Becoming Sir

Becoming Sir Sawyer s story from The Art of D s trilogy Stand alone novel This book is intended for adult readers Contains detailed EROTIC sexual encounters moderate BDSM themes m nage F F and PROFANITY Reli

  • Title: Becoming Sir
  • Author: Ella Dominguez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sawyer s story from The Art of D s trilogy Stand alone novel This book is intended for adult readers 18 Contains detailed EROTIC sexual encounters, moderate BDSM themes, m nage F F, and PROFANITY Reliable, trustworthy, loyal to a fault Sawyer is the kind of man other men want to be a real man s man But behind the facade of a his tough exterior and deadly silence hSawyer s story from The Art of D s trilogy Stand alone novel This book is intended for adult readers 18 Contains detailed EROTIC sexual encounters, moderate BDSM themes, m nage F F, and PROFANITY Reliable, trustworthy, loyal to a fault Sawyer is the kind of man other men want to be a real man s man But behind the facade of a his tough exterior and deadly silence hides a strong, tortured man with dark secrets Always content to be in the shadows, now is the time of his sexual awakening When Sawyer realized that there were women who unabashedly wanted to be dominated and controlled, and there was a world that embraced such things as domination and submission everything seemed to fall into place Tired of pretending to be someone he wasn t and suppressing his dominant tendencies, he takes the leap into the world of BDSM under the guidance of his friend and mentor, never to look back But the dark past and his heinous actions are hard to forget and even difficult to leave behind Will he be able to move forward and become the man he yearns to be This is Sawyer s journey into becoming Dominant, Master, Sir.

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    One thought on “Becoming Sir”

    1. 4.5 "Teach me" Stars"Always safe, sane and consensual."Becoming Sir can be read as a stand alone book but, in my opinion, reading The Art of D/s Trilogy first gives so much more depth, purpose and soul to Becoming Sir. Also The Art Oftrilogy is an amazing, not to be missed series, with a wonderful book couple!!! Sawyer" longed for the kind of devotion that they shared.""This was his destiny."Becoming Sir begins just after the events of The Art of trilogy, and gives snippets and reminders of prev [...]

    2. ***5 "Sir Charming" STARS***Would I like to try the BDSM lifestyle? UmmNo thanks, I'm way too stubborn.*Would I ever bow at a mans feet? Now would a stubborn person do that? Yeah, NO! *Would I ever let a man flog me? Hell No, my stubborn ass would flog the shit out of him for even suggesting such a thing. *Would I ever ask for a mans permission? Hello, when does a stubborn person ask for anything? Almost NEVER.*Would I ever be the receipient of an orgasm in public? My stubborn ass cannot confirm [...]

    3. 4 In Training, Resolute, Completely Comfortable Stars * * * *A lovely gift from Jahy!This summer (2014) I found a book on my own called the Art of Submission. It was very different from anything I had read. The main character was a talented artist who did deeply touching paintings of phases of BDSM hands bound, different poses which caused the viewer feelings unlike anything they had experienced before and I was quite taken with it. As reading goes I moved onto other books and although I had fon [...]

    4. Sawyer's quest to become a Dom is an entertaining, thought provoking, and incredibly sexy journey which both compliments and continues the D/s Series"Sometimes our balance has to be upset and our course reset in order to help us navigate to our final destination. This is my final destination and where I was meant to be" Sawyer was a prominent character in the D/s trilogy, and during the final book be became enthralled with the BDSM lifestyle. This book is his journey to become better acquainted [...]

    5. 4 Whipping stars for Master Morrison"You can have that kind of love, too, Morrison," said Dylan."Yes I want it, too, Sawyer replied."Show me, Young, TEACH ME." <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>This is the story of Sawyer and Sarah. Sawyer is Dylan's right hand man and wants to learn about the world of BDSM. Sawyer meets Sarah and she helps him to become a [...]

    6. 4 Beauty. Inspiration. Intelligence. Mine. StarsI would highly recommend before you read this book, you read Ella's wonderful series The Art of D/s trilogy. This book is a spin off of one of the characters from that series. This story is about Sawyer, the Secretive, Sexy, Sensual best friend and partner of Dylan. Dylan and his wife, Isa, are involved in BDSM and Sawyer is wanting to find out more of the lifestyle. If he wants to learn to be a good Dominant, he needs a Submissive to teach him."So [...]

    7. 5 *YES SIR* Stars!!Im a huge Fan of The Art Of D's Series. when I found out that Sawyer was going to get his own bookI was beyond excited!!!Becoming the story of Sawyer's journey of becoming a DOM!!.d oh dear god what a journey it was!! We first get introduced to Sawyer in the Art Of D's trilogyHe's ex CIAa trained assassinwith a troubled pastHes kind.rmloyal.d just Amazingnitely one of my top BB!!This one starts off with Sawyer starting his training to become a DOM under the guidance of [...]

    8. Excerpt now available on . Deleted scene at thebookbella/2014/02/1 as well as a poem from Dylan to Isa from The Art of D/s Trilogy

    9. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewWarning: Contains detailed sexual encounters, BDSM themes, oral, anal, ménage and profanity. Not for the closed-minded, prudish, sexually inhibited, easily offended, or faint-hearted.****4 Domly Stars****Becoming Sir is not your typical BDSM read. It is not a book about the submissive but about the Dominant. About his training.For me this was a book about self-discovery and letting go of your past. It was a book about moving forward. Sawyer is former [...]

    10. As a huge fan of The Art of D/s Trilogy, I was excited to find out that we’re getting Sawyer’s story. You may remember him as Dylan’s friend and right-hand man. If you haven’t read Dylan and Isabel’s story in the Art of D/s, fear not! This can be read as a stand alone.Sawyer has a dominant personality. He’s a former assassin for the CIA and definitely commands respect in the workplace, but he’s never explored BDSM. He envies the relationship Dylan has with Isabel and wants that for [...]

    11. 4.5 Stars!I was always secretly wishing Sawyer would get his own book after meeting him in the Art of D/s series! I fell in love with his character then with his caring, loyal and kind ways. He is also a badass ex-CIA agent who is a sexy beast! Sawyer has been in love before and married but eventually, life happens and the hand of cards he was dealt had other plans than his happy ever after. His beloved wife is no longer with him (get the tissues!) and he is getting by the only way he knows how: [...]

    12. 3.5 In Training Stars!!!This was not what I was expecting especially based on previous books and reviews I’ve looked at.I just thought Sawyer would be this Total Alpha Male and that the secrets revealed would be darker and the training he would undergo reveal more sexually explicit scene’s Instead we got a male that was still very much insecure in his wants and torn between his own inner needs and his troubled past which I would have loved to hear more of.We meet Sawyer a “Dom maybe Master [...]

    13. Quick review:Cover: Very Nice Rating:NC-17Steaminess:SMOKING Thumbs Up:5Overall: Totally pleased to come back to these charactersCharacters: Well DonePlot: An alpha male in public becoming a Dom in privatePage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? N/A Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: SawyerSUMMARY (60 words or less)What is there not to love about a book told from the male POV especially when done right? What else is not to love to come home to characters you’ve fallen in love with. Although this book focuses [...]

    14. So I read this book without reading The Art of D/s trilogy first. While I don't think I missed much I really want to read that trilogy now to get Dylan and Isabelle's story. This story is about Sawyer and his training to become a Master."A man's domination and acceptance of the gift of submission is the greatest expression of love I believe there to be."this was an enjoyable read for me. There is a lot of ménage scenes, M/F/M, F/F/F, and F/M action, so if that's not for you then you may want to [...]

    15. 5 BRIGHT shinning stars!! I have been eagerly awaiting this release! We received only a glimpse of the man Sawyer was in the art of D/s trilogy. But I think I speak for all of us that have read the books when I say Sawyer came off as a strong and intriguing man. In Becoming Sir we see not only his strengths but his softer side. Sawyer is a man every woman dreams of having (even if they don't have the BDSM KINKS **but it is a plus :) And every man should aspire to be. Sawyer shows interest of hav [...]

    16. I’m sorry but I gave up on this book almost 50% in. I could tell this book HAD potential but I don’t know how anyone can consider this guy book boyfriend material. But, then again, that’s just my opinion. ~~Spoiler Alert~~I’m sorry but where’s the romance? Yes I understand this is a BDSM book but I’ve read plenty and was way more impressed. How do you fall for someone who sleeps with different woman? Yes yes yes, I know. He’s in training mode. But if he already has the perfect subm [...]

    17. 4.5 Super Sexy "In Training" Stars!I don't even know where to beginJust Sayin' LOL ;*I LOVE Sawyer! Maybe I am bias because The Art of D/s is one of my all time favorite series and Sawyer is big part as to why I love those books. To say I was looking forward to Sawyer's story is an understatement and it did not disappoint! I really enjoy Ella's writing style. It can be easy for an erotic novel to only focus on the kink and while there was plenty of kink, she didn't let Sawyer's story get lost in [...]

    18. 4 His-Snowflake-Stars!!"Thank you for finding your way back to me.""No, Snowflake, thank you for blazing a trail so bright I could never get lost." Le sigh~This book was so good. If not for my possessive feeling wanted Sawyer only for Snowflake I probably will give this rating more. I even did ask a spoiler to, ahem, Jahy. LOL I need something to hold onto otherwise I will DNF this. Not that my reason of thinking about DNF this book was because this book is bad. It's because I feel betrayed ever [...]

    19. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!I loved Sawyer in the first books, but I adore him now!!! Just like the other books in the series, this is some serious HOT BDSM erotica. And Ella does it soooo good!!! Sawyer is a gorgeous, sexy alpha male, but what I love most about him is he is a non-sadist Dom. Firm, but gentle and always finding pleasure in pleasing his sub. YUMMY!!! Really a great story. Well done Ella!!!

    20. Becoming Sir is about Sawyer's journey to become the Dom he was meant to be. Warning! This story is not for those looking for flowery words and exploding hearts. Don't expect an instant love connection. Remember that this is all about Sawyer and his quest to find the submissive meant for him. Whomever she may be. He has a lot of learning to do and plenty of willing tutors to help him along the way. Each one teaching him something different. 1- How to handle being topped from the bottom."You dese [...]

    21. My rating: 3.5 - 4 Sizzling StarsFor more reviews, please visit:angelas-sizzling-pagesspozzlingpagesARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review“Becoming Sir” is the story of Sawyer’s journey into the world of BDSM, self discovery, the meaning of becoming a true Dom and finding love. What’s in store for him is a road paved with several detours coupled with lots of steamy club scenes.Sawyer, a former CIA badass turned security specialist is experiencing struggles in his life. H [...]

    22. 4.5 STARS!DAMN! If you haven't read anything by Ella Dominguez I'm not sure what the hell you're waiting for. This was HOT, STEAMY, SEXY, SMUTTY and KINKY! I highly recommend having several pair of clean panties available when you read this one. Although you do not necessarily need to read The Art of D/s before reading this one I would definitely recommend it. It has been a few months since I read the trilogy and did alright reading Becoming Sir. This book is exactly what the title says, Becomin [...]

    23. How do you keep me interested like this!?! Really!!! I wanted to love this book but I was so nervous that this would be the "mess up" the "why did she have to write another one just for the sake of writing another one" the "gratuitous who gives a flip" book! Well let me tell you I had every reason to be excited!!! Damn excited!! This book rocked! I loved Sawyer already but this was just the icing on the cake. Holy let me call you my Master please Sir!!! More of Dylan and Isa was a total plus!!!! [...]

    24. 4.5 solid stars. this was great. it can be read as a stand-alone, which was good because even though I read "the art of d/s" trilogy, I do not remember much about what happened. I probably would recommend reading those books immediately before reading this. I actually enjoyed this book much more than the trilogy it was hot, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. it was one of those books that on more than one occasion, I wanted to yell at the characters "what the hell are you thinking?!?!". I gue [...]

    25. ****5 Amazingly Hot Stars****Warning to all my friends that don't like a love triangle: THIS HAS ONE (sort of)Sawyer Morrison is my second fave book boyfriend - even though he was going through a very intense change he still tried to remain as loyal to his friends as he could and as true to himself as possible.We saw a little bit of Isa and Dylan in this book, and their story was nicely rounded off, too.The sex was scorching - the BDSM was in abundance and the love was plenty.I LOVED LOVED LOVED [...]

    26. I had the privilege of being a beta reader on this book. This is Sawyer's story (from the D/S Trilogy). Most BDSM books focus on the training of submissives. This story is a unique and refreshing look at the training of a Dominant.I love Ella's style of writing and can't wait to read more of her stories.

    27. Sawyer, who is Dylan Young's right hand man, has been alone since his wife died. As he has watched his friend explore the BDSM lifestyle, he has come to understand that he has dominant desires as well. So, Dylan proposes that Sawyer undergo training to become a dominant. He is introduced to Sarah. She is a submissive who lost her husband and Dom several years ago as well. She is to be his partner and trainer for the length of his training.She gives herself willingly.Sawyer finds himself immediat [...]

    28. First I'd like to say I really enjoy Ella Dominguez and her writing style. I loved the D/S Trilogy. Becoming Sir is a spin off of that book but can be a read alone. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book when it came out. I love the concept of going through the journey of Sawyer becoming a dom. It is very steamy and the story flowed nicely. I also appreciated the authors music suggestions (created my own Pandora playlist of some of the recommendations, very nice). The only cons for me is I [...]

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