И Грянул Гром

Free online fiction The short story A Sound of Thunder involves a Time Travel Safari where rich businessmen pay to travel back to prehistoric times and hunt real live dinosaurs

  • Title: И Грянул Гром
  • Author: Ray Bradbury
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 231
  • Format: MP3 CD
  • Free online fiction.The short story, A Sound of Thunder, involves a Time Travel Safari where rich businessmen pay to travel back to prehistoric times and hunt real live dinosaurs.

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    1. The butterfly effect is a term coined by Edward Lorenz, an American mathematician, meteorologist, and a pioneer of chaos theory (and who does NOT look like Jeff Goldblum) that essentially says that a hurricane can be influenced by the distant flapping of butterfly wings several weeks earlier. Although his research took place in the 50s, his description of the idea took place in the later 60s.Ray Bradbury’s short story A Sound of Thunder, first published in Collier's magazine in the June 28, 19 [...]

    2. A short story about using a time machine to hunt dinosaurs. The company that runs the trips is explicitly aware of the risks: “We don’t want to change the Future”, hence oxygen helmets, sterilised clothes, and an anti-gravity path that “Doesn’t touch so much as one grass blade”. What could possibly go wrong?It was more clichéd than exciting for me, but Bradbury wrote it in 1952, whereas the other explorations of these ideas I’ve read and watched mostly date from after that. It’s [...]

    3. Review first posted at fantasyliterature:In the year 2055 (about 100 years in the future when Ray Bradbury wrote this classic science fiction short story), one of the uses of time travel is for big game “safari” hunting: hunters pay a huge fee to take a guided safari trip to the far-distant past and bag a Tyrannosaurus Rex or other dinosaur. In order to avoid any chance of changing the past and affecting the future, the hunting party is strictly enjoined to stay on a metal pathway floating s [...]

    4. Butterfly Effect, Chaos Theory, time paradoxes, all are contained in this brilliant short story by Ray Bradbury. It's about time travel and it's possible consequences on the future, and as usual Bradbury's messages are not delivered with subtlety; they are delivered with force and they are delivered loudly, and they roll around in your consciousness like "a sound of thunder".

    5. Wow! Another brilliant story by Ray Bradbury! Although it's a really short one, you will get the essence of a lot of things like safari, time travel,the butterfly effect(literally and I loved this part the most!) etc. I can see that the story was first published in 1951 and it talks about 2055! Isn't that interesting? Bradbury was really ahead of his times I must say! :D

    6. یه داستان کوتاه معروف از ری بردبری. ایده "اثر پروانه ای" در حقیقت اولین بار توی این داستان کوتاه شکل گرفته.ممکنه الان که بخونیدش براتون خیلی تازگی نداشته باشه، ولی خب زمانی که داستان نوشته شده، این ایده تقریبا ناب بوده.از اینجا میتونید بخونید داستان رو:fantasy/news/story/%D8%

    7. Why are you reading reviews right now? You could probably read the whole story in the time you're spending reading reviews. Click here for a free copy!!!!You won't be disappointed.Hopefully you listened to me and left, but obviously, if you're reading this, you didn't. Here's a second chance.Seriously? You didn't click the link? Shame on you. I'll cut to the real review now.This was a grate boook tht was funn to read. Itta had eferythinc that yu could want. It waz grate.You're probably thinking [...]

    8. What would happen if you make the tiniest of errors? Bradbury makes a great explanation of the chaos theory. Contrary to popular belief, he did not invent the concept of the butterfly effect.

    9. 4 Stars I had to read this book for my English class that I am taking this year. At first I was not to crazy about reading this book simply because what we read in school is always is boring for me. As we got reading though I had changed my mind about this book. I did like how it was short with only 41 pages. I was kind of surprised that we actually read a book that was short because most of the time we read books that are kind of long. I thought the writing was good. I was really surprised that [...]

    10. The first Ray Bradbury short story I've ever read turns out to be one of the best short stories I've ever read. I'm hoping that's not just a coincidence.I'm not going to bother with much of a synopsis, considering the story is about seven pages long and you should be reading it RIGHT NOW. But I will say that my mind was very, very blown.It's a rare thing for authors to cover all their bases in short stories, but Bradbury has done it. Just when you start to think "But what-? How did they-?" He an [...]

    11. Everyone should read this classic Bradbury short story. Why? So you know the origin of the term "The Butterfly Effect," of course. Bradbury is amazing. Even if sci-fi isn't your normal fare, you can give up 15 minutes of your life to read this classic tale.

    12. Relato, en mi opinión, demasiado corto para la trama que tiene. Creo que con unas cuantas páginas más, con un poco más de desarrollo sobre el cambio, habría sido redondo. Pese a todo, magistralmente descrita la escena de caza.

    13. I was tutoring my student for the final exam, and she had to revise this short story while I was there, sitting calmly to contain the envy.

    14. Short StoryExcellent story - Bradbury is the first person who showed "The Butterfly Effect" in this story from the 1950's. Definitely want to read more of this author.

    15. The short story that gave us The Butterfly Effect. (view spoiler)[I wish it really was possible to change the outcome of an election by stepping on a butterfly. (hide spoiler)]

    16. I love Bradbury for the sci-fi elements, but I also love that his books have so much historical context. You can see how outdated his concepts from the 50s are and it always sends me into great article tailspins to try to figure out what he’s referencing. The concept of significance in this story is so incredible. By going back in time, everything becomes so much more important. I think it makes you reflect on your own importance and how the future can be more dependent on you than the presen [...]

    17. Reseña Se puede encontrar el cuento completo en el siguiente link: ciudadseva/texto/el-ruido-Trata de Eckels, un hombre al que le gusta cazar, y que se encuentra con una empresa que vende safaris en el tiempo; más específicamente, de la época de los dinosaurios.Están en el año 2055, pero los safaris son en el año 65 millones a.C. A Eckels se le advierte que no puede hacer nada que no le indique el guía, ya que está todo sumamente estudiado: la presa que van a abatir iba a morir de todas [...]

    18. I don't know why, but I've been thinking about this short story a lot lately. I read it 5 or 6 years ago, and it still influences the way I think. If that's not a sign of an amazing piece of writing, I don't know what is.

    19. This is an excellent and thoroughly engaging short story exploring the concepts of 'The Butterfly Effect' and 'Time Paradox'. Thrill seekers are sent back in time to experience the ultimate rush; hunting dinosaurs - but are warned extensively about the dangers of altering the past.Ray Bradbury really was a pioneer of science fiction, and I love how his tales are so readable and compelling, and they translate incredibly well to modern times.

    20. Probably my most favourite short story that I've ever read! Also the first by Ray Bradbury. I definitely will be looking out for more of his novels/short stories. I actually read this twice through I enjoyed it that much!

    21. RatingOriginal Rating: 5/5 [read 2008]New Rating: 5/5 [read, 26 March 2017]GenreThis is a classical science fiction short story by the pen of Ray Bradbury.About the BookThis story features a time safari that takes you back in time to hunt dinosaurs – and warns of the danger of altering the past.Why did I choose this book to read?I was reading The Egg and it reminded me of how much I loved this story when I was back in Year Eight, and my partner and I had been discussing the theory behind this [...]

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