Composition of Outdoor Painting 7th (seventh) by Edgar Payne (2005) Hardcover

Composition of Outdoor Painting th seventh by Edgar Payne Hardcover None

  • Title: Composition of Outdoor Painting 7th (seventh) by Edgar Payne (2005) Hardcover
  • Author: Edgar Payne
  • ISBN: 9780939370115
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

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      106 Edgar Payne
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    One thought on “Composition of Outdoor Painting 7th (seventh) by Edgar Payne (2005) Hardcover”

    1. Whew, this was a tough read. I learned some valuable ideas about the use of shapes and values in painting and will certain apply those to my art. Unfortunately, the information was sandwiched in between pages of very dry and repetitive admonitions not to rely on the very rules he was handing out.

    2. An old art book (1941 published) mostly about how to present objects in a pleasing compositional layout. Also Payne wrote that "a painter needs to study, meditate, experiment, and practice"

    3. This is a wonderful book, and very much of its own time (late 30's early 40's). Long sentences of ruminative thought, theory, and allegorical language: "Nature is not the least concerned with artistic attributes, although she has prior claim on the artist and insists that her qualities receive first attention. If she is to be represented, she demands that she be not occasionally but often consulted"The sentence is inspiring and throws me into a whirl of intention , but I cannot help laughing as [...]

    4. As much as I wanted to like this dense little book written in 1941 by a famous California landscape painter, the going was so treacherous that I had to give it up. Interspersed with wonderful information about composition were all sorts of beliefs about "talent" and the inability of the feeble to paint. And then there were many just outdated beliefs (when you paint a cloud it should fill up the sky in a puffy cumulous way). So, from where I stand, I felt I could absorb some of this as helpful, a [...]

    5. A very tough read, due to Payne's indirect, repetitive writing style, but the content was valuable. It is considered a classic for the landscape painter. I am glad I have it for my reference shelf. The composition diagrams are the most valuable aspect of the book, in my opinion. Another note: The book is filled with typos. Very annoying.

    6. This book is amazing. Very clear and concise and packed with valuable information about composition in landscape painting. It would be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to understand composition in general.

    7. Nice how to book has a great selection of composition thumbnails and ideas on using brushwork and color as energy in paintings.

    8. I refer to this book constantly. Great, great tips - this and Alla Prima are my main painting resources. Highly recommend to aspiring artists.

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