A Little Combustible Chemistry

A Little Combustible Chemistry NOTE FROM AUTHOR THIS PREQUEL IS NOW TOGETHER WITH BOOK LOVE CHOCOLATE AND BEER AS A NON SEPARATE FREE PREQUEL meaning when you download Book the free prequel will be at the start of it IT HAS

  • Title: A Little Combustible Chemistry
  • Author: Violet Duke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • NOTE FROM AUTHOR THIS PREQUEL IS NOW TOGETHER WITH BOOK 1 LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER AS A NON SEPARATE FREE PREQUEL meaning when you download Book 1, the free prequel will be at the start of it IT HAS NOT BEEN AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD SEPARATELY SINCE DEC 2014 IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE DOWNLOADED SEPARATELY A Prequel Novella to LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER Man, NOTE FROM AUTHOR THIS PREQUEL IS NOW TOGETHER WITH BOOK 1 LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER AS A NON SEPARATE FREE PREQUEL meaning when you download Book 1, the free prequel will be at the start of it IT HAS NOT BEEN AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD SEPARATELY SINCE DEC 2014 IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE DOWNLOADED SEPARATELY A Prequel Novella to LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER Man, oh man, was he in troubleIf the girl next door had an unpredictable, feisty twin sister, this woman would be her Though she d doused it quickly, a sizzling, ultra feminine awareness had flared in her eyes in that brief moment they d met his, along with a sweet blush she d fought with adorably, stubborn defiance Damn, she was cute And intriguing With that quiet, kitten gaze of hers still mulishly refusing to look his way again, she was drawing him in, hook, line, and sinker.Holy HefeweizenIt was bad enough that the faint scent of one of her dark ales was lingering on his lips in that sexier than sin sort of way, but candying it atop steamy eyes and a gentlemanly sweet center to boot was just plain unfair He was cowboy in the city sexy with a laughing smile and all sorts of promised temptations radiating from him And he always smelled like chocolate With his scorching hot gaze, he was completely lethal to everything that kept her tame.The night Luke and Dani met, they really should have gotten each other s last names More importantly Each other s occupations.See how the chocolate vs beer throwdown between chocolatier Luke Bradford and beer brewing beauty Dani Dobson gets started in this prequel novella to LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER.

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      330 Violet Duke
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    1. FREE on US today (2/20/2015)This prequel is included in FREE book 1E CACTUS CREEK SERIES:BOOK 1: Love, Chocolate, and Beer [Luke & Dani] (includes: A Little Combustible Chemistry, Prequel)BOOK 2: Love, Tussles, and Takedowns [Hudson & Lia]BOOK 3: Love, Exes, and Ohs [Isaac & Xoey] BOOK 4: Love, Sidelines, and Endzones [Grady & Sienna] BOOK 5: A Little Holiday Meddling [Holiday Novella -- Noah & Katelyn]amazon/Love-Chocolate-

    2. A LITTLE COMBUSTIBLE CHEMISTRY by Violet Duke is a brilliant introduction to her new Cactus Creek series. It is a smart, snappy, witty, steamy, and most of all a fun prequel to Love, Chocolate and Beer (Cactus Creek #1) that was just right at satisfying me with the novella and teasing me with the desire for more. As with Violet’s Nice Girl to Love series I fell head over heels for her likeable characters mostly due to the natural and realistic feel of her writing style.The key players are Dani [...]

    3. Yeah, I'm smiling and doing a little happy dance after reading about Luke and Dani! Wicked fun! Luke moves his chocolate shop next to Dani's brewery and the sparks fly. Oh, I love them. I love their banter. I love Quinn, Luke's longtime friend and business manager. I love Xoey, Dani's best friend. This is a really fun story. So great, I bought the first book off right away. I love it! The writing is wonderful. I feel as if the author was smiling as she wrote. :) The short story just seemed to f [...]

    4. Mm-mmm, what a fantastic start to Dani and Luke's story! I love that we get a little backdrop before diving into Love, Chocolate & Beer, it really helped set it up. Although I can't say much in the way of beer, (yet), I do love Cactus Creek's local brewmaster Dani. Her devotion to her brewpub and loyalty to her customers is as real as it gets. Beautiful inside and out we'll see if she can begin to discover that romance is in fact attainable. And let's not forget Luke, chocolatier and new to [...]

    5. What utterly vile putrid garbage! This is a very mean, ugly story containing some of the most mean, ugly, shallow, puerile, low-class, horndog characters ever to disgrace a mean, ugly story. If walking va-jay-jays without hearts, souls, or minds hooking up with walking dicks without hearts, souls, or minds is what passes for story, humor, and romance, then we as a nation have sunk ridiculously far into sub-human standards. Just what is an author's purpose of challenging herself to sink as low as [...]

    6. Dani and Luke are definitely different from the good girl series! I know I'm going to be looking forward to more one on one with the two. Dani=beerLuke=chocolateHm, how exactly will this work out between them?!;)Guess you have to read the full length novel Love, Chocolate, and Beer to find out.

    7. Two-haiku review:They have chemistryThen find out other's businessThey clash, make a betVery short freebieTo entice buying real bookI did, so we'll see

    8. This is the prequel to the Cactus Creek series. Dani owns the bar, and Luke owns the chocolate shop. Their chemistry is amazing, but can they make more of it? I really enjoyed this prequel, and look forward to reading more about Dani and Luke. I definitely recommend reading it!

    9. Review from website Escapology ReviewsescapologyreviewsAfter downloading Love, Chocolate and Beer to my beloved kindle I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was a two for one deal that included the prequel novella, A Little Combustible Chemistry. It also came with a note from the author that it was highly recommended to be read first. After reading both I couldn't agree more.Straight away we are introduced to the smart and bold female brewmaster Dani Dobson and I must say I took to her right [...]

    10. Short Story it maybe but it was jam packed with blood pressure raising scenes. I laughed and blushed a lot through the 71 pages of this prequel. Even better? At the end of it I was practically screaming for the 1st book! Whats better than Chocolate and Beer? Watching the steamy story unfold between the owners and masters of each trade. When Dani and Luke met I became a complete female and practically sighed with envy and then quickly held my breath to see what would happen next with those two. T [...]

    11. It's hard to rate a prequel novella. This was an enticing start and I, of course, want to know more. But not much happened since it's a "how they met" story. Good writing and good chemistry.

    12. I loved Violets first series so this one I knew would be no different and thank goodness I had the ARC copy of this because after reading this novella I would have been lost in the book. This was like a tease that made you NEED the next book because the chemistry between Dani and Luke is crazy, melt in your mouth chocolate, need a beer to cool down hot!! (See what I did there?) Anyways in the novella we meet the two main characters and their secondary ones as well. Feisty, in your face Dani is t [...]

    13. This was the perfect prequel to Love, Chocolate and Beer! It was fun and it really got me hooked. I especially love how Connor and Brian from The Nice Girl to Love Series just snuck their way into the prequel so we know that they're well and thriving in their various relationships. The prequel definitely sets the stage for Dani and Luke's epic love story. From the first moments they laid eyes on each other, there was instant combustible chemistry. Cuddos to Author, Violet Duke for writing an ama [...]

    14. A Little Combustible Chemistry by Violet Duke is a great introduction to her new Cactus Creek series! Luke is new to Cactus Creek, hoping to make a success of his chocolate shop and make Cactus Creek his home. Dani is the brewmaster in the pub once run by her father and now run by her. As soon as Luke and Dani see each other across the crowded bar there is definite chemistry! Dani is beer and Luke is chocolate. Luke wants her. He can't stop thinking about her. With surprises, fun, and a little s [...]

    15. This is the prequel to Love, Chocolate and Beer, the first book in the Cactus Creek series.In this novella, we learn about the first explosive meeting between Dani Dobson and Luke Bradford, however the night they meet, they don't exchange last names or occupations. All they know is that their chemistry is off the charts and to say it's combustible is entirely accurate! This was a fun way to get to know the main characters of the first book and we also got a look at the secondary characters that [...]

    16. A prequel to Love, Chocolate, and Beer. Contemporary Romance NovelIf there is lust at first sight Dani Dobson- local bar and brewery business owner, and Luke Bradford chocolatier and business owner definitely have the hot’s for each other.So steaming in fact that they forget to exchange last names, phone numbers, and occupations after a hot sizzling moment in her liquor closet.No this is not erotica so not over the top sexual innuendos, just clean hot sexy attraction that gets bulldozed by an [...]

    17. I just loved this prequel to Violet Duke's Love, Chocolate and Beer! The characters are immediately likable and the story is told in a way that makes you want to see where they all end up. I found the idea of the Valentine's Day/White Day promotion for the chocolate shop a little odd, but interesting enough to see how it plays out as the series continues. The chemistry between Dani and Luke is hot, immediate and the author does a great job of using it to set up the next book.I've read Violet Duk [...]

    18. This is a great start to a new series. Cactus Creek was mentioned in her previous series. I love the back and forth banter between Luke and Dani. She owns the bar/brewery and he owns the chocolate shop next door, but they don't realize this until almost the end of the book. When they meet, it is an instant chemistry. This prequel is totally setting up the scenario for Love, Chocolate, and Beer and you definitely need to read it first. I received an arc for an honest review. Note: Please read thi [...]

    19. This was a very short prequel to the Author’s Cactus Creek series. The characters were very well written, and very feisty! They have an insta-lust attraction, but when the heroine discovers exactly who the hero is, she begins to fight against that attraction. The book ends on a cliffhanger, but it was funny enough that I would be very interested to see where the rest of the series goes! However, I got the feeling that the author’s other series was tied to this, as if this was a spin-off, so [...]

    20. I love having the chance to read this Prequel Novella to LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER.To see how they meet how they reacted how the challenge started.This made you dying for the next book!Sparks fly. I do wonder what would have happened had they known exactly who each other were would that spark still be there? I think so. The Chemistry between the two is hard not to see. They both want each other they both cannot stop thinking of the other. But Stubbornness is a factor in Dani.Read how it all star [...]

    21. I really liked how this prequel set the scene for the books to come, didn't have a complete romance, but still felt like a complete book. Prequels to me sometimes feel rushed, when a writer tries to cram in a complete romance from start to HEA, which I didn't see in A little Combustible Chemistry at all. We get the chance to meet Luke and Dani and see how their first meeting goes, see where the series will take us and meet some of the more colorfull j(a.k.a. Xoey) characters. This prequel is a v [...]

    22. Chocolate, beer and love? Where do I sign up?In this prequel novella to Love, Chocolate and Beer you meet Dani and Luke. One owns a brewpub and the other owns a chocolate shop. I would definitely suggest reading the novella before you start Love, Chocolate and Beer because it is fun and it tells how Dani and Luke met and how their competition begins.Also these two have some serious chemistry and are fun to read about!! I am off to read more about them!!

    23. Get ready for a sexy tale filled with fun, sex and of course all of Violet Duke’s sexy imagination between these two. I am so excited for this series by Violet Duke I couldn’t put this book down once I started. This is a great prequel of what is going to happen between Dani and Luke. So much to say for this is just the sexual buildup between these two that will make you want more. Check out the full review from the actual book for it is awesomeRE @ melenasreviews.wordpress

    24. Although I may never read the rest of Luke and Dani's story this first introduction to the pair was not only laugh out loud good but made me hungry for some chocolate and a little drink to wash it down.Neat initial start to a series that has serious potential to please a large audience of contemporary romance readers.

    25. Very cuteVery cuteThis was a good read for a novella. I am glad that the author supplied this prequel for free as it gave a very clear idea of the authors style and capabilities.I will definitely be reading this series and can see the potential characters for future books.

    26. Great teaserWow! That was funny, sexy, and exciting. I love the fact that I start reading the book tomorrow. Dani and Luke are hilarious. I can't wait to get to know them. I wish I didn't have to sleep. Don't read this novella unless you want to read the book. This installment left me begging for MORE. Happy reading my fellow bookworms!

    27. A short story involving dani the brew master and Luke the new chocolate shop owner the fireworks crackle between them but not knowing they both own businesses next door to each other, when things get tough and they are faced with dealing with an issue Quinn has brought about they soon discover it's not only the business side they are trying to push for

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