IF THE DEVIL HAD A DOG Gold Medal Winner in Fiction Drama for Readers Favorite Book Awards How far will she run before he finds her Sidney McQueen flees to the small west Texas town of Alpine to escape the most danger

  • Author: T.K. Lukas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 2017 Gold Medal Winner in Fiction Drama for Readers Favorite Book Awards.How far will she run before he finds her Sidney McQueen flees to the small, west Texas town of Alpine to escape the most dangerous man she s ever known her estranged husband, a powerful attorney with ties to Mexican drug cartels When circumstances throw her into the path of Markus Yeager, he is2017 Gold Medal Winner in Fiction Drama for Readers Favorite Book Awards.How far will she run before he finds her Sidney McQueen flees to the small, west Texas town of Alpine to escape the most dangerous man she s ever known her estranged husband, a powerful attorney with ties to Mexican drug cartels When circumstances throw her into the path of Markus Yeager, he is immediately suspicious And, when Sidney reveals she possess something her soon to be ex is hell bent to retrieve, Markus becomes embroiled in a world he thought he had left far behind.A former Marine turned CIA operative, Markus has a top secret past with the physical and emotional scars to prove it He is drawn into Sidney s life or death situation, where weapons, drugs, and money are the only gods a world where dangerous traffickers stop at nothing to get what they want As their mutual need draws them closer, Markus and Sidney discover a deadly predator whose web of treachery leads to terrifying violence In a frantic race against time, can they stay one step ahead, expose a dangerous cartel, and bring a murderer to justice IF THE DEVIL HAD A DOG is a suspenseful, psychological thriller that sinks its teeth in and never lets go.

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      392 T.K. Lukas
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    One thought on “IF THE DEVIL HAD A DOG”

    1. I very rarely take the time to review a book at all and this is my first time on , but I feel compelled to do so now, because this outstanding work is from what seems to be a new independent author. "IF THE DEVIL HAD A DOG" is an exceptional novel that defies simply categorization. My wife recommended it after finishing the book in less than two days--she simply could not put it down. I took a bit longer, but only because of a hectic work schedule. This novel is written by a woman and most of it [...]

    2. GAB I received a free copy of this novel from T. K. Lukas. Thank you, for sharing your hard work with me. This was a fast paced read and a well plotted novel. The story was intense and well presented. I will want to follow these protagonists into more adventures.

    3. Fleeing her estranged husband, a powerful lawyer with connections to a Mexican drug cartel, Sidney McQueen ends up in the small West Texas town of Alpine. She has been directed there to find Markus Yeager, a former Marine and CIA special operator, who operates a hunting camp and stables. When he first meets her, Markus’s suspicions are aroused, so he taps into his CIA connections to check up on her. What he learns sends chills through his body; what she’s fleeing is not just an abusive marri [...]

    4. Quick and easy read, great entertainment!Reading a book with this level of action is common with me but the romance is not. That said I enjoyed the story and I LOVE READING BOOKS WITH A STORY SET IN THE AREA THAT I'VE LIVED ALL OF MY LIFE! I went to high school with the author and I'm grateful for her accurate portrayal of our region of Texas. I hope you will give her work a try and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    5. Sidney McQueen leaves her home in Fort Worth, Texas, taking her horse, Mocha with her. She's running from her wealthy powerful ex Attorney husband, Winston, who she suspects of being involved with a Mexican drug cartel. Unsure of where to go, she checks into a hotel in Fort Worth where she meets ex-Marine, Trevor Nolan. When Winston shows up, Trevor suggests the perfect place for her to hide out: the Yeager Stables in Alpine. What follows is a gripping, engrossing read from start to finish. Even [...]

    6. OutstandingEnvenious of Sidney for her hero. Not Marcus but Rex. Thrilling from the first page. Can hardly wait for more.

    7. OMG ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC If I could use stronger language in a review I would. This has got to be one of the best books I've ever read.

    8. “Friday’s as good a day as any to run for your life, Sidney McQueen said aloud for perhaps the hundredth time since fleeing Fort Worth.” And so the book begins. Thus we immediately want to know, who is Sidney? What and whom is she running from? Why the heck is she fleeing with a horse in tow? Does she even know where she’s running to? This Romantic Suspense and Thriller genre strings one along at a perfect pace – not so fast as to require flipping back to re-read events that lead into [...]

    9. There is a good chance that much of the new Lukas novel will thrash you about on an emotional rollercoaster ride, and not just because you can easily identify with the well-developed characters. Sadly, far too many readers will likely be able to relate to some of Sidney’s harrowing experiences, but be aware that the main character’s plight may not be the only aspect of this novel that disturbs you. Some of the narrative is so chillingly authentic that, at times, you may stop for a moment and [...]

    10. Intense from the get-go this story had me on the edge of my seat. We can all end up in a bad relationship and in retrospect would have made different decisions than the ones that caused us major heartbreak but for Sidney McQueen her wrong decisions may cause her serious harm, if not indeed her death. Anyone that gets involved in her life would also be putting themselves in peril but thankfully her new love interest is CIA trained and a handy man to have around in a scrape. Like most good stories [...]

    11. FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS BOOK.This book deserves ten stars not only five it was that good. The character development was excellent and I especially loved the dogs. The roller coaster ride were on throughout the book came to a very satisfying and exciting conclusion. I highly, highly recommend this book.

    12. I absolutely loved this novel. It was exciting from start to finish as I was unable to put it down (except I made myself put it down over the busy weekend). It really kept me on the edge of my seat and as soon as I finished a chapter, I had to start the next one immediately. I highly recommend this book! Superb writing.

    13. A great readA friend recommended this book for me. Based on the teaser I knew it was not my normal reading comfort. Wow it was really good. I didn't want to put it down. This was not only a good read, but I couldn't put it down and read it in a day and a half. I would recommend to my friends.

    14. AmazingAction packed great storyline interesting characters and lots of animals then you add some romance and you have a great book this is great reading for anyone

    15. Good readThis book is well written, the characters are developed and there is enough plot to keep you engaged. ? A little predictable but still enjoyable.

    16. As much as I laugh at the non-word un-put-down-able, that is exactly what this book is! It's a military ops/romance (really!)Sidney is a successful psychologist who falls for a pushy lawyer who is a charming psychopath. They marry and she quickly discovers the honeymoon is over and starts procedures for a divorce.Psycho hubby goes ballistic and Sidney flees, but not before befriending a wounded combat vet, who helps her escape.I'm not saying anything more but this book has action, gentle romance [...]

    17. Extraordinary!This is a fantastic story, a thriller without the advanced technology and hunt for serial killer overkill. This one is a great story about people in trouble working together, helping each other. Naturally I was not influenced in the slightest that the story was set in Alpine, Texas, although I love that town.Sidney is running and hiding from her dangerous husband, and a friend has made arrangements for her to hide at a remote hunting lodge/stables run by Markus Yeager, a former CIA [...]

    18. Good read with a twistThis is an enjoyable read for a lazy day. The characters are endearing and vibrant in the story. The ending where the true mastermind is revealed was unexpected and surprising--even shocking. I would recommend this book.

    19. Great TitleHeld interest from page One till done! Didn't want to put book down. Only disappointment , next book in series isn't ready yet.

    20. Horses, Drama and ActionWhat more could you want. A good read. The story flowed, and it really holds your interest. I hope there is a sequel. I like her writing.

    21. I didn't set it downSo interesting that I stopped everything to read cover to cover. This book was recommended to me by my daughter, normally it's the other way around.The characters are well formed and exciting. Also the added information about Wounded Warrior Project and the Texas Wolfdog Sanctuary was very useful. Mystery, Warriors, romance plus wolves and horses nothing was missed

    22. Writing this novel, while sometimes an excruciating exercise in fortitude, was ultimately cathartic. I am closely acquainted with women who’ve found themselves in frighteningly similar circumstances as the heroine, Sidney. Fearing their partner’s “till death do us part” vow, they’ve combated domestic violence, both mental and physical. These are smart women—strong women—women who got sucked into their abuser’s sick world.Though she's put through hell and her life is still in dang [...]

    23. Good bookLots and lots of action, with some great romantic moments thrown in. Typical characters. Brawny he man and a woman trying to heal from a bad relationship.

    24. Book for the "beach"An entertaining novel for leisure reading, though a bit predictable.It has romance, interesting characters but is very violent and has rough language.

    25. Romantic thrillerI've always heard that falling in love in the middle of a crisis can have one of two outcomes. This is the happier version!

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