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Home Repair Can lighting really strike twice Just ask Eve whose husband walks out on her in the middle of a garage sale Eve s beloved Ivan died thirteen years ago in an automobile accident Her charming boyish C

  • Title: Home Repair
  • Author: Liz Rosenberg
  • ISBN: 9780061734564
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can lighting really strike twice Just ask Eve, whose husband walks out on her in the middle of a garage sale.Eve s beloved Ivan died thirteen years ago in an automobile accident Her charming, boyish Chuck has taken a different exit out of her life hopping into his car in the middle of a garage sale with no forewarning and departing their formerly happy upstate New YorkCan lighting really strike twice Just ask Eve, whose husband walks out on her in the middle of a garage sale.Eve s beloved Ivan died thirteen years ago in an automobile accident Her charming, boyish Chuck has taken a different exit out of her life hopping into his car in the middle of a garage sale with no forewarning and departing their formerly happy upstate New York home for points unknown Now Eve s a boat adrift, subsisting on a heartbreak diet of rue, disappointment, and woe left alone to care for Ivan s brilliant teenaged son, Marcus, and Chuck s precocious, pragmatic nine year old daughter, Noni, while contending with Charlotte, Eve s acerbic mother, who s come north to help but hinders instead.But life ultimately must go on, with its highs and lows, its traumas and holidays, and well meaning, if eccentric, friends A house and a heart in disrepair are painful burdens for a passionate woman who s still in her prime And while learning to cope with the large and small tragedies that each passing day brings, Eve might end up discovering that she s gained much than she s lost.A poignant, lovely, funny, and ultimately uplifting story of love, family, and survival, Liz Rosenberg s Home Repair is an unforgettable introduction to a lyrical, wise, and wonderfully vibrant new literary voice.

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    One thought on “Home Repair”

    1. I read an Advance Review Copy too and I think this book is amazing. The first reviewer must be a moron. Nothing happens? A woman's husband walks out on her in the middle of a tag sale-- which is hilarious and sad. Her mother moves to town. Some people fall in love. Enemies turn into friends. This woman has to hold it together when everything is falling apart. There are unexpected deaths, a lot of comedy, and at the end there's a marriage. Its like saying nothing happens in War & Peace. Life [...]

    2. Loved this one. My wife was reading it, and I started and then could not put it down. Having been left alone in the middle of my own life, I could definitely relate-- and I loved the touches of humor. The kids were my favorite characters, and some of the minor characters have stayed in my mind which is one way I know I've read a great book. Noticed this is Rosenberg's first adult novel-- wish she'd hurry up and write another.

    3. While the story-line makes for a page-turner that I wanted to devour in one sitting, I allowed myself (for the most part—toward the end I couldn’t stop) to savor the beautiful writing: the rich and varied voices of the characters, the details that so vividly convey place and the gentle but firm humor. I feel sorry for the next book I try to read, as Home Repair is a very hard act to follow.

    4. Home Repair, Liz Rosenberg’s novel, is a book I started midday, thinking I would dip into at a leisurely pace. After a couple of chapters, life beckoned and I had to put it down. That night, at 3:00 A.M I was wide awake wondering just how all these lovable, wacky, real characters were faring. I couldn’t put the book down again until all reports were in.There’s such artistry here. The plot zigzags with second act surprises and laugh-out-loud dialogue. No other novel I have read in the last [...]

    5. I am fussy as heck but really liked this book. It seems to me far superior to most of the books that have been so highly touted this spring and summer. I'd much rather read a book like Home Repair than the Water for Elephants, Secret Life of Bees, or even that Potato Peel club. Enjoyed the beauty of the prose here and the twists and turns the characters take. Again, don't want to include a spoiler but there were some genuine plot surprises here that knocked me out.

    6. Really loving it so far. Look forward to getting home from work so I can keep on with the story. Favorite part: teenage kid wears a t shirt that says "Cat: the other white meat." I also like the Jewish grandma from Tennessee. Surprising characters. Nice mix of funny and sad. I keep thinking this would make a great movie.

    7. It was suggested to me that I read this book. A friend of the author had read my blog and told me this book might be one I’d like. I’ve been wary of books offered up to me. Lately I’ve had nothing but disappointments.Not this book. Not sure how the friend of the author knew this, but this book was an absolutely perfect match for me…a main character, Eve, who has been widowed and now abandoned by a second husband, leaving his family during a garage sale, no less. Left with two kids to rai [...]

    8. Best novel I've read so far this year. Laugh out loud funny. Great book about being dumped when you least expect it.

    9. One of the things that sticks out most for me with Home Repair is that it truly has a feeling of authenticity. Often in books, when the tragic or fantastic occurs, it feels contrived or manufactured, a vehicle for the author to get the characters from one point to another, or to teach a lesson. However, with this book, the events feel natural. When Eve and her seventeen-year-old son, Marcus, get into a fight about him going for a ride in his friend’s new sports car, it had a very familiar feel [...]

    10. Only a few pages in I was already engrossed and connected with the characters. After a few chapters, the thought suddenly ocurred to me: This author doesn't waste a single word! Every word every sentence is beautifully crafted and important to the story. It is a joy to read and a wonderful respite from busy days. The depth of story is thought-provoking and uplifting. As I finished it, I was glad to be living.

    11. When I read a paragraph likeSummer stepped out of its pale yellow dress into its brightest attire. Lights shimmered and shone on the commonest things--red stoplights, plastic lawn chairs, the last roses, making them leap painfully, jabbing at her in unfamiliar colors; sulfur yellows and vivid redsIt makes it clear to me that this book was written by a poet.

    12. Perfect book club book. could not put this one down. In fact, to tell the truth as soon as I finished it I started reading it again-- which is something the heroine does in the novel with a book of stories she takes to the hospital with her.

    13. Nabbed an advance copy and loved it! Very very funny, with one or two pinches of tragic. Guess I would compare it to Allegra Goodman, Laurie Colwin, Anne Tyler, Jane Austen. Felt like I knew these characters.

    14. This was a great "shot of life" book. I loved all the characters and the story was truly believable. Definately worth a look.

    15. It was just supposed to be an ordinary day, beginning with a garage sale. But for Eve, nothing about the day unfolds the way it's supposed to do. For one thing, the potential buyers start showing up at 6 a.m her husband Chuck won't get out of bed to help out, and then, when he finally does get up, he goes out to run an errand—and doesn't come back.Thus begins the tale of one woman's series of disappointing events—from ordinary daily life to the traumas of a house and heart in disrepair, Eve [...]

    16. Boy, did I love this book! I practically devoured it at our beach house this summer. It's the kind of book I never wanted to end. I could relate to Eve and her story, not because my husband ever walked out on me, but because of all the little things she does and feels, her sharp observations that sometimes brought me to laugh out loud, sometimes had me at the edge of tears. I fell in love with the cranky old mother who means to help and especially loved the wild Thanksgiving scene. (T-giving is [...]

    17. I could totally relate to almost all of these characters even tho they are so different from each other. Favorite scenes: art scene at Van Gogh show and the speech about how art makes us see the world differently. Funny Jewish Christmas scene-- hilarious actually. The teenager running for state senator. Lots of nice surprises.

    18. It has been a good long while since I have read a book so well-written. The story is told so beautifully. Rosenberg has created very real characters - I felt sad when the book ended and I had to say goodbye to them!

    19. This was a real sleeper. The first 50 pages had me falling asleep three times, but then the characters took off. So I ended up enjoying the development of the relationships, especially between the mother/daughter. And of course the levels of home repair.

    20. Just finished, thought the prose was seriously beautiful while the book was laugh out loud funny at the same time. Put this on shelf with Crioius Incident of Dog in the Night, Life of Pi, Perks of Being a Wallflower and other books that just don't fit any easy descriptions.

    21. Home Repair is a novel with humour, sadness, loss, teen challenges, laughter, tears and definitely survival. Can you imagine holding a garage sale one day and your husband just gets up, gets in his car and drives awayr good?!!! That's exactly what happened to poor Eve.Eve's first husband Ivan, had passed away thirteen years before and now her second husband Chuck, just up and leaves. Finding herself single and alone to raise Ivan's son Marcus and Chuck's daughter, Noni, Eve struggles as best she [...]

    22. I'm struggling with how exactly to rate this one.On the one hand, I liked Eve and her two kids and felt drawn into the story. However, the rest of the book felt kind of jumbled and disjointed to me. The secondary characters, whom I assumed to be just that, suddenly became a part of the story but were never really fleshed out, so they gave the feeling of just fleeting across the page. I also didn't care much for the secondary characters, minus perhaps Lev. Some things, like the Heartbreak Diet st [...]

    23. The best book I've read this year by far. Bought it for my sister (her friend had recommended it) and started it while waiting in the car to pick her up from work. Went back and bought ANOTHER copy for myself. Terrifically funny, smart and filled with surprises. Some beautiful writing and killer moments.

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