Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams Ethan is the boy who climbed into my bedroom every night He s everything I love Laced with everything I despise He s every happy memory And every shattered dream He s my everything But he broke every

  • Title: Broken Dreams
  • Author: Callie Anderson
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  • Page: 226
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  • Ethan is the boy who climbed into my bedroom every night.He s everything I love.Laced with everything I despise.He s every happy memory.And every shattered dream.He s my everything.But he broke every part of me.I m supposed to hate him.But I can t.I don t know how.

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    1. Broken Dreams by Callie Anderson is a standalone second chance romance about two people that meet as kids, grow up together, fall in love, and then have their lives torn apart in one fell swoop. It’s told completely in the heroine’s point of view flashing back from past to present throughout the entirety of the book. I’d never read a book by this author before this one, but I am going to make sure I don’t miss out on any in the future! I was completely invested in this story almost immed [...]

    2. BROKEN DREAMS:This flits from Past to Present swiftly and is spoken in singular POV. THEN: Leslie and Ethan met under unusual circumstances, he was just the boy she tried to save, and she was just the girl he tried to show that there was more to life than ballet.At age ten new neighbours move into the house right across from theirs, a family with two boys, one boy in particular catches her attention when she sees him on their porch seeming to be crying, she calls out to him asking him if he’s [...]

    3. 4 "Be mine, Freckles" StarsLeslie and Ethan met each other when they were ten. Ethan’s father owned most of the town, he is an abuser, not just to his family but to all the people who stand on his way. Leslie, from her childhood, wanted to help Ethan, to be his anchor."I didn't know if it was the sadness I saw in his eyes or the fact I was desperate for a real friend, but I felt a need to protect Ethan."Leslie’s wish was to be a ballerina and she was the best at dancing. Her mother was her c [...]

    4. What I really loved about this book:the heroine WASN'T celibate during 8-year separation! Yes! Yes! Yes!Amazing!But as every 2nd chance it wasn't perfect.Their conflict wasn't solved completely. He never explained why he neither visited her at the hospital (after his farher attacked her and she broke her ankle) nor answered her phone calls.She jumped almost immediately in his bed after their sudden reunion.They never used condoms and there was no health status talk.Unplanned pregnancy *cough cou [...]

    5. 3.5 "Nightmares" StarsBroken Dreams is a second chance story for two high school sweethearts who are torn apart for 8 years before life shows them a path that may just lead back to where they started. Leslie and Ethan had a rocky road but so much of it is intertwined. When hate and love are two sides to the same coin, life gets messy.Ethan and Leslie met when they were just kids. As neighbors Leslie saw a part of Ethan's life that no one else did and one night changed the course of their lives. [...]

    6. Friendship….’s the catalyst of a childhood. The person that is always there for you when no one else is. Leslie met Ethan when they were just kids. A new neighbor that needed a safe place. Nightly visits through Leslie’s window provide the escape that Ethan needs to escape the horrific things that lurk behind the windows of his home. It was a friendship filled with hopes and dreams. That friendship slowly evolved into that innocent love of your youth. Ethan was always the supportive arm th [...]

    7. The feels. review to follow ❤Callie Anderson managed to break my heart and piece it back together in Broken Dreams. This emotionally gripping second chance romance was heartbreakingly beautiful and full of the feels. Don't miss this one-click worthy new release.

    8. Broken Dreams by Callie Anderson is a beautiful story full of second chances and love. It was my first book by this author and I truly devoured this complex and intense story. In parts it reminded my of the earlier books written by Colleen Hoover but there was still a tiny spark missing to her magic.This comparison I made should ensure you of one thing. This plot will hurt. One thing I am not a fan of is the “now and then” storyline, but this is an issue I have in general as to me it is quit [...]

    9. Callie did it again! She absolutely blew me away with this amazing read! I should probably mention that I might be a little biased because I always wanted to be a ballerina. =P So, I could relate to Leslie easily from the very beginning. But it wasn't just that. The characters were just perfect. Leslie and Ethan shared a special bond and they pulled me right into their bubble when they were kids.It was heartbreaking to see then, how one moment changed so many lives drastically. And, like in real [...]

    10. Broken Dreams reminds us that no matter the time or place, love shows up when we need it most, and maybe in an unexpected way. ~ Heather, White Hot ReadsSeriously you guys! Ahhhhhh! Callie Anderson is my go to author when I need to feel. And by feel I mean each and every word deep in my soul! This is true yet again in Broken Dreams. "But what I felt for him was an all‑consuming, pure and innocent first love. The kind you never forget. The kind of love you store in a locked box, making sure you [...]

    11. ARC ❤️📚I am madly in love with this book! The author nails it out the park once again with this one and I think it may be her best work yet. Sometimes you get a story that touches your heart and stays there for long time. Sometimes you star a book and in the first few pages you know it is going to be the one of those books you will connect with the characters, Broken Dreams was one such story for me. Kudos to you Callie for another awesome and beautiful love story. Totally recommend this [...]

    12. Leslie was to be the best ballerina. Friends, boyfriends are not in the picture well, if her mother had her way, but what happens when the new boy next door needs a place to escape his father? Can she just be the friend he needs or will she fall for the broken boy next door?Ethan has a troubled life. He desperately doesn't want to be like his father, but is that something he can stop?I felt for Leslie and Ethan I really did. Their story was sad and at times tragic, but I couldn't help but root f [...]

    13. this a great second chance at love read. Ethan has a home life not so perfect til he meets his neighbor Leslie, she offers him place to crash and every night from then on she's been his light in the dark but nothing is perfect. Leslie is train g for julillard but it's more her mom's dream so went that chance is taken away e everything and one she loves let's her down, now she's back home after 8 years and her love for Ethan is as strong now as they where then and he's not letting her go this tim [...]

    14. 2.5Was fantastic at the beginning, but then a little meh, not as interesting as it was on the first few chapters. Sadly, not what I expected it to be.

    15. 3.5 StarsReview by Lisa KaneLeslie first laid eyes on Ethan when she was a child. His family had just moved on next door and the first thing she saw and heard was Ethan’s father slapping and yelling at his mother. Ethan ran out the door, Leslie called to him and told him to climb up to her bedroom. This was the start of their relationship. Ethan’s father, Jerry was a powerful, dangerous man who had the police force in his back pocket. Years of abuse followed. But Leslie and Ethan grew closer [...]

    16. ARC kindly provided by author.I think all lovers of second chance romance will love this one! I know I did. Whenever I get my hand on angsty, heartwrenching romance, I usually devour it in one sitting. This had all the feels and amazing characters. Leslie and Ethan met as kids and right from the very beginning they had this magnetic connection. One you just can't escape one that marks you for the rest of your life. He was Leslie's neighbour, a damaged kid who grew up with an abusive father, and [...]

    17. Another captivating story by Callie Anderson full of intense emotions, a once in a lifetime type of love that makes you want to turn the pages and discover how broken dreams can be healed. Full review to come on release day.

    18. Ethan and Leslie have history. And when I say history, I mean all the way back to childhood. They were neighbors. They were friends. They were companions. They were each other’s shoulders. Until they weren’t.Eight years later and we have ourselves a second chance. Maybe. You would think that enough time may have passed that past events could be forgiven, but wounds run deep and scars never really go away in life. The story of Ethan and Leslie is told from past to present and back again. I ca [...]

    19. Broken Dreams by Author Callie Anderson is a second chance romance novel. Ethan and Leslie met and fell in love at a young age. They were each other's everything, friend, confidant, first love, and place of escape and comfort. They had plans. They had dreams. Until those were destroyed and destruction was all that remained. Broken Dreams was a touching second chance at love. Ethan and Leslie deserved an HEA that would overshadow anything from their past. There was an edge of the unknown. Despite [...]

    20. BANGOR BELLE BOOK BESTIESOh Wow, this book gives you all the feels, it gives you all the heartache, it gives you all the tears and it gives you an amazing roller coaster of emotions you won't soon forget. I could say so much about this story but i really don't want to give too much away or spoil this experience.Leslie and Ethan first meet at 8 years old, he's the boy next door but his life is no fairytale. Then again Leslie's life isn't so great either, she has an overbearing mother that pushes [...]

    21. I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookI enjoyed this book so much This book alternates between the past and the present.Leslie is on her way home after her mother asked her to come hom as her father had a heartattack. She hasn't been home in 8 years. And now to go back to a place that holds a lot of happy as well as sad memories she is not preparted for it and the reason for that is because of Ethan.Leslie met Ethan one night when they were ten years old. Ethan was Leslie's new neighbor and [...]

    22. Broken Dreams by Callie Anderson

Years ago, Leslie was just a girl comforting a boy named Ethan who was crying on his front porch. After inviting him to climb through her bedroom window, a close friendship begun to form. Over the years when Ethan needed to escape his reality, he would climb through Leslie’s window while showing her that there’s more to life than ballet. Until her dreams where shattered. 

Eight years since then, Leslie is living in Arizona. She hasn’t been back to [...]

    23. I loved Broken Dreams! Another great read from Callie Anderson! I enjoyed Leslie in the Love Letter series and was happy to read her bookd what a book it was! I am a sucker for second chance love stories and HEAs, so this was right up my alley. It had the perfect amount of angst I have come to expect from Callie, and it had ALL THE FEELS!!! I had happy tears by the end. Great read! I really liked Ethan, but he is no Weston!! ;)

    24. Second chance/childhood friend to high school lovers. This was amazing!! I loved everything about this story. Ethan and Leslie are high school lovers and so in love they have their future all planned out. A tragedy breaks that plan apart and they go their separate ways. Eight years later and circumstances bring Leslie back to her old life and to face her past. Loved these characters and this story so much. Emotional and captivating. You bet I'll be reading more if this authors work.

    25. What a very emotional ride! Ethan and Leslie are fast childhood friends who grow up to fall in love. But tragedy strikes breaking their bond and their dreams. 8 years later Leslie returns home to find out her assumptions of those last weeks were wrong and that neither of them stopped loving the other. It's a very long path to get back to their forever,but Ethan won't let her go this time. The author jumps back and forth from past to present in thus story. But the story flows really well. And you [...]

    26. I love a second chance romance ! This you don't know where or what will happen! Young love gone wrong so wrong you don't know why! There is so much hurt between Leslie and Ethan . I love a broken boy and Ethan was . Leslie is just the little girl to fix him . Things are never as they seem . MY DAMN HEART! Once again you're on a roller coaster of emotional anxiety. You are going between the past and present ( I LOVED) and when start to see how it unravels well READ THE BOOK !

    27. To be honest, there was a moment in the book where I did start to lose interest. But overall, I loved the book. I would say this is a must read book. -NightWolf Book Blog

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