The Ultimate Morpheus Collection, Volume 11

The Ultimate Morpheus Collection Volume SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE Ten Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book VOLUME TWO STORY ONE Double Trouble in York Upon hearing that I had to consciously resist the temptation

  • Title: The Ultimate Morpheus Collection, Volume 11
  • Author: Pennie Mae Cartawick
  • ISBN: 9781500242015
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE Ten Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book VOLUME TWO STORY ONE Double Trouble in York Upon hearing that I had to consciously resist the temptation that I had to peek through the drapes to see if I could catch a glimpse of that scoundrel Holmes continued, it is time, Watson Time for what Time for you to be viSPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE Ten Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book VOLUME TWO STORY ONE Double Trouble in York Upon hearing that I had to consciously resist the temptation that I had to peek through the drapes to see if I could catch a glimpse of that scoundrel Holmes continued, it is time, Watson Time for what Time for you to be viciously murdered in cold blood STORY TWO NOT SO MERRY IN GOOD OL SCOTLAND I awoke groggily, the surroundings looking dim My vision was blurry, and I wondered where I was I tried to move my arms and legs, but they felt as heavy as lead Holmes My voice rang out through the dark room, until a light was shone in my face I could scarcely see beyond it I still could not move my arms, nor my legs, and a growing sense of fear took over my thoughts STORY THREE Bumbling Caper on the Swiss Alps Watson Watson I shouted in dismay, thinking I was close to the surface Alas, I could not find my way out of the snow, packed thick and heavy all around me My legs were pinned in place, and I could scarcely breathe with each passing moment STORY FOUR Dirty Laundry in Paradise I glanced at Holmes to determine his take on the situation, but I wasn t surprised that he had taken little notice of Mr Brae Would you pass the milk, Watson Ignoring the man completely as one could ignore a bumbling buffoon, as Holmes had dubbed him after our previous encounter Dutifully, I passed him the cream which he slowly poured into his tea STORY FIVE The Castle Orphans How often does he visit you added Watson, producing his pipe from his pocket He searched the same pocket for a match, then lit the device He visits every week, and every few nights He likes to sneak in the window and take things back to his castle The small girl played with the little tiger upon her knee STORY SIX Watson to the Rescue The woman nodded, coughing softer this time, and looked up at him You don t want to be fiddling around in the pirate business, Mr Holmes she said quietly, raising her eyebrows My companion inhaled sharply, a deep staccato, then exhaled just as rapidly I do not think you understand, Ms Pensey This involves the death of an innocent boy, one I ve seen around here, and this marking, the one that surely intended his unmerited demise STORY SEVEN The Uncanny Disappearance of Miss Ellis Mr Ellis took a very deep breath, letting it out in a tired sigh Our daughter is missing Vanished from her room two nights ago without a sound He began, wringing his hands as he searched for a place to sit He found a chair, and plopped down in it STORY EIGHT Mysterious Murders Surround the Whistling Tavern More curious than these points, however, was the fact that these bite marks were highly uncharacteristic of any man or beast Though they showed evidence of the same layout of teeth that is apparent in the human mouth, the proportions and spacing of the teeth were far larger than standard STORY NINE The Hex of a Gypsy Woman he raised his disheveled head from his hands The face was that of my friend, but the expression it bore was unrecognizable He was indeed out of countenance All that I have seen and all that I know, dear fellow, for it to come to this The great Sherlock Holmes undone by a gypsy woman STORY TEN The Perilous Jester Another body, Holmes shouted Watson over the roar of the mob We were shoved around as a row of policemen attempted to stop the crowd from surging forward Go home yelled the police, swatting at people with their truncheons, though not to harm them.

    • [PDF] í Unlimited ↠ The Ultimate Morpheus Collection, Volume 11 : by Pennie Mae Cartawick ✓
      219 Pennie Mae Cartawick
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    One thought on “The Ultimate Morpheus Collection, Volume 11”

    1. This book is a wonderful collection of short stories about different cases involving that famous detective duo—Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. It’s an enjoyable read, especially if you are a fan of the limited works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his most famous protagonists. The stories showcase Holmes deductive reasoning and cast Watson as a foil for much of Holmes’ efforts. The book would also serve as a good introduction to the genre for younger readers. It will capture their imagina [...]

    2. Now I just want to state up front that I'm not a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. I can't even bother to watch Elementary or BBC's Sherlock regardless of how much I adore Benedict Cumberbatch and Lucy Liu, so when I started reading Ms.Cartawick's book, I didn't expect anything.Instead I found myself pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed snarky Sherlock and ever devoted Watson. I let the author's writing carry me away into each perfectly described scene. She captured the voice of Sherlock for me along with [...]

    3. Penny May Cartawick has presented ten more short stores involving the astute Sherlock Holmes and his devoted companion, John Watson. The brilliant duo take on cases from a petty thief at an orphanage to stolen emerald pennant to arsenic poisoning to a serial killer. Their travels take them from historic York, through the streets of London, to the countryside of Scotland and the beauty of the Swiss Alps. Ms. Cartawick has capture the essence of this titanic team in SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Ultimate M [...]

    4. Cartawick writes of the adventures of Holmes, recording cases not otherwise known. The tales are free of crude and distasteful elements found in modern books of like nature. The Holmes stories have elements of a novel. The caracters and setting is the same. Thus, they resemble episodes of a TV series. However, less time is spent than with a true novel. Good work. Good read!

    5. You'll enjoy this one if you think of it as a fantasy based on Sherlock Holmes instead of comparing it with the original. The author's writing was flowing and compelling and the stories were certainly entertaining. Fun, witty, mysterious collection of stories that pay homage to the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle.

    6. I loved this book before I even read it and now that I read it, I want to read it again! Shes an excellent writter and now I have to go and read all of her other books! :)

    7. I loved the color illustrations, photos, and artwork accompanying the text. It’s a minor point, perhaps, but it made me wonder why all books don’t come this way, because it really classes things up. It seems to particularly suit a vintage character like Sherlock Holmes and a collection of his tales.Okay, onward to what matters most, a critique of the stories themselves. The most striking feature right off the bat is how well the author captured the original voices of Holmes and Watson, the f [...]

    8. As part of a generation who grew up before the internet and gadget era, I was on who would make regular visits to the local library, my number one read? Sherlock Holmes of course! That’s why I pounced at the chance to read this book like a cat on a fresh piece of tuna.This book is a compilation of 10 short stories on our timeless, iconic and beloved mystery solving duo; Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. This is a must read for any avid Holmes fans.Brilliantly told and engaging, the author Pennie [...]

    9. This is the second book I’ve read by Pennie Mae in her Sherlock Holmes mystery series and again I am impressed. I am so happy to see that there is more in the series for me to read. Pennie Mae’s writing style is captivating and will keep you hooked until that last word. If you’re looking for a thrilling story, written in a creative way, that all comes together in the end, then look no further than this book and the rest of the Sherlock Holmes mystery series books. This book and the series [...]

    10. This is a collection of stories that really make you wonder what's going to happen next. Holmes and Watson always seem to get entangled in unsolvable mysteries, but claw their way out every time with deduction and reasoning. Their dialogue is entertaining and put a smile on my face. The Author presents some of these stories from Watson's point of view, and others from Holmes's, keeping each story entertaining and fresh. This brought me back to my high school days, when I liked to read short witt [...]

    11. This was a great set of tales from the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his sidekick, Watson. From the tale of Watson's "twin" to the disease curse put on Holmes, the stories went right along with the strange and interesting mysteries that these two are always trying to solve. The few grammar problems in this book is what kept me from giving it five stars, but the personalities of the characters were spot on. It was an exciting read.

    12. I really enjoyed this book. The detective style dialogue and plot was really fun to read. Particularly, the voice of the narrator which was true to the genre, from start to end with deductive questioning and tongue-in-cheek references. Holmes & Watson's mysteries took us all over world: the back streets of London, the French Alps, across countries in trains and more! Each of the stories introduced a new case. It was a fun and engaging read!

    13. I really loved this book! I'd never read any Sherlock Holmes stories, I've seen films and TV shows but never read anything, I'm so glad I've read this book! For a world and characters that have re-created so many times in the past I thought this author did an amazing job of bringing it back and putting her own stamp on things. I was gripped all the way through even though I don't normally read this genre. All in all I loved it!

    14. Sherlock Holmes the Ultimate Morpheus Collection follows the adventure of Holmes and Watson as they investigate everything from jewel thieves to assassins.I found these stories intriguing and compelling. I very much enjoyed the perspective in which the stories are told.The stories keep you guessing until the very end. The stories are well-thought out and action packed.I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to those who like to read mystery, action, and suspense.

    15. Beautifully well crafted set of Sherlock Holmes short stories. Having never read a book about Sherlock Holmes I bought this on a whim, a whim that didn't disappoint. The proper use of English in the interaction between Holmes and Watson was endearing and the adventures mysterious, overall being a great introduction to the genre that I'll be visiting again soon!

    16. I love a little bit of mystery, and this volume definitely has it. Sherlock Holmes and and Doctor Watson are a great team as they do what they do best, work together. The author does an excellent job of drawing the reader in, and keeping the reading wondering whats going to happen next. I must say I was impressed with the story line of the book. I love the set up, great read!

    17. Gave up. Total crap. I noticed that the five star reviews were by people who said they never liked the Sherlock Holmes stories. That makes sense now. I'm sure Mrs. Hudson would be very surprised to know that Holmes had hired a "serving woman, Mrs. Quigley" to answer her door.

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