Bear Creek Road

Bear Creek Road Sometimes losing yourself leads right to the place you were looking for Secluded and quiet is exactly what Laney Walker is looking for when she decides to pack up and move across the country It s what

  • Title: Bear Creek Road
  • Author: L.C. Morgan
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  • Page: 299
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  • Sometimes losing yourself leads right to the place you were looking for Secluded and quiet is exactly what Laney Walker is looking for when she decides to pack up and move across the country It s what she wants, what she thinks she needs until she meets Joe Boone Contracted to replace the plumbing along the property, Joe is first to arrive and last to leave And to LaSometimes losing yourself leads right to the place you were looking for Secluded and quiet is exactly what Laney Walker is looking for when she decides to pack up and move across the country It s what she wants, what she thinks she needs until she meets Joe Boone Contracted to replace the plumbing along the property, Joe is first to arrive and last to leave And to Laney s surprising disappointment, he never has much to say But the Joe comes around, the she learns about him and soon finds the man is as flawed as the house he s fixing.A fact that only seems to draw her closer to him.

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    1. I cannot get enough of slow burns and if the guy is bearded, hot, good with his hands and taciturn then that warms my nethers very nicely indeed.I'm happy to say they are good and toastie after this.She's moved across the county for a new start, he's the hot, enigmatic and terribly handy tradesman working on her home. We know he's a goodie because not only does he come in and work on stuff with his fully equipped toolbox until it actually works but he does said stuff proactively, using his own i [...]

    2. I received this book for a honest review from Ninja book reviews. This is a heart warming story about overcoming injury, tragedy, betrayal and loss. Learning to forgive and heal and trust again. I would recommend reading this book.

    3. *** 3 Cranky Stars ***This book is about second chances at love and finding it with the most unusual people.Laney is running from a bad past and ends up in a small town across the country from her real home. While trying to restore a cabin, she meets Joe – a rough and tumble ex army guy.Their meeting is awkward and so is their love affair. Joe redefines the term taciturn and spends large parts of the book communicating through grunts.This book is a journey to find love and I struggled to conne [...]

    4. Review originally posted on Rach Lawrence Books.*I was provided a copy of Bear Creek Road by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*Bear Creek Road tells the story of Laney Walker, a twenty-eight-year-old woman who feels old before her time thanks to recent events in her life. She’s just left everything and everyone she knows behind to start over, moving across the country to a small town where life is very different from what she’s used to. [...]

    5. Bear Creek Road was a good debut from LC Morgan. This was a simple, easy read that while a familiar story, was enjoyable and entertaining. At first I was a little skeptical given the overly descriptive writing style, but the writing found it’s groove once it moved beyond the physical descriptions of the surroundings and on to the personal interactions. The story is not a complex one. Laney leaves her old life to escape recent heart break, and while repairing her run-down getaway home, falls fo [...]

    6. When a terribly betrayal and failed engagement send Laney running, she finds herself the new owner of a dilapidated old house deep in the woods and as far as possible from the life she once knew. Faced with peeling wallpaper, rusted out pipes, and no electricity thanks to a tree taking out the power line, her days become filled with restoration efforts, workmen traipsing over her property and through her house, and gossipy neighbors intent on setting her up with some bland guy who couldn't be fu [...]

    7. feels. all. the. feels many feels.feels feels feels feelsFEELS!!!!okay, now that I have that out of the way (feels) this book was awesome in that it made me feel *everything* (okay, apparently, not quite done with the feels) (have I mentioned the feels? 'cause, yeah, plenty of them in this book!)I hardly know where to start, so here goes (I generally used "spoiler" mode for lines from the book, though the first one is sort of a subject-matter spoiler - don't "show spoiler" if that stuff annoys y [...]

    8. This is one of those stories that just warms my heart. You witness two people overcome some bad situations without dealing with a lot of the angst that’s common in romance today. Laney leaves her life behind when she finds out that her fiancé cheated on her with her best friend. She buys a fixer upper online. She knows some of the things wrong with it, but don’t understand the full extent until she sees it in person and the realtor lets her know that the plumbing needs to be completely repl [...]

    9. Find this Review at Taryn Lee's Book BlogA gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review.I really felt that this book was just a solid good read for me. I believe this is one of the first novels for this author, and if this is her debut then I cannot wait to see how she grows into this world of literature. For a first timer, this book read like a seasoned writer wrote this thing! This book was emotional and serious, but so lovable."Without another word, we settled back into our rou [...]

    10. Favorite Quotes:“Without another word, we settled back into our routine of him ignoring me and me wishing he wouldn’t.”“I could sense it brewing – the crazy. I had it in me, I knew that much. And I knew that if he wanted to, he could bring it out. He held the power to work me up into a frenzy if he wanted to… if I let him.”“Wasn’t that the human condition? Always wanting what we couldn’t have, never thinking what we did have was good enough?”“I knew I had the makings of a [...]

    11. I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.I have such mixed feelings about this book, I have to be fair and say that I did not love it, but at the same time I did not hate it. There was something that keeps bringing me back to my kindle.The story begins with a young woman named Laney, who has moved to a new town to get away from her life. She experiences a rough few years. She wants to make a new start clean slate. Then she moves to Bear creek, into a [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. Laney Walker moved to a new town, buying a house sight unseen. Arriving, there was no water and no electricity. But that was okay. This was something she did by herself. Leaving her old life behind. She can take care of herself. After meeting the workers her first morning in her new home, she walks into Joe. He never says anything but Laney feels an attraction to him. As time goes on Joe never says more then he needed to and it [...]

    13. Bear Creek Road by LC MorganIn what is the most soul satisfying romantic read I've read to date, LC Morgan has nailed it. A whirlwind ride of all the emotions a reader requires. From heartbreak, devastation, love and overall contentment. Laney is a broken woman. After having been betrayed by the love of her life with her best friend, she moves in in search of herself. And she finds it. But in finding herself, she finds a quiet and brooding man, Joe. This book literally ate me up. I can't say tha [...]

    14. This is one of those books that make you feel and even cry. After being jilted by her fiance in favor of her so-called best friend, Laney Walker takes off for a small California mountain town to find a new life for herself. On her second day there she literally runs into Joe Boone, a taciturn, surly, even rude guy who is so very hot. Joe is part of the crew working to rehab Laney's new house - the first thing she's ever done that's just hers. Despite a happy, cute guy wanting to date her, Laney [...]

    15. There is a lot to love with this short story. Joe comes off a typical man with his own problems he doesn't want to acknowledge and Laney is running away from hers. It's a simplistic love story that focuses on the bare necessities. I only have 3 main pet peeves 1. There are a lot of M names (Mona, Martha, mark etc) gets a bit confusing. 2. There were times I wanted her to let loose instead of constantly bottling up her feelings or letting things slide. 3. I wish it was longer to flesh out more of [...]

    16. I loved this story. the Boones are just crazy enough in the story to keep it interesting, and the Love Between Laney and Joe you can feel and hope from the beginning that it will be a happily ever after for them. I was surprised at a few things that happened, but they turned out good for the story. there was one part, I had to read over a few times before I understood what was happening.**SPOILER***She has a flashback at a very important timing, and I wasn't sure if she was having her period, or [...]

    17. To say I love this story would be an understatement; completely consumed me from the first chapter. Laney moves to California wanting to start fresh and thinks restoring a house with the worst wallpaper imaginable would be a great way to keep her mind off her pain. Contractors are hired and there we meet Joe. Joe is a man of so little words but far from short on loving gestures. The blessing of having a real second chance isn't wasted on either of them and Im so glad I read this book. Joe and La [...]

    18. Nice, lazy day readHave to admit this felt like a slow and clunky start for these two, then jumped into high gear with no warning. I almost stopped reading but very glad I kept on. Aside from that, loved the lazy country setting, and especially loved Joe. I say lazy even though they both worked their tails off on their respective homes, but no frenetic city hustle and bustle, which I relished. Was a bit more difficult to get a feeling for Laney, but very much enjoyed the emotional epilogue.

    19. I was given the opportunity to beta read Bear Creek Road.I loved Laney. I loved her internal ramblings that sounded like a typical woman unsure about a new relationship. Joe, what can I say, Joe was sexy, brooding, hard working, just a downright good man. Sometimes it's refreshing to meet a hero that's not an a$$hole. I rooted for Joe even before I learned about the reason for his silence.

    20. Beautiful storyGreat story, loved the dynamics of Joe and Laney. Beautifully written, the author gives just enough detail so you can imagine exactly what she's describing. Looking forward to more from this author.

    21. I am waiting for this book to enter the world so I can share it with everyone I know. The original work in Fanfiction had me by the throat until the very last line. The two main characters had my heart as I read and remind in my mind forever. I can't wait!

    22. A Lovely Read About 2 People Both Over Coming Heart Ache & Tragedy & Finding Love When Its Least Expected

    23. I was surprised at how emotional I got while reading this. As soon as I started crying I couldn't stop. I'm not going to lie these characters got me so mad at times but overall I enjoyed it.

    24. Bear Creek Road is a beautiful story about forgiveness and finding your true love. I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. I can't wait to read more from this author.

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