Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 7-9

Oliver and Jumpy Stories These illustrated cat stories are all about Oliver and Jumpy who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat who is full of himself As a matter of

  • Title: Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 7-9
  • Author: Werner Stejskal
  • ISBN: 9781625174062
  • Page: 390
  • Format: ebook
  • These illustrated cat stories are all about Oliver and Jumpy , who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat, who is full of himself As a matter of fact he says I love myself quite often Naughty, isn t he But his best friend Jumpy, a kangaroo lady, is aware that it is only a front Oliver has a soft heart and wilThese illustrated cat stories are all about Oliver and Jumpy , who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat, who is full of himself As a matter of fact he says I love myself quite often Naughty, isn t he But his best friend Jumpy, a kangaroo lady, is aware that it is only a front Oliver has a soft heart and will always want to help others The great thing is Jumpy s pouch, which Oliver loves to ride in He calls her his kangaroo taxi These little bedtime stories with their lovely illustrations are great for small kids A parent can read the text and tell the child in his own words These animal stories have sufficient text to keep early readers happy and provide some educational value Depending on your device, there is popup text at or audio available Several talented illustrators are essential to bring these children s stories to you in quick succession Love you all Meow Check out the Free INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES to see how beautiful the illustrations are Story 7 WinterlandFun in the snowStory 8 Baby OliverYes, Oliver has been a baby too Story 9 EggingWatch what hatches from a big egg.

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    1. Oliver and Jumpy are back with new stories. In story seven, it snows and Oliver and his friends go out to play. They make a snowman almost like Frosty. Story eight, we learn about Oliver as a kitten. His Mum taught Oliver all he'd need to know to be on his own. The last story is about a tradition they have. Everyone is given a number and those who lay eggs bring them to the town square. Each egg has a number that matches the one the town people have. What happens next? You'll have to get the boo [...]

    2. Oliver and Jumpy are cute stories for children that will keep them actively engaged as they learn about animals and good behavior. The characters are sweet and the storyline is creative. The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching and will provide an enjoyable read for children and their parents.This is the second book I received in exchange for an honest review. I would highly recommend these stories!

    3. Werner Stejskal's Oliver and Jumpy is a picture book series geared towards preschool and primary readers. For this review, I read Stories 7-9.Oliver, the main character, is a cat who lives in Sillandia, where one "can never be sure of anything!" (Loc 8 of 41). Illustrated by Marvin Alonso in Stories 7 and 8 and by Mayeee Ann Reyes in Story 9, Oliver brings to mind Tom of Tom and Jerry, only with a more agreeable personality.His friend Jumpy, a kangaroo, appears only in Story 7, and aids Oliver i [...]

    4. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewOliver and Jumpy, Stories 7-9 by Werner Stejskal is the third book in the series of Oliver and Jumpy. These books each have 3 stories included. All of them are filled with colorful and bright pictures. The are bold. Each story has a lesson to learn from it. They will bring smiles and laughter to your child's face. Oliver is a cat and Jumpy is his friend. Story 7 shares the activities Oliver and Jumpy have with their friends in the snow. They make a snowman and do [...]

    5. "More Enjoyable Stories from the Oliver & Jumpy Series"I love these entrancing stories of Oliver, the cool cat, and Jumpy, the sweet kangaroo friend and her youngster, Joey. "Winterland" starts with Oliver sleeping on a nice warm kitty bed. He dreams of being cold really cold, so he wakes. He usually has a Pelican deliver breakfast, but the bird hasn't arrived. Why? Because Oliver's tree house is covered with snow! Time for a Super Fun Day! "Baby Oliver" is a once-upon-a-time tale when Oliv [...]

    6. I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.Oliver is a most prestigious cat who walks around with a top hat. His best friend is Jumpy the kangaroo. They have many adventures together. In the first story "Witerland", we find Oliver waiting for his breakfast, which always arrives by the Pelican Delivery Service. He soon realizes they can't fly because of the beautiful snow outside. Oliver gets dressed for the snowy outdoors and joins his friend Jumpy for a fu [...]

    7. "Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 7-9" by Werner Stejskal is a continuation of the 'Oliver and Jumpy' series. It is a thoroughly enjoyable Children's story. Perfect for 7 & 8 year old's to read alone, or for parents to read to their younger children. Perfect for the bedtime story and short enough to read all three if your child wants just one more story.Story 7: Winterland deals exactly with what it sounds like.a winter wonderland. It is very rare to snow in town of Sillandia. When it does the scho [...]

    8. The first features a rare snowstorm in the land of Silandia. As I gaze out my window with the snow really falling, I must admit that the author captures the excitement children feel at the event. For those unfamiliar with the series, Oliver is a rather conceited cat who is best friends with Jumpy, a kangaroo. The mirror reinforces his view. Then the story switches to the fun of sledding and building a snowman. In story 8, Oliver reflects on his kittenhood. Children will enjoy his exploits as wel [...]

    9. More great stories about Oliver and his friends Jumpy and Joey.Winterland: Oliver wakes up to discover it has snowed overnight. This results in a public holiday, so he prepares to go out and enjoy some fun with Jumpy and Joey. Baby Oliver: We get to meet Oliver's family, and learn about him as a kitten. He has many adventures and learns much.Egging: It's Egging Time in Sillandia! Everyone gets an egg to take home and keep warm until it hatches. Oliver gets a BIG surprise when his egg hatches. Th [...]

    10. Great and playful children's storiesStory 7, winterland, story 8, Baby Oliver, story 9, egging. Each story was a masterpiece of children's stories. The writing and greatness of the stories will enchant children, especially those who follow Oliver and Jumpy. In Winterland, Oliver is the gentleman cat who does not like the cold, but he dresses warm enough to play with his friends in the vast winter wonderland of building a snowman. In Baby Oliver, Oliver shares the story of his "kittenhood" and th [...]

    11. As with all these stories, the images dominate the pages with bright colors and nice secrets for children to see. While a cat lies dreaming on a comfortable bed, observant children will excitedly predict what he’s dreaming about. And yes, there on the next page is the dream. (Observant adults might notice when images have been cropped and enlarged, but that’s a minor issue.)Story 8 introduces readers to Oliver as a baby. “Yes, I have been a baby once too,” the narrator announces, as his [...]

    12. Challenges for OliverOliver, the elegant gentleman cat, recounts three adventures. He takes the young reader on a fun-filled day of playing in the snow and building a snowman. The next story is a recounting of how he got to play with his siblings during his kitten hood. In the final story Oliver tells the young reader a out hatching time for those animals who lay eggs. All in all, a very interesting trio of stories sure to capture the attention of readers young and old. Illustrations by Matt Alf [...]

    13. I love Oliver. A tuxedo cat with a top hat is just irresistible especially one as friendly and nice as Oliver. These stories are fun for kids, with good, positive messages and morals and engage young readers to answer questions or to participate in the story. The illustrations really make them come alive. The stories are whimsical, fun and highly enjoyable.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    14. If your children love books about adventure, these are the stories for them. The illustrations are engaging and colorful. The stories are fun, full of adventure, and adorable! Children of all ages would have fun reading these stories or having them read to them. The main character is a tomcat who loves to recount adventures that he has previously went on with his friends, including a kangaroo and her joey. Any child full of adventure and imagination would love these stories.

    15. Very nice set of stories for children (I'd say age 2-4?), educational, funny.Even though it said that those are stories #7-9, they definitely can be read as stand alone. I'd say they are pretty thought - provoking and I can imagine they can start a pretty good discussion between parent and child on fun activities, safety rules, etc.Pictures are very colorful, pleasant to look at :) Animals really cute. Good book!

    16. ANOTHER GREAT BOOK from STEJSKALWow, lots of snow to play in, build snowman and enjoy the snow, other ways for a cat to get really dirty, and my favoriteThis cat hatches a big eggad the book to find out about the latest adventuresHighly Recommended

    17. Three new tales of Oliver the Cat and his Jumpy the Kangaroo.Playing in the snow, a story from Oliver's childhood, and hatching a baby dinosaur.Wonderful artwork with lots of bright color. The young ones should have a fine time with this one.

    18. Oliver and Jumpy Series Books 7-9 by Werner StejskalThis is part of a series of books about Oliver a sohisticated cat and his friend Jumpy. These adorable characters will certainly entertain a youngster. The colorful graphics will even entertain a child that is being read to because he has not learned to read .In book 7 Winterland and Fun in the Snow Oliver and his friend Jumpy enjoy a day of fun in the snow. If you are fortunate enough to remember a day when you had no school because of that sn [...]

    19. Story 7: WinterlandFun in the snowThese stories are a few minutes read each and are perfect for bedtime. I go so far as to read one story per day to my son. Since he enjoys them so much he agrees to be patient and read them one at a time.The first story is about having fun in the winter land and snow, how one fine morning Oliver wakes up to find Sillianda covered with snow.Magic mirrors, pelican delivery express and snowman’s all make this a amusing read. It offers insight into the world of sn [...]

    20. “Throw a snowball at his hat, off it goes, just like that!”Story 7: WinterlandSillandia gets very few snow days, so when Oliver wakes up one day to see the white stuff all over he knows he is in for a Fun Day! Soon Jumpy and Joey are helping Oliver build a snowman and using surfboards to slide down the hills. We also get a chance to meet Oliver’s personal magic mirror. Story 8: Baby OliverOliver tells us the story of when he was a baby and what wonderful parents he had. He was taught many [...]

    21. Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 7-9 Winterland: First story is of the dreams the tomcat has and the snow that has fallen one morning upon wakening. So bright and fluffy, as I look out our windows to see the same scenes.Super Fun Day is when all shared in making the snowman-no school. Stories are shared about what others do during their days off, even in warm climatesBaby Oliver: Days when Oliver was a baby and how his mother cared for him and his siblings. Dangers lurk closeby but she's there to help [...]

    22. My kids enjoyed Stories 7-9 about Oliver and his friend, Jumpy. The “Winterland” story was fun, it’s how I envision kids to spend a day with snow. Oliver and his friends enjoyed this rare snow day by building a snowman. On “Baby Oliver” I actually enjoyed how Oliver poked fun with his mom by getting all dirty with mud and still gets snuggled by his mom after she washes him. Oh and that mirror talk was funny, too, according to my eldest. And our favorite in the book is the “Egging” [...]

    23. Oliver is an elegant tomcat. His best friend is Jumpy, a kangaroo. The two of them get up to some amazing adventures that will delight young readers. In Werner Stejskal’s Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 7 – 9, our two heroes have fun in the snow among other adventures.I received a free copy of Stejskal’s book for review, and as usual was enthralled by the simple, yet educational stories contained therein. The illustrations are first rate, and kids can learn life lessons while they enjoy having t [...]

    24. I like how the author brings out useful information (like the activities during snowing and how the mother of the kittens takes care of her litter) for the kids in the book with those pretty illustrations. This makes the kids learn with great interest.Disclaimer: A copy of this eBook is given by the author in exchange of honest review.

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