Seduced Hannah Smith returns in the stunning new adventure in the New York Times bestselling series by the author of the Doc Ford novels A fishing guide and part time investigator Hannah Smith is a tall str

  • Title: Seduced
  • Author: Randy Wayne White
  • ISBN: 9780399169779
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hannah Smith returns in the stunning new adventure in the New York Times bestselling series by the author of the Doc Ford novels A fishing guide and part time investigator, Hannah Smith is a tall, strong Florida woman descended from many generations of the same But the problem before her now is much older even than that Five hundred years ago, Spanish conquHannah Smith returns in the stunning new adventure in the New York Times bestselling series by the author of the Doc Ford novels A fishing guide and part time investigator, Hannah Smith is a tall, strong Florida woman descended from many generations of the same But the problem before her now is much older even than that Five hundred years ago, Spanish conquistadors planted the first orange seeds in Florida, but now the whole industry is in trouble The trees are dying at the root, weakened by infestation and genetic manipulation, and the only solution might be somehow, somewhere, to find samples of the original root stock No one is better equipped to traverse the swamps and murky backcountry of Florida than Hannah, but once word leaks out of her quest, the trouble begins There are people who will kill to find a direct descendant of those first seeds, a biologist warns her and it looks like his words may be all too prophetic.

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    One thought on “Seduced”

    1. I really enjoy the Hannah Smith series because I learn interesting information about Florida history and because Hannah Smith is such an interesting character. She is self reliant but she has friends and isn't a "lone wolf" kind of character. This wasn't my favorite book of the series (the first two books in the series are) -- and I'm getting tired of Hannah making bad choices because of men -- but it kept my interest all the way through. I wasn't able to predict the ending, which is always nice [...]

    2. I think this was my least favorite in White's "Hannah Smith" series. I always enjoy the scientific research that goes into his books; in this case, the destruction of the Everglades ecosystem by non-native snakes, specifically Pythons, and the search for ancient orange trees that might be disease resistant. But the plot seemed too intentionally convoluted and contrived. There is also a puzzling conclusion which I won't disclose.I'll continue to read the series, but was less than thrilled with th [...]

    3. White fans know that Hannah Smith was at one time involved with Doc Ford and that she is a fishing guide and PI. She is brave and intractable and can readily handle most situations she runs into. In this novel she meets a twenty foot Python in the Everglades along with some rally bad men. The story starts somewhat slowly, but gradually heats up to the point where the reader will neglect other chores in order to learn what happens next. More great reading from Randy Wayne White.

    4. Enjoy all of White's story lines and the wonderfully drawn characters with all their eccentricities and frailtiesting the male Randy Wayne White can flesh out a female character as complex as Hannah SmithWith the death of her mother's long-time lover, Hannah becomes involved in a complicated, deadly race to save the Florida citrus industry and maybe, just maybe amass a huge fortune as wellWhite gives us plenty of twists & turns in the plot as well as plenty of twists & turns in Hannah's [...]

    5. 3.5 stars. I may have liked it more if I'd read the others in the series, but I don't think I'll be going back to try them any time soon.

    6. This is my favorite Hannah Smith book. I learned so much, which is why I like to read in the first place. I think Randy Wayne White was more focused in this book and I liked it. I would have given 5 stars but the ending has left me in shock for days! I also think I need to get busy reading through the Doc Ford series because the stories appear to be intertwined now. Apparently Ford is in some kind of trouble and he's on the run, but we don't know why! So I would imagine we have to read the other [...]

    7. This is the first of the Hannah Smith novels I have read. The beginning was a bit farcical, but I enjoyed the story and learning about the characters. Living in SW Florida, I particularly appreciated the history, biology, and insight into problems in our area relating to the citrus industry and our well known issues with pythons. If you are a fan of Randy Wayne White, or SW Florida, don't miss it. If you haven't read White before and are looking for a light, quick read in which you will learn a [...]

    8. I love ALL books by this author! This one features fishing guide Hannah Smith, overall bad ass lady who is searching for an ancient orange tree planted on an island in Florida to rejuvenate the U.S. orange groves. Her problem is the opposing searchers trying to steal her ideas and kill everyone involved with her. This was a giveaway.

    9. I hadn't realized how severely Everglades wildlife is affected by the invasion of Burmese pythons. Decimate is only 0ne in ten! As of 2012, native species are at 88-100% decline, including raccoons, foxes, bobcats and whitetail deer.

    10. Great story with a female detective. I look forward to reading more from the series. I won it in a contest and it was a good read.

    11. WhatdidIjustreadandWHY?I love books set in Florida for when I am feeling a bit nostalgic. This book was all over the place. I skimmed the last few chapters because what the heck? Hannah Smith has some intriguing qualities, but overall, the voice is so strongly that of a man (Randy Wayne White) that it was a struggle to relate. Hannah is CONSTANTLY wooed by men who adore her because she's just not like other women. Why do men think it is such a huge compliment to insult an entire gender? I don't [...]

    12. I came across this book a number of months ago via Audio Books, and from the beginning I very much enjoyed this book - even to the extent that I actually learnt something about the Florida Keys, the fishing life there and even the Orange producing Groves of that region I found the whole background very interesting - the characters where great and I look forward to picking up another 'Hannah Smith' series to find out what she gets up to One word of warning though If you have a phobia of snakes [...]

    13. I like Randy Wayne White and his characters and the lifestyle he describes in the Florida Keys. I like the way he uses natural and human history to propel a plot. This was a capable book, but it seemed a little too mechanical for me--for a while, I thought I'd read it before. This story, involving Hannah Smith, ends on a mysterious note foreshadowing interesting new storylines to come.

    14. Hannah Smith deals with new age pirates and pythons. While trying to find a solution to the decline of the family citrus groves, Hannah meets several men who are also looking for the same solution, but would rather steal it after Hannah finds it.

    15. I like a good White read on a relaxing weekend. This one was good because it addressed 2 big problems we have here in Florida. Big nasty snakes and orange tree blight. White always includes interesting and relevant Florida facts to his writing. Made for a good by-the-pool read.

    16. Not my favorite Hannah Smith story but a good story with interesting information on the citrus industry and the eco sytem of S Florida and the impact introduced snakes. The story line had a few too many jumps for a smooth telling but an ending that I did not see coming.

    17. Very Good; Continuing character: Hannah Smith; the death of her mother's lover sets off a series of events tied to his will and the disease affecting many orange crops

    18. This is the first book I have read from this author. I liked the story and characters. Plan on reading more of this series and other books.

    19. Really love White's books about southwest Florida. I spend winters there and love reading about places that I know.Hannah Smith is a great character never know what she will be doing.

    20. I just love everything Randy writes. The Hannah Smith series is not may favorite. I like the Doc Ford ones better, but they are still great fun reads.

    21. Great readGood from start to end ,classic Randy Wayne Whitelooking forward to next one. .I don't binge watch tv, Ibinge read.

    22. Good thriller with a female fishing guide as the main character, an Indian mound full of huge man eating snakes and an original Spanish orange tree that may save Florida's citrus crop.

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