Brie's Denver Desires

Brie s Denver Desires Submissive in Love Brie Bennett is not prepared for the surprises and delights that await her in Denver An unexpected encounter uncovers Master Anderson s past while a sweet reunion with Baron comp

  • Title: Brie's Denver Desires
  • Author: Red Phoenix Rebecca Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Submissive in Love 2 Brie Bennett is not prepared for the surprises and delights that await her in Denver An unexpected encounter uncovers Master Anderson s past, while a sweet reunion with Baron complements the provocative scene she must film with Ms Clark She also discovers that Lea has a mysterious new friend a person Brie was fated to meet In this second novellaSubmissive in Love 2 Brie Bennett is not prepared for the surprises and delights that await her in Denver An unexpected encounter uncovers Master Anderson s past, while a sweet reunion with Baron complements the provocative scene she must film with Ms Clark She also discovers that Lea has a mysterious new friend a person Brie was fated to meet In this second novella of the Submissive in Love Series hearts will be tested, desires confronted and bad jokes shared as Brie explores Denver s darker side To be all caught up with Brie you need to have read Brie Learns the Art of Submission Brie Series Book 1 Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission Brie Series Book 2 AND The first of the new serial, Brie s Tokyo Tryst Submissive in Love Also recommended The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy in this novel you will meet Master Brad Anderson BEFORE he became part of the Submissive Training Center Adult Material 18 Warning This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

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      447 Red Phoenix Rebecca Hill
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    One thought on “Brie's Denver Desires”

    1. Best Brie book ever!Hands down this is my favorite. My favorite book, my favorite cover, my favorite everything.I have come to the conclusion that all Brie books should come with a towel. Brie's Denver Desires is HOT, HOT, HOT! You're definitely going to need one for this book. When I first started reading I was wondering, what is Ms Phoenix up to? I was quickly swept up in the story and frankly didn't care. Between the hot sex there are some great moments with some old favorites and new ones, t [...]

    2. I received this book by the Author for an honest review. Brie is off to Denver to start filming at Master Anderson's school. I'm not sure who was more excited to see Lea me or Brie. I could not wait to see what corky jokes she would for us and to see how she was doing in Denver. Then to be able to see Master Anderson again oh I could not wait for this part of the journey to begin.I loved being able to see more of the trainers personalities. Master Anderson has a devilish humor as Brie put it. He [...]

    3. 5++++++++++ funny, sexy and sensual stars for this new Brie adventure!Mistress Red striked again! All the little teasers before definitely held true to the story. We all knew when Brie and Lea got together again it would be fun.But hello, Master Anderson! We see his very wicked sense of humour, even when creating a scene with it. Together with Baron in the dream at the beginningew, it's getting wet in the panties.We also meet Amy (remember: The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy) and how much pai [...]

    4. It was amazing, again! A great story full of love, laughter, friendships old and new and of course, true to Red a story that left me aching (literally) for the next. I absolutely adore Master Anderson. He has always had my heart, so to spend more time in his world was perfect. I just couldn't help but love the history Brie learned about Baron and Brad during her stay in Denver. I need to wrap them up in my arms. Lea never disappoints and Autumn left me curious. Oh, and Ms. Clark isn't she just a [...]

    5. I was a bit confused at first, but once I got my bearings I found this to be a wonderful continuation of Brie's story. The nosy neighbor scene was very entertaining and the scene with Mistress Clark was amazing as Brie put it. "Mistress Clark was amazing, Sir. Truly amazing. I'm still blown away by the scene and I've watched it five times." I only wish Brie's documentary was real.

    6. What can I say about Red Phoenix' writing. It's brilliant, captivating, and a "hard to put down" page-turner. Brie's Denver Desires felt like a roller coaster ride. That slow clicking ride to the top, just before the dropped release that took you on a world wind, heart-pounding, breathless ride of your life. I cannot wait until the drop begins.

    7. Oh my goodness, Red Phoenix has done it yet again!! Like good wine she just keeps getting better and better!! This book was a great combination of humor, sexy and suspense. I was great to see our friends Master Anderson, Baron, Ms. Clark and Lea and how much they have grown and changes since we saw them last. It was wonderful to have a little more insight on some of them too. I can not wait to see what the nest book has in store for us. Red defiantly left us all with our jaws on the floor!!

    8. This second book in this new Brie series is unlike most of the others. We are given greater insight into the Headmaster at the Denver school, and we get to catch up with some of our favorite characters as Brie's world continues to change. I loved this one because it seemed different to me. It wasn't as sexy as the others, but it has it's own heat. I can't wait to see where this leads to, let's face it, I am a Brie junkie. I loved getting to know more about the characters I have come to love.In t [...]

    9. First off, this is one of my favorite covers ever! I think it is so beautiful, erotic, and sensual. Great work Red!I'm with other reviewers in saying I was a little confused for the first few paragraphs and wondering if I somehow forgot something from the last novella. But it did become quickly apparent that she was dreaming. I've missed Barron so I was happy to see him come into play, even if it was just through Brie's dream :) Thane did not make any appearance in this novella other than over t [...]

    10. This is the second book in the Submissive in Love series! Brie goes to Denver to see friends and film more scenes for the next documentary. She sees the new facility and comes face to face with friend and foe alike. Master Anderson is quite the prankster!! I also love her interaction with Lea! They are so funny together! Even with as much fun as she is having, she is feeling doubts with her Master. At every turn they just seem to multiply and take root. As she puts on a brave face for her friend [...]

    11. I woke up to find this waiting on my kindle since I had pre-ordered it and it did not disappoint! I think this might have been one of my favorites so far, despite the fact that it was missing Sir. I sat and read this in one sitting, I was shocked when I got to the end, the time with these characters just flew by. It is emotional, sexy and takes you on a journey. I feel like I am watching a movie. I think at the end of this one, the cliffhanger is a little heavier than some of the past novellas h [...]

    12. check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook/twinsietalk@twinsietalkI received this book from the author for an honest opinion.Another amazing chapter in the life of our dear Brie Bennet from this awesomely wonderful author. I will say I missed seeing Sir this novel and the connection that Brie and he share but I am defo ready for the next installment after how the book ends!! Sorry no spoilers here. I also wanna see what happens with Brie’s journal story…………EEEP!!This book w [...]

    13. I could hardly wait for this book to be released! I was looking forward to reading about Brie going to Denver to meet with her friends (and Ms. Clark) from the training center that she had not seen for a while. It was well worth waiting for! I love how Red took me from one reunion to another, filing in more details about the lives of Brie's friends. Each reunion evoked different emotions, from the humorous scene with Master Anderson, to the sadness of finding out how Baron's heart was shattered, [...]

    14. Can never get enough of BrieRed Phoenix has done it again. Brie is visiting friends in Denver without Sir. And right away you read the little hints in the story there is something wrong. And I was right but hope it is good news. While I enjoyed being with the characters and the start of the story is wet and dreamy I left wanting more. I do understand this was a "lead up to book" which most part 2 books are. I still wanted more details with Lea's new friend. Which most likely will be in another b [...]

    15. Brie gets to visit old friends at the new training center that Master Anderson started in Denver. It's a great reunion with Lea who has a new friend that found Lea from Brie's documentary. She also shares some wonderful moments with Baron and Master Anderson. I loved learning more about Master Anderson and a past relationship, I sense we haven't seen the last of Amy for him. Mistress Clark is a surprise as she provides an incredible scene with two subs for the next film Brie is making. Then, the [...]

    16. Such a HOT, SEXY and exciting read. I couldn't it down. It was good to dig deeper into Master Anderson's background and see some other old faces from the series. Brie's adventures just keep getting better and better. Can't wait for more.

    17. I had the honor of proofreading this Brie installment. This story showed the playful side of most of the characters as well as some drama. This series just keeps getting better and better. Kudos Red.

    18. Just when you think things in Brie's life are settling down. WOW!!! Red has done it yet once again. Master Anderson is the main character in this book and WOW what a character. We finally get to learn more about the man we all want to be our Dom. Red shares with us his true nature and other side. YUM what a wicked Master he is!!!!Mistress Clark is back of course too. But what kinda game is she playing with Brie? HmmmmLea and Baron also make an appearance. Lea still the funny girl with the horrib [...]

    19. I just finished this tonight! Red Phoenix definitely knows how to warm you up (literally) to a story! Master Anderson is such a fun Dom and I find myself wishing I could learn from him and have that attention trained on me! I did miss Sir and look forward to getting more of him. Really can't wait to find out what he does with Brie's journal entry! I'll be waiting like a good little sub for the next installment in this series!

    20. I had the time of my life!!!!!!!!Dazzling, brilliant and breathtaking story! The moment I finished Brie's Denver Desires, I was in a dream's place! Had a huge grin on my face! Huge! Thank you Red Phoenix! This is a story with lot's of emotions, lots of teasiness and lots of hottiness!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

    21. Red! I'm at the end just crying my heart out with my sweet Brie! And Mistress of Tease leaves me hanging! OMGOODNESS I was so hurt! But I trust Red and know that the next installment will be phenomenal as always! Red NEVER disappoints. This was such a fun and quite Hawt read I must add. I smiled throughout the entire time I was reading itwell unless I was squeezing my thighs together or crying for Baron or Brie. But getting to know Master Anderson, Baron and even catching up with Leah and Ms. Cl [...]

    22. Yet another masterpiece from Red Phoenix. Brie has gone to visit Master Anderson in Denver while Sir is finishing some business. We get to witness Brie and Lea's reunion, get more bad jokes from Lea, and be a fly on the wall of Brie filming a scene starring Ms. Clark. Some old friends make a reappearance; those who have traveled to Denver with Master Anderson.As usual, I'm left wanting more. :-)

    23. For me it's really hard because I'm on the fence about this one. I still gave it a four because I loved the story but wanted a little more. It started off super hot and then it went into the backstory of all her friends in Denver now. It had some funny moments Master Anderson is too funny. I love the backyard scene. I would have liked to see more interaction between her and Lea. It was nice to be introduced to a new character. Mistress Clark was just OMG!!!. Loved Baron too I was sad for his bac [...]

    24. I loved it and hate cliffhanger can't wait for the next book, hope Master Anderson find love because he seems like fun and I like him. Sometime I think Thane is too old for Brie he just seems so serious all the time. It feels as if he takes Brie for granted, I may be wrong but that's how I feel.

    25. I can't believe sir has kept something from her and now we have to wait until the next book I loved the book like always but I seemed to finished it too quickly can't wait for the next boom Great job red !!

    26. WONDERFULI can not get enough of this story line. I am looking forward to the next part. I am a forever fan.

    27. Urg, why Red????? I am a huge fan of the world of Brie. That being said, I'm very disappointed by this segment. There was very little with Baron. Barely any time with her bff. Then the ending is so up in the air after so little build up. I know these are usually short, so we can get them more frequently, but for this one it should have been a bit longer, with more details and better interactions. I still love you Red!!

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