The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake A trip down memory lane is fine if you don t stumble on a body Frannie Shoemaker and her friends camp at Old Dam Trail State Park near one of Donna Nowak s childhood homes They take in the county fair

  • Title: The Lady of the Lake
  • Author: Karen Musser Nortman
  • ISBN: 9781311104885
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • A trip down memory lane is fine if you don t stumble on a body Frannie Shoemaker and her friends camp at Old Dam Trail State Park near one of Donna Nowak s childhood homes They take in the county fair, reminisce at a Fifties Sixties dance, and check out old hangouts But the present intrudes when a body surfaces Donna becomes the focus of the investigation and Frannie wA trip down memory lane is fine if you don t stumble on a body Frannie Shoemaker and her friends camp at Old Dam Trail State Park near one of Donna Nowak s childhood homes They take in the county fair, reminisce at a Fifties Sixties dance, and check out old hangouts But the present intrudes when a body surfaces Donna becomes the focus of the investigation and Frannie wonders if the police shouldn t be looking closer at the victim s many enemies A traveling goddess worshipper, a mystery writer and the Sisters on the Fly add color to the campground.

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    1. Frannie Shoemaker and the gang are visiting Old Dam Trail State Park which happened to be near the hometown for one of the company's woman Donna Nowak. Her brief stay with her foster parents was not happy, but the place is nice (and haunted by the Lady of the Lake according to the local legend) so she convinced the rest of the people to come. Where Frannie goes, murder usually follows and this time it is still the case, but the primary suspect is one of their own. Frannie to the rescue!I found t [...]

    2. Frannie and Larry Shoemaker and their friends took their campers to Old Dam Trail State Park for the long weekend on Donna’s recommendation. It was a beautiful place; the sunsets over the dam; the quiet bush and the ambience meant the time would be relaxing and pleasant. The county fair was also on and the dance on the Saturday night they knew would be fun.But when the friends spotted a body in the dam, the weekend deteriorated into a mix of danger, state police and misconceptions. And when on [...]

    3. ( Format : Audiobook )""Can you folks tell me what's going on here?""It was not unreasonable for Agent Sanchez to suggest that Frannie and Larry and their camping friends were "a magnet for crime." They certainly do seem to have exciting camping holidays. This trip they have selected a camp site by a lake with a legend, that of a woman who walks at night searching for her drowned baby whose body was never recovered after a boating accident. Well, a body is found, but not that of the baby.This is [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this cozy mystery. Perfect story for when you want a lighter mystery listen without excess violence and gore. Great book for an afternoon listen. It's a fun, entertaining and very enjoyable addition to the series.Even though this is book 4 in the series it can be listened to as a standalone. Although it's worth your time to listen to the whole series. Each book in the series is an adventurous and engaging story. Being an Iowa girl, the setting just made me enjoy the story even mor [...]

    5. This book is a mystery based in a campground involving a group of friends that travel around camping together. The characters are great, funny and witty! I loved how they all interacted with each other and especially how no matter what they had each other's back.This book did keep me guessing as to 'who did it?' the whole book. As the characters developed my opinion would change who it was. I liked how it kept me guessing.She did a great job of describing fellow campers, the camp grounds, the la [...]

    6. The Lady of the Lake by Karen Musser Nortman is fourth in the Frannie Shoemaker mysteries. Another campgroundother murder. Frannie and her friends have not only stumbled on another dead body but one of their group is arrested for the murder. How will Frannie and her former policeman husband get out of this one? Lots of fun and a good cozy mystery. With some twists and turns to the plot, the author keeps you guessing to the end as to the culprit. The Lady of the Lake is a fun book to read (or lis [...]

    7. This is another simple, fun story about Frannie Shoemaker and her camping cohorts. Frannie finds yet another body and starts her own investigation into the murder. Dead bodies pop up wherever Frannie goes--or so it seems. She always comes up with evidence that the local police miss and ends up in trouble of her own. I love these stories. There's nothing too heavy and Michelle Babb's narration makes you feel like you're right there camping with them. It was really enjoyable. Just a note--I missed [...]

    8. Audible:This was the best campground mystery yet!Frannie just can't get away from murder.She and hubby are camping at a new spot when the handyman is found dead.It turns out he was known by a lot of people whodunnit!Michelle Baby was perfect as the narrator.I was provided this book free by the author, narrator or publisher.

    9. I've started this book without knowing it was the 4th of a series, but I really liked and enjoyed it as well. I'll read the others, too

    10. Though the first few pages of the “The Lady of the Lake” were somewhat “off-putting” for me, due to the number of names and characters introduced at the start, once I settled into the story, I found the campground setting to be fun and relaxing. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the lake and surrounding woods, which I could see in my mind’s eye. One of the things that I love about mysteries is that they engage me right away, they usually involve descriptions of lives very differ [...]

    11. The Shoemakers and two of their couple friends set up camp at a state park near and dear to the heart of one of their own, Donna. The group's visit is made more entertaining by a legend that the lake is haunted by the Lady of the Lake as well as fellow campers of a mystery writer, Sisters on the Fly, and a mysterious barefoot woman. Donna enjoys encountering friends from her childhood, with the exception of one person who soon turns up dead, leaving Donna as a suspect even though the victim wasn [...]

    12. Frannie Shoemaker and her friends camp at the Old Dam Trail State Park close to where her friend Donna Nowak once lived. Friends and husbands take in the county fair, reminisce about the 50's and 60's, go to a 60's dance and go to old hangouts. They are having a good time. Donna and her friends, Frannie, Jane Ann and Janet, like to take walks around the campground and down by the lake. One day Donna and Frannie found a body floating in the lake. The police were notified and lots of commotion is [...]

    13. I enjoyedThe Lady of the Lake one of a series of "The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries." byKaren Musser NortmanThis was a well written mystery that 1. Made me want to hurry and retire, 2. Buy a cool Camper Trailer, 3. Hit the road.Most of the characters in this story were over twenty years old, and as an person nearing Senior status, it made me feel good to know that life after sixty is dull and lifeless (unless you are a victim of murderous scamps.) This is the first "Frannie Shoemaker Ca [...]

    14. So glad I found this series!So, getting a RV is on my wish list now and these books are the main reason I want one. I love the fact that the author has created a great mystery while including the art of camping in a RV. The mystery aspect of the series has never failed to disappoint me and it keeps me interested throughout the book. The characters are so well done that I feel as if they are really alive! I also love the fact that these books don't have the cursing, or sex that everyone else seem [...]

    15. This was a solid, enjoyable read! Frannie Shoemaker and friends are at a lake at the suggestion of Donna Nowak, it also happens to be near where she lived for a short time. On a walk towards the lake, Donna tells the story of how the lake is supposedly haunted a lady who drowned there a very long time ago. Unfortunately, there is trouble when Frannie and friends discover another dead body floating in the lake and all things point to one of their own as being involved. Frannie's nosy and determin [...]

    16. The Shoemakers and friends are camping at Old Dam State Park for the weekend. This is a good cozy mystery with lots of camping information. Donna convenience the group they needed to visit this area and attend the state fair. Shortly after arriving the legend of the ghost of lady walks at night. After they arrive Donna sees her Foster Dad and goes to pieces. Later he is found dead and Donna is arrested for his murder.The descriptions of the park are superior and camping information is good. The [...]

    17. I love these books. The conversations between the main characters (three couples who camp together) have a lot of snappy humor, but it's not forced. In The Lady of the Lake you find out more about why Donna (who has seemed to be one of those friends you tolerate rather than like a lot) is who she is, and why. It makes her a more well rounded character. The settings are always described well. You feel as if you are walking the trails around the lake. Nortman sets up several characters to be belie [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. I liked all three of the main couples and the additional quirky folks at the campground. The characters are older and I like that. All through the book, I thought I had it figured out. There are a lot of little twists, in there, and I found I was so wrong towards the end. If you like to read good, clean, mysteries, then this book is for you. I would totally recommend it to anyone and already recommended it to my Mom. This is the first book I have read by Karen Musser [...]

    19. This time Frannie Shoemaker and "the gang" are spending an extended weekend on a campground close to a town where Donna (one of the gang) spent some time in her youth. When the foster dad that treated her badly years ago is murdered Donna ends up as the prime subject in jail. So now it is up to our campers to prove Donna innocent. Again, camping and a mystery made up for a great story. I always love coming back to Frannie and her friends. And the camping tips included are a great bonus!!!

    20. Every time I read one of the books in this series I want to go camping! Frannie, her husband Larry and their friends manage to get involved in another crime while camping at Old Dam Trail State Park. Each installment in this series builds upon the different people in the stories and this one focuses more on Donna. Now we know why she may be a little difficult to be around. A satisfactory mystery and I'll continue to read the series.

    21. Really enjoyed the book and I never figured out who the killer was. I like that the main characters are older and that they banter like old friends do, and that there is no sex nor foul language. I used to find Donna very annoying but this book gives insight in to why she is the way she is. Can't wait for the next installment.

    22. Good storyI liked it. I'm from Hampton so I have to admit that peaked my interest. She describes the town beautifully. We've camped at Beed's Lake and reading a murder mystery based on that location was exciting.

    23. Another new author for me. I enjoyed reading this book. it was funny with all kinds of curious happening. Not sure which of the group of campers was the leader but they mixed well with each bringing in a unique talent for solving a mystery. Look forward to reading another of her books.

    24. This is the 3rd book in this series I've read and I think this will be the last one. The way Frannie talks about her "friend", Donna, is a turn off. She seems to judge everyone she meets like that. I just don't like Frannie's character/personality enough to continue.

    25. My rating 3.5 stars. I enjoyed reading this book about a mystery in a campground, especially the references to Sisters on the Fly.

    26. Easy ReadEnjoyed the story, was attracted to the story by the title. She is interesting and down home friendly. Makes you want to go camping with the bunch of them!

    27. Another fun, quick Frannie Shoemaker mystery. I really never want to go camping with her, but she does manage to solve the mystery in the couple days of her trip!

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