-Lit read. But she SO did! How to Ruin a Summer Vacation surpassed all my mediocre expectations. I had an inkling that the romance would be worthwhile from past experiences, but so was everything else; from the loveable, quirky characters to the interesting religious background and how could I forget--- the main hottie!Amy's fabulous Summer plans are [...]

    19. Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooAll Amy Nelson wanted was to have a regular summer. To spend time with her best friend, Jessica, and her new boyfriend. But that won't happen for Amy by a long shot. It seems that her estranged father wants her to go back to Israel with him to visit her grandmother. Sure, going to Israel may seem exciting to most people, but not for Amy. Not when there are wars going on and the fact that she has to go with a man that she hardly kno [...]

    20. I'll tell you one thing, I won't be jumping on the Simone Elkeles fanwagon for this book.Ok, I hated this book (yeah and I still gave it two stars, so what?). Amy had to be up there with one of the worst protagonists ever. Wow. She was rude, spoiled, immature, obnoxious, selfish you get the point. At the beginning of the book she gets mad at her dad and says some mean things (they have a history so it's not surprising) to him. She makes a point of saying that she's not really that rude ("truly, [...]

    21. Well, after reading the Paradise and the Perfect Chemistry books by Simone I definitely can say I´m a fan of her writing.She has this unique and very fun way to tell a story and I really like it.So, I had to start this series of hers as well. Just out of curiousity and pure excitement and hmm, I´m not too impressed.It sure is a fun little read. With a lot of humour and drama and politics. But it just was not as great as her other novels. By far not. :(I really liked the way Simone describes Is [...]

    22. I really wasn't sure what to expect, but I was delightfully surprised by this book. Oh, there are spots where I go huh? That was weird, or why in the world did they do that, but I needed it for a challenge. Challenges are really opening me up to new experiences. This story is about a young girl who is abruptly brought to Israel to meet family that she didn't know she had. It is about growing up a little, and realizing that you are not the center of the universe. It is about heritage, and family [...]

    23. Romantis dan relijiusJudul: How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (How to Ruin #1)Pengarang: Simone ElkelesEditor: Andrew KarrePenerbit: -Tebal: 234 hlm (ebook)Terjemahan: --belum tersedia--Summary:Aku, Amy Nelson, harus terjebak pada pengaturan orangtuaku, Nelson dan Ron Barak. Oh, harus kutegaskan, orangtuaku nggak pernah menikah. Mereka hanyalah pasangan one-night stand yang akhirnya membuatku lahir ke dunia ini. Oh, kau menyebutku anak haram? Nggak masalah, aku sudah tahu jauh sebelum kau bilang beg [...]

    24. My Thoughts: First off, I just want to say that I am reviewing all 3 books in this one review. The other titles in the series are How To Ruin My Teenage Life and How To Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation. We are introduced to Amy who lives with her mom. Her dad has been in and out of her life throughout the years but he calls and wants Amy to go to Israel because her grandmother whom she has never meant and to learn more about his home country and her family. Amy goes and spends time there and it [...]

    25. Simone you did it again!First you drove me crazy with your Fuentes boys and now i'm in love with a new boy,Avi,the guy that is going to war! Seriously?Simone you have a hypnotic power!First,We met Amy, a typical bossy teenager but guess what she's not the typical ya character,no,she was reject by her father who only calls her in special days,her mother get a new boyfriend like she can get a new dress so life isn't so easy.The only thing Amy really wanted was to go to tennis camp with her outgoin [...]

    26. Amy is a 16 yrs old girl who loves coke and sushi with a big booby problem. hahaNah! Im just joking but its one of Amy's never ending problems.Definitely a great light read. First when Im reading this I keep thinking that shes like Megan in one if Kate Brian's book. But im wrong, she's one of the pretty tough ass chicks for me and also stubborn. but I like it.She have to spend the rest of her summer vacation in his Dad place in Israel because of her "Safta". And she met a hot boy named Avi. It w [...]

    27. This story is def young adult, but in saying that I read it to kill time and liked it. It made me smile. It was light, fluffy, funny, witty and a quick read. Everything a YA Rom com should be. Did I want to punch Amy in the head for being such a whiny bitch? Yes Yes I did. But That was Simone Elkeles objective so it worked. I'll prob read the rest of the series to see what happens between Amy and Avi.

    28. I haven't read any YA contemporary book quite like How to Ruin a Summer Vacation. This book was insightful and thoughtful. It was interesting to learn a few things about the Amy's heritage along with her, as well as some historical facts and the misconceptions of Israel. Amy's relationship with her father's side of the family was endearing and she definitely came a long way from the start when she was a bratty and ignorant American teenager. 3.5 stars.

    29. At first, I really disliked Amy but as the story progressed, she grew as a person. In the end, the story/events were truly beautiful and touching. Amy, honestly, blossomed into someone to like and it was okay to share her sadness, her happiness and her love. I look forward to reading the next book

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