Captain's Surrender

Captain s Surrender Ambitious and handsome Joshua Andrews has always valued his life too much to take unnecessary risks Then he lays eyes on the elegant picture of perfection that is Peter Kenyon Soon to be promoted to

  • Title: Captain's Surrender
  • Author: Alex Beecroft
  • ISBN: 9781602020894
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ambitious and handsome, Joshua Andrews has always valued his life too much to take unnecessary risks Then he lays eyes on the elegant picture of perfection that is Peter Kenyon Soon to be promoted to captain, Peter Kenyon is the darling of the Bermuda garrison With a string of successes behind him and a suitable bride lined up to share his future, Peter seems completelyAmbitious and handsome, Joshua Andrews has always valued his life too much to take unnecessary risks Then he lays eyes on the elegant picture of perfection that is Peter Kenyon Soon to be promoted to captain, Peter Kenyon is the darling of the Bermuda garrison With a string of successes behind him and a suitable bride lined up to share his future, Peter seems completely out of reach to Joshua But when the two men are thrown together to serve during a long voyage under a sadistic commander with a mutinous crew, they discover unexpected friendship As the tension on board their vessel heats up, the closeness they feel for one another intensifies and both officers find themselves unable to rein in their passion Let yourself be transported back to a time when love between two men in the British Navy was punishable by death, and to a story about love, about honor, but most of all, about a Captain s Surrender.

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    1. This is at that stage (roughly 60%) more like 2.5* than 3*. Possible spoilers ahead!ProsThis was edited above average, it had sizable stretches which showed a very engaging prose and the entrance scene certainly was a truly well-written whopper. ConsApart from very short passages I never felt truly immersed in the correct time. Huge, truly enormous main cause of this was the treatment of the female protagonist Emily. She was a modern woman transposed into the 18th century, effectively grumbling [...]

    2. Alex Beecroft is an author I sip, and even when I finish the wine, I like to sit and hold the bottle a few days before I write my review. This alone makes her work a treasure to me, because by nature I like to suck books down in one sitting. So someone who I need to read slowly and carefully is a treat for me.What I love about Alex's work is that you are safe and you are not. She shies away from nothing, and she is true to her period in time (and she knows her RN, thank you, thank you), but she [...]

    3. Joshua Andrews is a young Irishman full of equal parts ambition and shame. His love of the sea is surpassed by nothing except perhaps his self-loathing at his sexual orientation. Although he’s come to terms with the direction his desires lie, he lives in the perpetual shadow of the consequences. Those consequences vividly set an engrossing backdrop as the novel opens with a gruesome and riveting scene of a man executed for the heinous crime of being a sodomite. The specter of such cruelty is s [...]

    4. A soap opera in uniform in which the ships are props. Oddities--like the sprit topsail on what is presumably a British vessel circa 1800, judging by the details on the uniforms--and the mechanical way in which orders are given, as if the author had copied them out of a reference manual--undermine the nautical aspects. A tall ship sailor myself I tried to figure out what she was talking about before concluding that she didn't know and letting them go by the wayside. Besides, I'm pretty sure the a [...]

    5. Now this is what I’m talking about. If you want a taste of what floats my boat when it comes to gay historical fiction, (no pun intended), then this is it.I’m not mad on the cover, but that won’t be a surprise to any regular reader of this blog. It doesn’t sum up any part of the book (so readers – don’t expect nakedness on a beach somewhere), doesn’t look like the characters and doesn’t explain it’s a historical. I would find a detail of a naval captain (oo all those lovely bra [...]

    6. A beautifully written and gripping historical novel from a writer who's an expert in the era. If you're not sure about trying historicals because you think they might ramble on like a nineteenth century novel, fear not. If anything, Captain's Surrender is almost too fast-paced, concentrating on key events in the lives of the protagonists: the punishments, sea battles, duels, captures and seductions, rather than dwelling too long in the details of everyday life. I'd have loved there to have been [...]

    7. It took me a few days because I had other things in my life that took priority, but I'm glad I read this little gem that's been hiding on the bottom of my TBR for years. By the time I hit the 70% mark, I had to block out enough time to finish. At that point the adventure on the seas with a battle between the "good guys" and the French around the eastern seaboard and the area of Bermuda was hot and heavy. Plus, at that point, it looked like death was going to be the only acceptable outcome for th [...]

    8. When I was young I read a lot of classics and enjoy them very much. Strong stories with well written characters and able to take you awake till late and eager to read more. Sometime romance, cause there were a love story on them, but not erotic cause there were no sex on them. But I didn't miss the sex, cause I could imagine in my mind what happened behind the closed door of a bedroom, usually between a married couple. Captain's Surrender is a such story? in some way yes. In an epublished world [...]

    9. Joshua Andrews is a Midshipman on the Nimrod, where Captain Walker keeps his crew in a constant state of terror and suspense. The least infraction will land a man in irons, flogged for all the company to see. If Walker knew what Joshua was, he'd be hanged. He avoids the attention, which would grant him deserved promotion, as well the keen eye under which he is sure he'd be discovered. When Peter Kenyon, a lieutenant, arrives to fulfill the lately vacated position, once occupied by the man swingi [...]

    10. Now this is what a romance is supposed to BE.I will admit, Age of Sail is my home ground. And I can't get enough of the forbidden-love trope, so historical m/m is perfect for me, because it's an organic part of the setting, and not achieved by contrivances. But, that saidJosh and Peter are both engaging, realistically flawed, sympathetic characters. The plot goes along at a crisp pace, with plenty of action, nail-biting tension, and strong emotions, not all of which are related to the developing [...]

    11. This book reads as a historical novel with a plethora of characters, that just happens to have a M/M romance as well. The other characters suffer fortune and misfortune throughout the book, as Josh and Peter come together, separate, and lose each other only to later find each other again.If you are hot for the British Royal Navy, you might check it out. I must say that after reading The Matelot, by Ariel Tachna, which dealt with the whole gay men of the seas genre very differently - in her book, [...]

    12. I was a bit disappointed by this one, after having enjoyed False Colors by the same author quite a bit.Yet, I had a lot more problems with the treatment of naval protocol in this one. Captain Walker is nothing but a cartoonish, moustache-twirling super-villain. He is constantly over-stepping his authority. Not in small matters, but in ways that make you wonder why no one had him removed from active service by court martial, yet, or (view spoiler)[why nobody thought of knifing him in the back muc [...]

    13. 4 Stars ~ Joshua Andrews had always known what his true nature was, and serving in the Royal Navy in 1794 that meant he had to keep that nature secret for fear of being hanged. When young Lt. Kenyon joined their crew and he was forced to accept him as a cabin mate, Josh also knew he was in trouble. Just one look into Peter's blue eyes and Josh was lost. When he reveals his attraction to Peter, he's amazed that Peter doesn't report him but instead he admits that he's curious and would like to pur [...]

    14. 2.5 stars.A alright book, especially in the middle-end of it. It's not a book who idealized treatments of homosexual in this time, no, it's cruel, it's crude, it's harsh. I really love Peter and Andrew.But I can't give it more stars because of the strange choice of narration at the beginning of the story. I mean, you started with the heroes Peter and Andrews (in the two first chapters) but after that and for a very very long time (too long) you have to handle Emily and her father (who are civili [...]

    15. Tall ships, damper men in British navy uniforms and threat of noose are things which made this genre of gay literature for women the most intriguing. This book was written by woman to women readers who like adventure spiced with two males making it out out of their uniforms. Oh yes in 18th century they made so nice uniforms and ugly laws that being gay in navy means gallows. That is the threat, the major one and masterfully put in the plot. Joshua Andrews and Peter Kenyon were meant for each oth [...]

    16. Begins well enough, but then the plot becomes one improbable coincidence after another, the nautical elements are info-dumpy, and the main characters never rise above being blandly appealing. Nice to see a bisexual lead, though.

    17. This contented sigh of happy gooshy romantic squooshiness has been revised and can now be found at Exendable Mudge Muses Aloud.

    18. There are things to be loved in this book, but far more numerous are those to be blamed. Some other reviewers have pointed them out, infact.The plot is the same old, but this does not irk me: it is 1779 in the Caribes (and the east coast of the soon to be United States). The setting is the usual British ship where noble gay men struggle with the requirements of a harsh life in a homophobic milieu.One reviewer has mentioned the fact that the naval details are inaccurate but I am unable to confirm [...]

    19. Goodread's publication information on this book is out of date. The book is now a Samhain release and has a different cover.Please leave comments on Josie ' 5 sweet pea, Recommended Book review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index. "I don't think you understand, sir," said Josh in a quiet charged voice. "The world doesn't allow men like me to hope for constancy. I never expected it. You're going to marry. I did expect that. And I'll be glad to see you happy."He walked down onto the sand, Peter following [...]

    20. Alex Beecroft, Captain’s SurrenderWell written, but too tense and depressing for meWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 5/10PROS: - Beecroft is a good writer. Her sentences are crisp and her phrasing is creative, which makes for fast reading that flows well and is interesting to read.- The story seems well-researched and includes (for me) the right amount of details about the historical time period: enough to give a good picture of various settings in [...]

    21. All I needed was a passing reference to the Age of Sail, and my hind brain went YES YES READ NOW. I'd been wanting to read Beecroft for awhile--I'd heard nothing but good things--and oh, how I'm glad I finally did decide to read. She's a wonderful author and has clearly done significant research into the time period, which is appreciated from the likes of me. Another reviewer said that Beecroft took "the hard way" by choosing to write an in-depth, character-driven romance novel with a number of [...]

    22. SlashReaders: I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. To the point that I would be willing to give another book by this author a try. It was for the most part well written, with a story line and not just sex though not all the sex was left out either. :)Personally I found the lead in on the back of this book deceptive. Joshua doesn't come across as being ambitious at all in the beginning. However his ambition takes over a good third of the story if n [...]

    23. Having recently obtained a Kindle and been introduced to the grand world of M/M romance, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the writing in this one. It's not amazing, exactly, but the characters are well-drawn, the worldbuilding solid, and (most importantly, for a romance) the leads have good chemistry together.That said, the structure could use some improvement. The story makes a couple of slightly-confusing jumps in time. More grievous is that the author seems uncertain whether the s [...]

    24. Ever since reading The Reluctant Berserker I have been making my way through Beecroft's work, and while I've enjoyed most of it, none of it has really been on the same level as TRB.Same with Captain's Surrender. I did enjoy it, but it didn't grip me. I think part of it is that the story ends up so drawn out. It could have benefitted from being a little tighter and more focused - the first parts on The Nimrod were very gripping, but after that the story spends very little time actually on ships. [...]

    25. I found it hard to believe this was a first time effort after I read it. It was good stuff. The characters drew my empathy- I loved the heroes and hated the villain; I cheered the heroes' friendship and bit my nails over their miscues; and I held my breath through the naval battles and confrontations with their own version of Capn Bly. The pace of the battles and the ship and port backgrounds were well described. I cringed over a few descriptive scenes of the villain's cruelty like having a sail [...]

    26. This was different from anything else I've read, but I'm still not sure if that's a good or bad thing. There were things about it that I enjoyed, such as the language and the time-hoppy feel of it, and things that bugged me, such as leaving a main character's story for two whole chapters after a very important scene. Something about the way it was told bugged me a bit. Having said that, I enjoyed the jaunts to other characters despite that, and something about this book was very compelling - I'm [...]

    27. I enjoyed this a great deal - it was well written and the friendship and romantic relationship between the two heroes seemed equally as strong, which I particularly liked. Josh is the more positive gay character of the two (what with Peter being emotionally clueless for most of the book!), and Josh's inner journey regarding his sexuality was really interesting. There was never any doubt, either, about the danger of being in a gay relationship; nor were the prevailing moral and religious opinions [...]

    28. I enjoyed this, liked the characters, who were complex and underwent good development through the story. I did come away a bit unsatisfied though, as some parts of the story felt too rushed through. I'd have liked to see them expanded on. The biggest example being when martinet Captain Walker has Peter - an officer - flogged. That's huge! For Peter, for Josh, who's in love with him, for the crew of the ship. But the story covers it in some paragraphs of narrative after it's happened and that lef [...]

    29. This was messy. I felt like there were too many stories being told at once and the MCs often seemed to take a backseat to secondary characters. Then when Peter suddenly decides he needs to follow the church's dictates because of one sermon I got even more lost. There was a great deal of detail about things I wasn't terribly interested in, but little focus on the relationship between Peter and Josh. The inclusion of the Anishinaabe was a bit odd and made me uncomfortable as it felt forced.Like a [...]

    30. There are only two things about this book that irritate me somewhat.1) The development from two strangers forced to share their space, to friends, to lovers. I can see them becoming friends. But Peter's decision to take this relationship further doesn't make sense to me. I'd have liked to read more about their friendship first and how they grew closer over time, because it seems that there's an important part simply missing.2) Josh's time with Giniw and Opichi. I don't know why, but well, maybe [...]

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