Ensnared A Near Future Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Alainn s father is not a bad man He s a genius and an inventor When he s hired to create the robot Rose Alainn knows taking the money is a mistake Rose

  • Title: Ensnared
  • Author: Rita Stradling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Near Future Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Alainn s father is not a bad man He s a genius and an inventor When he s hired to create the robot Rose, Alainn knows taking the money is a mistake Rose acts like a human She looks exactly like Alainn But, something in her comes out wrong.To save her father from a five year prison sentence, Alainn takes Rose s place ShA Near Future Retelling of Beauty and the BeastAlainn s father is not a bad man He s a genius and an inventor When he s hired to create the robot Rose, Alainn knows taking the money is a mistake Rose acts like a human She looks exactly like Alainn But, something in her comes out wrong.To save her father from a five year prison sentence, Alainn takes Rose s place She says goodbye to the sun and goes to live in a tower no human is allowed to enter She becomes the prisoner of a man no human is allowed to see Believing that a life of servitude lies ahead, Alainn finds a very different fate awaits her in the company of the strange, scarred recluse This novel contains adult situations and is only suitable for readers who are 18

    Ensnare Definition of Ensnare by Merriam Webster catch, capture, trap, snare, entrap, ensnare, bag mean to come to possess or control by or as if by seizing catch implies the seizing of something in motion or in flight or in hiding caught the dog as it Ensnared definition of ensnared by The Free Dictionary Take up the spear and shield and arise to help us confound and put to shame those who have devised evil against us, may they be before the faces of Thy faithful warriors as dust before the wind, and may Thy mighty Angel confound them and put them to flight may they be ensnared when they know it not, and may the plots they have laid in secret be turned against them let them fall before Thy Ensnared Definition of Ensnared at Dictionary Mar , verb used with object , ensnared, ensnaring to capture in, or involve as in, a snare to be ensnared by lies to ensnare birds. Ensnared Synonyms, Ensnared Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for ensnared at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for ensnared. Ensnare Definition of Ensnare at Dictionary Aug , verb used with object , ensnared, ensnaring to capture in, or involve as in, a snare to be ensnared by lies to ensnare birds. Ensnared Idioms by The Free Dictionary ensnare someone or something in something . Lit to capture someone or something in something .

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    One thought on “Ensnared”

    1. 2.5 StarsOverview: All I needed to see was ‘Sci-fi’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast retelling’ and I was sold. Taking place in a near future where humanesque robots come equipped with artificial intelligence, Alainn agrees to take the place of one of her father's robots, so he avoids jail time. This means that Alainn will now spend her days the company of a "strange, scarred recluse."I received an ARC of this through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Rita Stradling for [...]

    2. Bumping for the release date!!! (which was 3 days agops)_________________4 starsFor now.This book is set to come out in December, so I'm clinging on to hope that this book could improve. And when I say improve, I mean just cleaned up a bit. Because I actually loved this book, guys. I devoured it in two sittings. And if a few things are cleaned up and made clearer, this book could potentially get 5 stars from me. The coveted 5 stars from a black hearted cold cynic like me.It is a near-futuristic [...]

    3. A futuristic Beauty and the Beast retelling with robots and shizz And I got it for free through Kindle Scout. Really shouldn't have much to complain about should I???And yeah. It was fine. I was moderately diverted. But it was too long. I had issues with the main characters But mostly I just feel ambivalent about the whole thing and really don't feel like dissecting why!!! So it's two stars and I'll just move swiftly on to my next (hopefully better) read!

    4. **I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**3.5 Beastly StarsThis book is a Beauty and the Beast retelling…. ish Kind of reminded me of Unrooted and Crimson Bound. *shrug* WHAT IS WITH THESE “BEASTS” AND THEIR DAMN TOWERS?!I actually liked this ”pre-dystopian/pre-apocalyptic” vibe-ish feel it had going on. The characters are exactly how I think they should have been considering the other issues I’ve had with this book. The characters growth was set at a d [...]

    5. Sold. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale. The amazing movie by Disney from my childhood probably has a lot to do with that. Even more, it's quite simply one of the most romantic fairy-tales there is. The characters fall in love for all the right reasons, beyond bounds of appearances, judgement, and prejudices. You can always bet your last dollar that I'll read a Beauty and the Beast retelling.The past is a common setting for fairy tale retellings. Historical romance and medieval [...]

    6. * thank you to Netgalley for sending me an ARC in return for an unbiased reviewThis book is my very first ARC and i am so glad that i read it cause it didn't dissapoint me. Being a disney addict myself, of course i would go crazy for this book when i found out that this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling with a twist. This book take us to the world where humans lives side by side with a robots . I dont usually enjoy science fiction but surprisingly it was a fast and engaging reads for me.In ord [...]

    7. Three and a half from meI spotted this futuristic reselling of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale and just couldn't resist. Yet it has to be said that it's the artificial intelligence part of the story that dominates here. If you have read Asimov or even seen the movie I, Robot then you will be all too aware of the very real concerns many have concerning the future applications of robotics. Whilst this is no "judgement day" it does tap into that very primitive fear in our hind brains .So back [...]

    8. I, Robot meets Beauty and the Beast…Book Title: EnsnaredAuthor: Rita StradlingSeries: Stand-AloneGenre: Modern Fairytale Retelling, RomancePublisher: This is a Kindle Scout BookSource: I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewOVERALL RATING: 4.2/5 STARS♪♫My Pick For Book Theme Song♫♪Alive by Adelitas Way --This is for Alainn and Lorccan…I searched for awhile on the internet looking at all sorts of songs and then decided to listen to my own songs and found this [...]

    9. Growing up with a family of brainiacs, Alainn Murphy is sort of the black sheep of the family. Her father Conner and her brother Colby are genius inventors that spend most of their time indoors working on science projects, while Alainn spends most of her time outdoors being physically active and social. Connor Murphy isn't a bad man, but his addiction has put a huge strain on his family. Ever since the loss of his wife, Connor has turned to gambling, which in turn has deeply effected his son and [...]

    10. A Near-Future Retelling of Beauty and the BeastThis idea made me want to read this book as soon as I saw. I was curious about Alien who go to Mr. Garbhan’s (I can't think him as a beast :)) mansion instead of Android – Rose 76GF- I was really curious about how can she go instead of some android and how she won’t be found out by him. For this Rita Stradling have a really convincing explanation. Story began with Alien went to his mansion to try convince him for giving more time to her father [...]

    11. I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not persuade my actual opinion of the book.1 starOh my. I really have nothing positive to say about this novel - nothing at all. Quite honestly, this was a literary disaster. The premise of the novel grabbed my attention because it's Beauty and the Beast with technology and science fiction, so I thought:interesting! Though that particular thought did not even last the first chapter. From the very beginning - and I liter [...]

    12. A unique and innovative new take on the traditional Beauty and the Beast fairy tale that invites questioning and analysis of the future of automation and AI. Rose 76GF, a robot with AI built in Alainn Murphy's image, was commissioned by Lorccan Garbhan from Connor Murphy, Alainn's father and an inventor riddled with money problems. When her father is threatened with jail time for failing to produce Rose as scheduled, Alainn concedes to Rose 76GF's plan to take her place in Mr. Garbhan's uncontam [...]

    13. WOW! I'm so sorry for not researching this book better! I admit I was taken in by the original cover on Netgalley and I thought it was a genuine YA retelling New Adult kind of straddles two genres and can swing either way for me (so I really didn't think much about it) Looking at the crisp modern cover it has now, I NEVER would have even stopped to look at this book! I quite loved the concept of a Beauty and the Beast retelling with robots in the vein of Cinder but Beauty and the Beast!! Sounds [...]

    14. *I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley*I am totally excited about telling everyone about this awesome retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The story follows the basic concept of a girl being stuck in a building with a guy with issues to save her father and there is a rose theme, but other than that, this story is highly original in my opinion and a fantastic read. I really enjoyed this book, ashamed to admit that I was skeptical for whatever reason and was shocked that I sat and tore throu [...]

    15. *3 1/2 stars*Before I begin my review and thoughts, I have to mention this is my very first ARC after a friend on here told me about netgalley and was pretty fun. And it was a record read for me since I can be a slow reader but I definitely cruised through this one haha. Okay onto my review: this is a retelling of my all time favorite story Beauty and the Beast but in a futuristic world. If I were to also describe this story, it would be basically "iRobot meets Beauty and the Beast" from what I [...]

    16. *ARC received from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review*When I read the blurb and realized this was a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I was like I love me a good retelling, so I was prepared for a romantic ride. What I didn't expect how freaking sexy this book was.This retelling had a major twist because scarred Lorccan thinks Alainn is a robot. So for a good portion of the beginning of the story I was wondering how he could develop feelings for her, but I had hope and no one could tell m [...]

    17. Ensnared is a futuristic Beauty and the Beast retelling. I thought that this story was very good. It was very fast paced. I think the appropriate age to read this book is 16+. This story did have a few adultish topics and scenes. I liked the main characters, the side character, basically every character. The plot was really good and something that can happen. There were a couple of things that I didn't like. However its kinda spoilery so don't read farther from this.I think that its kind of weir [...]

    18. Release date May 23, 2017.I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 StarsEnsnared by Rita Stradling was a really fun, enjoyable read. Set in a near future when automatons and are commonplace, this Beauty and the Beast retelling is a whirlwind from start to finish. It is a really quick read and I read it in pretty much one sitting. There were a lot of things I liked about the story, including the wonderful and detailed world building. I could really picture every setti [...]

    19. I am just absolutely blown away by the world Rita Stradling has created in the fabulous “Ensnared”, a futuristic “Beauty and the Beast” retelling set in a world in the not too distant future where robots are commonplace and moral questions must be asked about where ethical lines should be drawn. Alainn Murphy is drawn into an impossible situation when her father fails to complete a contract on time, her only solution to impersonate the robot he designed in her likeness for Lor, the reclu [...]

    20. I will read any Beauty and the Beast retellings so I was really excited when I received an ARC of Ensnared. I haven't read a futuristic Beauty and the Beast retelling and the synopsis sounded really interesting to me. The main character Alainn takes the place of Rose, an AI her father built for Mr. Garbhan. When I was reading the synopsis, I assumed that Mr. Garbhan, or Lorrcan as Alainn comes to know him, knew that a human was taking the place of the AI he was expecting. Very early in the book [...]

    21. Galley provided by publisherTo be blunt, if I could rate this book zero stars, I would. I wouldn't even give it half a star - it does not merit it.Let's start with the premise. It's a good one, a futuristic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, right? But the rose is not a rose, instead a robot named Rose. And the Beast is not a beast but a heavily facially-scarred man. At this, we get to the first sticking point. In the original, the beast is a man who is cursed to look like a horrific monster. So [...]

    22. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite fairytale. I love to read retelling of this particular tale. I absolutely loved this retelling. The characters were great, the pacing was perfect, and the story engaging. This was a 5 star read for me. I received this book through netgalley

    23. Took a quick break from the Kate Daniels series for fear of monotony and ripped through this in about a day. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a die hard Beauty and the Beast fan. Sporting two B&B tattoos, I will read/watch anything related to the Tale as old as Time and (usually) love it. Save for the new movie with Emma Watson. Which I HATED. Anyways. As soon as I read this synopsis I thought "Robots? Like Cinder! PLUS my favorite fairytale? It's on!"And I really did enjoy the first 50% of the [...]

    24. *I received this book as an e-ARC from Netgalley*I'm a huge Disney fan! and was quite excited to read this unconventional and innovative retelling of the Beauty and the Beast. The story is set in a world where humans live alongside robots. The protagonist, Alainn switches places with Rose 76GF, a robot with AI, built in Alainn Murphy's image, in order to save her father from going to prison. She goes to live with Lorccan, who suffers from Mysophobia (fear of germs) and, therefore lives in a huge [...]

    25. IMAGINE THIS, a new-adult Beauty and the Beast retelling with Futurama vibes, yah feel me? The year is 2026, and Alainn Murphy's father, Connor Murphy, is facing the possibility of imprisonment. He was hired to create the Rose76GF robot for Mr. Garbhan, but he finds himself unable to meet Mr. Garbhan's deadline.The Rose76GF is a spitting image of Alainn and was created to serve Mr. Garbhan in his massive germ-free castle for the duration of her robot life. However, Alainn's father is reluctant t [...]

    26. A sci-fi, near future retelling of Beauty & The Beast (and just in time for the live action release with Emma Watson)!! The idea definitely grabs attention, but sadly for me, it fell a bit flat.It's got some lovely writing, and an interesting plot, but what really hinders the book is the lack of world building. Yes, it's a near future retelling so we don't need much information; however, no background is given about the history of the use of robots, or what Alain's father's deal was with Mr. [...]

    27. ** Thank you to Netgalley for sending me an ARC in return for an honest review.2.5 to 3 stars!!!This story is a near-future retelling of the fairytale "The Beauty & Beast". It takes place in a world where AI and automatons live alongside humans. The story follows a girl named Alainne who takes the place of a robot named Rose to save her father from a five year jail sentence. In order to this, she has to enter a tower owned by a man that no one has ever seen and ends up becoming a prisoner. T [...]

    28. So this is Beauty and the Beast-esque, but definitly not beauty and the beast.It's like Beauty and the Beast and I, Robot had a babyd I'm not so sure that baby was a good idea So.Aliann's father is a robotic genius and made a robot in his daughters exact likeness, (which PS is VERY weird and a bit pervy). Not really a spoiler, but the deadline is up and Aliann ends up going to be the companion of a rich and secluded billionare instead of the actual robot he ordered to get him more accostumed to [...]

    29. I thought I wouldn't enjoy this book as I started reading it, I even put it down a few times,but I'm so glad I carried on reading. The book is described as a near-future retelling of The Beauty and the Beast and it didn't disappoint. While some aspects of the relationship between Lor and Alainn (Rose/Jade) was a bit creepy to say the least, I found that it was also extremely relatable. You could imagine reacting in a similar way to a similar situation. This book brought up a few topics around an [...]

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