The Bobbsey Twins

The Bobbsey Twins The Bobbsey twins were very busy that morning They were all seated around the dining room table making houses and furnishing them The houses were being made out of pasteboard shoe boxes and had squa

  • Title: The Bobbsey Twins
  • Author: Laura Lee Hope
  • ISBN: 9781421830780
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bobbsey twins were very busy that morning They were all seated around the dining room table, making houses and furnishing them The houses were being made out of pasteboard shoe boxes, and had square holes cut in them for doors, and other long holes

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    One thought on “The Bobbsey Twins”

    1. While most books in the 1001 childrens books series are timeless, The Bobbsey Twins is definitly of a time. Unfortunately this time is one of segregation and racism.For example: The twins sort their dolls- the best doll had blond hair and blue eyes, the worst doll is black and dirty and named jujubee and segregated from the other white dolls wth a piece of cardboard. The bobbsey's also have live in black help, who are characterized as full of childlike wonder.The children do have some good ole f [...]

    2. This was the first "novel" I ever read, when I was four, so of course I liked it. The problem was, I had never heard of a bookmark.You know, when you read a picture-book, you start at the beginning, and read to the end. I didn't realize I didn't have to do that with this book as well, and one day in kindergarten I finally read the whole thing, and with a great sense of pride, I went up to my mom and told her of my accomplishment. That's when I learned about bookmarks!

    3. I know if I re-read these I'd give them a one star rating. But I loved them so much as a child. Mother read them to me each night until I started reading them myself.

    4. i never read these as a kid. i decided to read it because it's in the public domain and free for kindle, and for some reason i thought they were mysteries for kids. (i did devour and love nancy drew books.) i wouldn't recommend this to any current children, or my possible future children, without also having a discussion about how race and gender roles are portrayed in the book. kids might find it interesting to see how kids used to play (i.e outside), and probably wouldn't find the various "adv [...]

    5. Admittedly, the concept and the twins got tiresome very fast but there was something appealing about the very first Bobbsey Twins book if you were 7 or 8 years old when you first came across it. I imagine the books I inherited belong to my paternal grandmother because I cannot imagine my father reading them.

    6. LOVE IT!I read these books when I was a young girl. I have original copies of some of the books. Old, old ones with the green covers. I am excited to have found a lot of them FREE on Kindle and have started reading them. I am thrilled. These books are just good family reading. The characters are moral, the times are slower, the twins are cute, some of the problems they face are the same as ones our kids face today. "The party to be held that afternoon was at the home of Grace Lavine, the little [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. There was more conflict than I anticipated, and though it was written 100 years ago, there were aspects that reminded me of my own childhood. I started out reading the revised edition from the 1950s, but switched to the original 1904 text. The revised edition removed the racist elements, but it also updated the technology so that they drive cars instead of riding in sleighs. I wanted to get a sense of the period in 1904. The runaway sleigh p [...]

    8. This was such a cute book. Glad that I picked it back up and read it. This sweet little book was just what I needed to lift my spirits & make me smile! I kept having to remember when this book was written when some parts about race came up. (view spoiler)[There was a part that spoke of one of their "servants" was to stay up all night looking for a "ghost" and the mother said something to the effect of Sam being so black that the ghost wouldn't see him. My eyes got wide and my first thought w [...]

    9. Honestly, I hardly remember this book. Here is what I do remember: I loved this book. I read it probably 35 years ago. The copy I read was old even then--a taped up copy from the 1950s that had belonged to my mother as a child. I was thoroughly enthralled, and read the next two copies my mother owned right away. For years I hunted down various editions of Bobbsey Twins titles, just to collect them. These are dated stories, with all kinds of stereotype issues, but nonetheless, as a child, I loved [...]

    10. This was one of the first chapter books I read when I was in Grade One. Although I'm sure I might cringe if I read it now, (and neither of my boys will go near it), I know that it contributed to my lifelong love of reading. My parents went away on a trip and my brother and I took the train to my grandparents. For the trip, my mom had wrapped up little gifts for us to open every hour or so to keep us entertained, and one of my gifts was this book. I connected to the characters and loved the idea [...]

    11. This was the very first mystery book I ever read; I was 8 years old. It’s the first of many Bobbsey Twin books. That year I then continued through the entire series and really enjoyed it. It’s about 2 sets of girl-boy sibling twins ages 12 & 6, and the allure of the books was more from the two sets of twins than the light mysteries in the plots.

    12. Nice story but, not that interesting. Even as a kid I didnt enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed Hardy boys books or adventures of Hal and Rojger (that series was so epic btw). But books like these, bring back so many good old time memories so there's no harm in revisiting them.

    13. rating 4 for nostalgia, if I was rating on just this time, it would be 3What I didn't like:All the talk of ghosts. (and yes, I know in the end it was not real, I just don't like it)e characters felt out of character some of the time.The fact that one of our characters never had to confessed that he was at a place when a thing happens, he should have at least told his parents. I know he didn't want to be wrongly accused, but stillWhat I did like: It was sweet, when it was sweetildhood nostalgia.I [...]

    14. After reading of the Syndicate which inspired and managed the writing of these books, I wanted to read just one to start. It was indeed written in the exact same style as the Nancy Drew books, which I don't suppose I ever noticed when I was a kid. A fun, short read!

    15. Very loose collection of semi-related incidents in the Bobbsey Twins' (there are two sets -- I didn't know that, did you?) lives . . . no real over-arching narrative or even sumptuous domestic fiction descriptions. Blah at the level of 'Five Little Peppers.'

    16. Once in a while it is good to go back and read a children's book, just remind yourself how fun and simple life can be, if we let it.

    17. I read a lot of the Bobbsey Twins (original books) before this one. This one had more racist content then the others and the children weren't as nice as they were in the later books.

    18. This book is a product of its time and accepts racism and presents strict gender roles. I would recommend reading this book out loud to a modern child thereby allowing discussion of various issues.Having said that, this book is well-written and easy to read. And, it would be perfect as a read on your own, if it wasn't chocked full controversial issues.One of the most shocking scenes is the little girl and her doll collection which other reviewers have detailed.The book pervasively presents girls [...]

    19. This was a free offering on Kindle, and I decided to reread a Bobbsey Twins book for a touch of nostalgiawondered what it was I liked about them when I was a child. I'm still wondering. Maybe this one, published in 1904, was not as good as those that came later when I was a child. This one, though, was without plot and rather dull - just a series of things the children did. What was interesting was that it was pre-automobile, and horses were part of the story. More interesting, the Bobbseys were [...]

    20. saya biasanya menyukai buku bacaan anak, jadi saya menyimpulkan saya suka buku cerita anak. namun ternyata setelah membaca buku Enid Blyton seri Sapta Siaga dan buku seri Bobbsey Twins ini, sepertinya saya harus menelaah bahwa tidak semua buku cerita anak saya sukai. Untuk bacaan anak di bawah 13 tahun seperti seri yang saya sebutkan sebelumnya saya cepat merasa bosan membaca buku tersebut, meski bukunya tipis saja. Demikian juga seri Bobbsey Twins ini, saya tidak tahu apakah saya menyukainya, y [...]

    21. I loved this book as a kid and just re-read it in a single afternoon. Keeping in mind the social mores of the time it was written (very early 20th C.) and that problems were different then than now, it still is an outstanding story for young people and can be seen as an opportunity for a discussion about how times have changed.Bert and Nan, and Freddie and Flossie, the two sets of Bobbsey twins, deal with bullies, scary situations, etc and learn lessons about kindness and good behavior through a [...]

    22. I just read the first Bobbsey Twins book, written in 1904, and I enjoyed it. Does this mean I really am going through my second childhood?Yes, there are some problems with the book. It's very racist based on today's standards. Its viewpoint on girls as to what they can and can't or should and shouldn't do is very dated. But, it's still fun to read. I even remembered parts of the story from when I first read it well over 50 years ago! Also, it was free!If you want to have a totally escapist time, [...]

    23. When I read these I wasn't much older than my daughter is now and I remember loving them. Now that I'm reading them to my daughter before bed I am completely uncomfortable with the racism and ethnic speech in this book. I realize that this was over 100 years ago and that's how things were, but there's a lot of colored and negro and stuff that just doesn't fly today. This may be the first time we don't move on the the next books in the series. If she wants to read them herself, fine, but I don't [...]

    24. My Mother read this book to my sister Jo and I when we were tiny. My daughter Nikki and I found this copy in an antique store. I had such fun reading it. the drawings were so familiar.As I re read it I was shocked by what very young children were allowed to do on their own, skate on a lake alone, bake a cake when no parents were home and the stove had to be lit, for example. It was also eye opening to realize what was politically correct then is a big no no now. The hired man and the cook were t [...]

    25. I remember loving this series as a child before getting into the Hardy Boys series. So recently when I was at the library I picked it up to read to my boys. They loved it and I ended up reading it in two sittings. I don't remember the book much from when I was little and one of the only things I did remember is gone in the new edition. Dinah, the Bobbsey family's helper, is no longer quite as 'Black' in her language. As a child I had a really difficult time understanding her vernacular so it's p [...]

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