The Essential Talmud

The Essential Talmud The Essential Talmud is a masterful introduction to the beliefs attitudes and methods of the sacred text by which the Jewish people have lived and survived through the ages by the renowned Israeli r

  • Title: The Essential Talmud
  • Author: Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz Chaya Galai
  • ISBN: 9780465082735
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Essential Talmud is a masterful introduction to the beliefs, attitudes, and methods of the sacred text by which the Jewish people have lived and survived through the ages by the renowned Israeli rabbi, scholar, and teacher Rabbi Steinsaltz is the first to capture the flavor and spirit of the Talmud as a human document and to summarize its main principles as an expressThe Essential Talmud is a masterful introduction to the beliefs, attitudes, and methods of the sacred text by which the Jewish people have lived and survived through the ages by the renowned Israeli rabbi, scholar, and teacher Rabbi Steinsaltz is the first to capture the flavor and spirit of the Talmud as a human document and to summarize its main principles as an expression of divine law This expanded edition features a new preface by the rabbi, a historical overview of life in the times of the Talmud, and an in depth look at the content and appearance of the original Talmudic page This seminal volume makes abundantly clear the importance of the Talmud in the lives of modern Jews This book is indispensable to those, Jews and Christians alike, who would like to gain an insight into what it is that moves the contemporary Jew Rabbi Solomon S Bernards, B Nai B rith Anti Defamation League REVIEW Offers a fascinating introduction to the codified oral tradition Christianity Today

    Jerusalem Talmud The Jerusalem Talmud Hebrew , Talmud Yerushalmi, often Yerushalmi for short , also known as the Palestinian Talmud or Talmuda de Eretz Yisrael Talmud of the Land of Israel , is a collection of Rabbinic notes on the second century Jewish oral tradition known as the Mishnah. Motivating Quotes Never letting the competition define you Instead, you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about Tom Chappel Never bend your head. Judaism s Strange Gods Real Jew News Judaism s Strange Gods Interviews, Judaism Articles, Talmud Articles, Interview With Michael A Hoffman, Pasternak Jews Must Become Christians , Satanic Verses Of The Jewish Talmud, Judaism s Strange Gods Halakhah Babylonian Talmud Online in English Halakhah by Tzvee Zahavy Full Text of the English Babylonian Talmud Over , Free Downloads Each Year Download the Reformatted English Talmud free Culture Wars Talmud Introduction In her autobiography, Life in a Jewish Family, St Edith Stein, the most renowned Jewish convert to Catholicism in recent history, relates a story about an observant Orthodox friend. Dilling I The Pharisees, the Talmud, and Modern Judaism ible scholars are aware that Jesus Christ denounced the Pharisees He said they nullified all the Commandments of God by their Tradition, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men Mark Matt , etc Gemara The Gemara also transliterated Gemora, Gemarah, or, less commonly, Gemorra from Hebrew , from the Aramaic verb gamar, study is the component of the Talmud comprising rabbinical analysis of and commentary on the Mishnah. Babylonian Talmud Berakoth Come and Hear Original footnotes renumbered See Structure of the Talmud Files A scorpion is certain to sting One which has lot gored before One which has gored three times. Ask the Rabbi, JewishAnswers Modern Descendants of Esau We respond to every follow up question submitted, but only publish selected ones In order to be considered for publication, questions must be on topic, polite, Difference Between Talmud and Torah Difference Between Non Jewish people often confuse two important words in Jewish history the Talmud and the Torah They sounds vaguely similar, and may sound like they stem from the same concept, when, in fact, these are two very different things.

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      255 Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz Chaya Galai
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    One thought on “The Essential Talmud”

    1. A surprisingly easy read, especially since it's in translation from the original Hebrew. This is a friendly yet detailed introduction to the Talmud, including the history through several eras of those who wrote it, how the Talmud is laid out, and examples of the themes and types of argument that the Talmud contains. That might not sound like enough to fill a few hundred pages but it is. When you're done, you'll understand much better what the Talmud is and how it came to be. You won't however, h [...]

    2. I was frustrated in reading this, in part because I wasn't sure who the audience was. The book gives a rough overview of the history of the compilation of the Talmud, its contents, and its internal logic, but there are massive gaps in each of these (and problems with the book's overall organization) that make it a very flawed introduction from any standpoint. The history of compilation doesn't mention, for example, any clear historical context for the first group of sages, and while Steinsaltz s [...]

    3. 4.5Great book to give the historical background and context for the Talmud. Some ideas were completely new to me, though they become obvious once you think about it. For example, the idea that the Talmud is not really a book of law, but rather a book of "truth" or a slice of life of the sages and what they spoke about/taught (which happens to include legal discussions they had, and law classes they taught).The reason I would not give this a full five stars is because the author sometimes speaks [...]

    4. This book was a solid intro to the structure and thought process of the Talmud. I started reading this because I've started doing "Daf Yomi," reading a page of Talmud a day, and this has been a good jump start in understanding what I'm reading. A lot of the really good stuff is the contextual information about the Talmud. While the tractates themselves are fairly straightforward as to their content, "The Essential Talmud" gives a great historical and religious context for what the Talmud is, whe [...]

    5. A fairly useful introduction to the Talmud, but somewhat flawed in organization. The chapters dealing with the history of the text are somewhat confusing, with a tendency to bounce back and forth chronologically when dealing with parallel developments in the Palestinian and Babylonian academies. Once the book begins to talk about the organization and content of the Talmud, it gets better. A few of the chapters dealing with laws relating to the Sabbath, liturgy and festival days will seem rather [...]

    6. This book will not teach you the Talmud, it will prepare you to understand and to learn from the Talmud. This book is a detailed description of the history of the Talmud, how it came to be, it's role, and it's various parts. It is a lengthy but valuable introduction to the Talmud for anyone wishing to begin studying it or to take a new look with open eyes and a thirst for the wisdom within.

    7. A very readable translation of a book originally written in Hebrew. It's a good foundation before actually picking up any volume of Talmud.

    8. Summary of some of the more important parts of the Talmud. I wish there was more information about the Talmud itself although it is quite large.

    9. Rabbi Steinsaltz's The Essential Talmud provides a broad introduction to what may well be the most fascinating, sacred, enigmatic, and downright weird text of western civilization.The book is divided into three sections which provide the reader with a general history of the Talmud, a description of the structure and content of the Talmud, and a broad discussion of how to approach the Talmud. At the same time, however, Rabbi Steinsaltz repeatedly reminds the reader that to know Talmud ultimately [...]

    10. Steinsaltz is very good at enlivening the history and breaking down the contents of this vital Jewish text. Although, actually studying the Talmud is a lot more exciting than reading this intro. This book gives an overview and a little history of its unique structure. The Talmud is a living dialogue between ancient teachers and contemporary students. One highlight for me was the distinction of Rabbis who rule on the side of "peace", usually compromise between disputing parties, or on the side of [...]

    11. Adin Steinsaltz is my modern-day intellectual hero. So far, I have not read anything by him that I did not love!This is a great overview of the Talmud--history, structure, and content. The "Method" section lost me a little bit but that didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in getting a bit of background on the Talmud before delving into the text itself!

    12. This was a very strong yet brief overview of an extremely broad subject. It touches upon many essential parts of the history and content of The Talmud withought going into too much needless detail. What really stood out was it's accessible style and impeccable organization. The book allows the reader to easily revert back to it for reference as well as gather topics for further study in a logical and unmuddled manner.

    13. Very comprehensive in scope, the book gives history of the Talmud, summaries of different topics, an examinations of the methodoly used within the Talmud, etc. I think I was looking for more on the summary side, so maybe I'll try Everyman's Talmud.

    14. This book needs to be read more than once! Parts are a bit redundant but it is packed with information from the leading Talmud scholar of our day. A good introduction -if a bit complex- to the Talmud, it's history, contents, and methods of study.

    15. DENSE. This book is dense. Don't let the 300 paperback-binded pages fool you- this guy doesn't waste words. Everything word is important, which can make for exhausting reading. However, if you want a really good overview of the Talmud, this is an excellent start.

    16. copyright 1976. Translated from the Hebrew by Chaya Galai. Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolsond, London.

    17. A little hard to read at first, but it got easier as you got into the book. Explained the importance of The Talmud.

    18. An excellent book as an introduction / overview of the Talmud, and of Judaic law and customs. Another book to read sections of, put down and ponder what you've read.

    19. 5 stars for the first chapter on history, but only 3 stars each for the other two chapters, which felt like they lacked detail and were rushed. So that's 11/3, and I rounded to 4.

    20. A concise, but thorough (and tactful) description of the Talmud, its history, and its contents. Part 3 gets a little difficult to follow, though.

    21. There's no way to start learning about Talmud without diving into the middle of ancient conversations.Highly recommended, but be prepared for an intellectual challenge.

    22. An excellent book for anyone wanting to learn more about the Jewish community. Became a part of my library.

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