Kiss A delicious romantic comedy by bestselling author Jill Mansell about finding love again when you think you ve lost it allWhen Izzy is knocked off her motor bike she doesn t just lose her dignity she l

  • Title: Kiss
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • ISBN: 9780747268468
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • A delicious romantic comedy by bestselling author Jill Mansell about finding love again when you think you ve lost it allWhen Izzy is knocked off her motor bike she doesn t just lose her dignity she loses as a result not one but two long term boyfriends, her job and, to boot, her extremely bijou flat Gina, who caused the accident, has important things to worry aA delicious romantic comedy by bestselling author Jill Mansell about finding love again when you think you ve lost it allWhen Izzy is knocked off her motor bike she doesn t just lose her dignity she loses as a result not one but two long term boyfriends, her job and, to boot, her extremely bijou flat Gina, who caused the accident, has important things to worry about her husband s mistress is pregnant and she s suddenly on her own Why should she care about Izzy Yet somehow the well heeled Gina finds herself opening her home to Izzy and her spirited teenage daughter And it s there that Izzy meets heart stoppingly handsome Sam, whose lingering kiss is all it takes for her to find the true love that has always eluded her though there are just a few obstacles between that first kiss and the happy ever after

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    • Free Read [Fiction Book] ç Kiss - by Jill Mansell ✓
      459 Jill Mansell
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    One thought on “Kiss”

    1. Well.I must say that I have loved every book that Mansell has released so far, but this left me gobsmacked It started off well enough, each character endearing in their own way but soon in all fell away and by the end I despised each and every one of them. I nearly put the book down several times but held faith that she would pull something out to save it. That didn't happen, unfortunately.Glad to have this one out of the way, but disappointed in what it was - bad.

    2. Published: 07/09/2000Author: Jill MansellRecommended for:fans of chick litI love Jill Mansell books and can't find it in my heart to say a bad word about any book she has done. She is a truly brilliant author and amazing at 'chick-lit' books. There is several relationships been explored although some of the choices the characters make aren't the best it brings a more realistic light to them. The characters have great depth to them which makes them seem more realistic, this is because of the grea [...]

    3. This was definitely not one of Jill Mansell's better books. Each character's story jumped about like a flea on a dog, with worthy details seemingly lost in transit. It was very disjointed - almost as though the story wasn't written in a steady flow. The plots effectively became very superficial and shallow. The characters and story's premise started out well, but rapidly deteriorated as the book progressed with characters seeming to suffer personality changes, to the extent whereby halfway throu [...]

    4. Quem já leu Jill Mansell certamente que se lembra das suas tiradas engraçadas, com romances tempestuosos e mais que um triângulo amoroso. Beijo não é excepção. Sem ser uma obra-prima, é um romance para se ler numa tarde fria junto à lareira, ou num dia de completo tédio, para daí retirar algumas gargalhadas ou alguns sorrisos. Confesso que já gostei mais da autora, até porque quem já leu vários livros, como eu, acaba por se cansar um pouco da fórmula, quase sempre empregue nos se [...]

    5. DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. SO DUMB IT HURTS.JUST SHUT UP. YOU'RE STUPID MORE PLEASE! YOU DUMB B****Jill Mansell's books (that I have so far had the misfortune to read) have been far insult to an intelligent (or even semi-intelligent) audience. All seem to follow the same premise of ultra chick lit trash. Be prepared to lose brain cells when reading her trite, clichéd rubbish.The heroine is generally naïve and either unsuccessful in her career or from a disadvantaged background. A confirmed sap, sh'es i [...]

    6. Sempre uma montanha-russa de emoções, os romances de Jill Mansell, que não têm nada de linear, cativam pelo tom debochado e cómico que a autora lhes imprime, apresentando-nos uma série de personagens de moral dúbia mas que merecem, certamente, o seu final feliz. Em Beijo, a vida da venturosa e impulsiva Izzy, que sonha em fazer sucesso na indústria da música, colide literalmente com a da pacata e dependente Gina, que sonha apenas com o regresso do marido que acabou de a trocar pela aman [...]

    7. Opinião:Ler um livro de Jill Mansell é como entrar numa espiral de pura loucura, irreverência e momentos bem divertidos. Este livro tem três personagens principais, e muitas outras que irão aparecer e tornar esta aventura um delírio de situações inusitadas e divertidas. Vejamos, Izzy é uma cantora que sonha com a fama, é completamente irresponsável, desorganizada, mas Kat, a sua filha que é uma menina certinha,inteligente, também ela vai cair em situações impensáveis. E temos Gin [...]

    8. 3,5 estrelas. Podia arredondar para as 4 estrelas mas chateou-me tantas mudanças de parceiros e Sam não foi do tipo de herói que luta para conquistar a mulher por quem se apaixonou, por isso, ficamos assim.Este livro teve momentos bons e outros menos bons. Gostei do drama em volta de Katerina e da mãe, quando esta soube com quem a filha andava envolvida. Gostei do final, foi fofinho. Izzy - ah mulher complicada! Mas ao longo do livro, passei a apreciá-la um pouco mais do que no início.Gina [...]

    9. Li este livro num ápice, aliás todos os livros que já li desta autora, é sempre num ápice, porque adoro tanto, mas tanto as histórias que não quero parar de ler. Izzy quer ser famosa só que a indústria da música é que ainda não a descobriu, o que lhe vale é que tem talento, uns dois namorados perfeitos e uma filha do qual lhe quer organizar a vida. Gina por sua vez, a sua vida não é assim tão perfeita como gostaria, o marido fugiu com a amante grávida e quando vai a pensar no qu [...]

    10. Normally I’m a Jill Mansell fan, but this was a low point. I didn’t even finish it. The main heroine Izzy is just too annoying. How can a woman of nearly forty be this immature? Too sluttish, too, for my liking, juggling two blokes she just uses for sex. Then, apparently, she is incredibly optimistic (J. M. telling us, not showing) when she is actually rather stupid. She "never cries", according to Jill Mansell, but in fact she is the one who cries the most of them all. Even the other charac [...]

    11. Back when Gossip Girl was airing, my friend and I would watch it and play Relationship Bingo. Each season, we'd guess who'd hook up this time around, and then if it happenedwell, you can guess the rest.This entire book felt like Relationship Bingo. They swapped partners so often that it felt dizzying. This is real early, 90's vintage Mansell, and I just didn't find it anywhere as enjoyable as some of her later novels.

    12. Complete and utter drivel. Around half way in I started to wonder whether my edition had been misprinted with a Jackie Collins or Shirley Conran, as the characters, the dialogue and the situations seemed a world away from the relatively real characters that the novel started with. I persevered to the end just to see if it improved. It didn't. Don't bother.

    13. This was actually one of my favourite Jill Mansell novels, as with all her best work there were several relationships being explored and non of the characters let you down in the end. Yes some strange choices were made along the way but then that is life isn't it!

    14. I usually enjoy Jill Mansell's books because they are fun and frothy with likeable characters but I didn't particularly like any of the characters in this book so it gets 2 stars. Still a fun author though and one who I'll read again, just not a fan of this one.

    15. How can this be the same author as 'to the moon and back' (5 stars from me)???? I don't know how I am going to finish this book

    16. 3.5 stars, rounded upFirst off, to anyone finding the edition of this book I read with Christmas trees, ornaments, snowflakes etc on the cover, do not be mislead into thinking this is a Christmas novel. It's NOT. I saved it to read at Christmas time this year, but didn't start it until after Christmas, so it wasn't a let down for me. But it would have been if I had read it during the time leading up to Christmas.Okay, now that is over, let me tell you a few thoughts on this book--It is pretty mu [...]

    17. The problem with most, if not all, of Jill Mansell's books is that she writes engaging enough characters at the beginning of the story who become more and more stupid as the book progresses. They all make stupid split second serious romantic decisions with people they don't love and are practically strangers and all of their relationships are tangled with relatives and friends of other characters. In this particular book, sympathy was always cast towards those who didn't deserve it. For example, [...]

    18. Não há alma terrena que resista a um bom romance com a dose certa de humor, mistério e enganos amorosos, pior ainda se tiver muitos, e muitos beijos à mistura. Mas Jill Mansell é mestra na sua arte de criar enredos interessantes e super divertidos, e em cativar os seus leitores com personagens interior e exteriormente bonitas, pelo que, aos que já a conhecem, esta é uma leitura obrigatória, e aos que se mantém no desconhecido, este é um livro que suscitará curiosidade, aposto.«Beijo [...]

    19. Quem já conhece os livros da autora Jill Mansell não vai encontrar encontrar nada de diferente neste Beijo. O enredo, a construção das personagens e o desenvolvimento da história deste livro tem decididamente a marca da autora e para os fãs isso tanto pode constituir um conforto ou simplesmente mais do mesmo. Eu, que até gosto bastante da autora (embora já tenha gostado mais) confesso que me sinto dividida entre essas duas realidades. Por um lado, é bom abrir um livro e saber o que vou [...]

    20. Eu sou uma grande fã de Jill Mansell. Sou fã dos seus romances repletos de emoções, sorrisos e lágrimas, que nascem de paixões mirabolantes que envolvem muitas peripécias através de personagens que são, muitas vezes, caricaturas familiares ao leitor. Beijo, no entanto, é um livro diferente dos restantes que já li e de que fiz opinião aqui no blogue. Beijo é um livro com maior seriedade, um livro em que as personagens, entre os dramas e a alegria habitual, nos revelam um lado menos p [...]

    21. Que dizer, que dizer? Bem, a princípio pensei que não fosse gostar do livro. Sério, fez-me lembrar do Três é Demais da mesma autora, que é trocas e baldrocas até mais não. Ao princípio é tudo uma enorme confusão, com personagens que têm os seus podres, é difícil gostar de quem quer que seja (quer dizer, tirando a Kate). Enfim, o que vale é que a Jill Mansell sabe dar bem a volta à história e fazer-nos gostar dela. As personagens vão evoluindo, bem como as suas histórias, torna [...]

    22. this is a really enjoyable read and i honesty did enjoy reading the book however, Izzy i found is not the most lovable character although she does grow you after a while i just thought she was a tad selfish and vain but she gets better as you get into the book. Kat Izzy's daughter is a great character and through most of the book you think of her as the only one with sense, that is until she gets involved with Andrew and all the admiration you had for her goes out of the window, but i suppose sh [...]

    23. Nem sei bem o que dizer deste livro, estava a espera de um livro refrescante como a autora já nos habituou anteriormente mas foi mais um curso de água fraquinho, não sei Jill Mansell já esteve mais inspirada ou então eu ando a ler coisas muito melhoresA começar pelas personagens femininas que eram sempre tão giras, achei estas fracas de carácter, tanto a Gina como a Izzie e sem falar naquela filha apanhada que era a Kat, não sei qual a pior, a primeira com uma depressão à conta de um [...]

    24. a broken leg change change your life. then again, so can a kiss ! izzy is in her thirties, an aspiring single and single mum who lives life in the fat lane gina's husband has just left her and driving that same night in despair she mows down izzy on her motorcycle whom suffers a broken leg the 2 come together when gina offers them accommodation in her house and so begins a long lived friendship. ixzzy's daughter is studying for her a levels and hopes to become a medical student. in the meantime [...]

    25. Bookcrossing ring/ray09/22/07TITLE/AUTHOR: KISS by Jill MansellRATING: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: fiction-chick-lit/1993/503 pgsSERIES/STAND ALONE: Stand AloneTIME/PLACE: 1990's, LondonCHARACTERS: Izzy/free spirit club singer; Katrina/her 17-yr-old daughter; Gina/wife whose husband just left after 12 yrs of marriage to be w/ his pregnanat mistressFIRST LINES: I just want to know, Katerina said slowly, whethr your intentions towards my mother are honourableMENTS: Jill Mansell still amuses me [...]

    26. Já não é o primeiro livro da Jill Mansell que leio, e todos os outros achei interessantes. São sempre livros leves e de conteúdo leve, mas são ideais para aqueles momentos em que não queremos pensar muito enquanto estamos a ler. Mas relativamente a este, quase estive para desistir, o livro é mesmo muito, muito mau.o enredo não é consistente as personagens são completamente baralhadas para não dizer pior.Para mim as horas que passei a ler este romance, foram uma perda de tempo e não [...]

    27. A swirl of characters keep the story entertaining and as complex with their personalities as real life. The story was a bit bland and wasn't terribly exciting but for these types of books very little excitement is needed. Not all the characters were great, for some reason I just couldn't like Gina, but that's my own problem based on my own likes and dislikes. On the whole a good story to read to pass the time on those rainy days.

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