Where's Merrill?

Where s Merrill Where s Merrill is a uniquely crafted mystery thriller based upon real life historical events In fact it is two inter related stories in one novel set in different timeframes namely the past and the

  • Title: Where's Merrill?
  • Author: Gearoid O'Neary
  • ISBN: 9781301611225
  • Page: 143
  • Format: ebook
  • Where s Merrill is a uniquely crafted mystery thriller based upon real life historical events In fact, it is two inter related stories in one novel set in different timeframes, namely the past and the present An Irish genealogist called Jed is commissioned by Tim, an American client, who needs to understand about his mysterious maternal ancestry Fate had dictate Where s Merrill is a uniquely crafted mystery thriller based upon real life historical events In fact, it is two inter related stories in one novel set in different timeframes, namely the past and the present An Irish genealogist called Jed is commissioned by Tim, an American client, who needs to understand about his mysterious maternal ancestry Fate had dictated that Tim never got the chance to meet his grandparents, and he didn t even know the name of his mother s father She refused to tell Tim, even on her death bed Why That was a question which troubled Tim as he witnessed his mother s melancholy throughout his adult life, and after her death he resolved to find some answers and some peace of mind.It was also a question which intrigued Jed after he learned that Tim s grandfather simply disappeared No death record, no burial nothing Jed identifies the missing grandfather to be Merrill Harrison Within weeks, Jed becomes obsessed with Merrill s life, as he embarks on a personal crusade to find Merrill s resting place on Tim s behalf More fundamentally, Jed needs to fully understand the complex twists and turns linked to Merrill s existence and eventual disappearance which take the Irish researcher on a fascinating trail stretching back to the pioneering immigrants of Midwest America all the way to the White House during WWII.A web of worrying deceit woven by Tim s ancestors is gradually unraveled Once hidden family secrets are exposed Jed turns from genealogist into cold case detective as he comes to the conclusion that multiple criminal misdeeds have been covered up but where is Merrill

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    One thought on “Where's Merrill?”

    1. This is a highly enjoyable and fast-moving account of a "real-life" ancestry research project, set in both the present (the researcher's world) and the past via excerpts from the ancestors' lives. The twists and turns come thick and fast, meaning that confusion leads to instant clarifications, and a desire to know what happens next and then more twists occur.I loved the pace of the final chapters, and the eagerness of needing to know how the mystery ends. It's complicated; it's complex, it's re [...]

    2. As a historian and genealogist, I couldn't resist downloading this genealogical mystery. It's an account of the author's professional genealogical research for an American client, interspersed with fictional reconstructions of the client's ancestors' lives. The names have been changed for privacy, but the story is true. It is a fascinating read.

    3. Author Alliance LinkWhere’s Merrill? A Genealogical Thriller by Gearoid O’Neary is a cross between a research paper and a mystery. I really did not know what to expect with this book initially, but was won over fairly quickly. Trying to find Merrill in a family history reminded of my days a history major and searching for minor historical figures. In fact, my classmates and I had done this sort of thing so often in so many Latin American history classes that this research took on its own nam [...]

    4. First, a disclaimer. I have had a business relationship with Mr. O'Neary, as he has done some research on my Irish roots in the past. However, this has nothing to do with my review of "Where's Merrill?" My review is based totally on its own merits.As somewhat of an ancestry buff, I was interested in reading "Where's Merrill?" I too have Irish roots, though other than being Irish, my family bears little resemblance to the Harrison family."Where's Merrill?" is a well-written ancestral mystery. I e [...]

    5. As someone trying, (for ten years now) to connect my Chicago Irish ancestors to their place in Ireland, (still working on it) I found this story to be a great read and an eye opening account of what can now be done electronically, if you have someone with Mr. O'Neary's level of expertise.The story was highly interesting, and like real life genealogy, you didn't get all the answers, but enough to satisfy your curiosity. I would read more of this genre if I knew before hand that they were more tru [...]

    6. Loved it! It is my goal to write family history mysteries and this book gave me good insight into what the reality behind the story looks like. While I couldn't follow the genealogical research that well due to my novice understanding of the skill, I learned a lot about the frustration a researcher can encounter and what resources are used. Thank you Mr. O'Neary!

    7. An interesting story about the family history research of a particularly interesting and difficult family - including Merrill. All the more entertaining due to it being based on an actual story. Although it does bounce back and forth in time, as TV shows seem to do more and more, it is not unlike the normal course of most research projects, with the character development being the common thread.

    8. Because I am an amateur genealogist, I was intrigued by the idea of this book. But not only did I really, really dislike the genealogist (felt "his" attempts at humor were often awkward), but Merrill turned out be not likable at all. Realizing that in research you do end up with family skeletons, I dealt better with Merrill than the researcher!

    9. Jed is a genealogist contracted by Tim to find out more about his family as his mother Laura didn't tell him anything about her background. Sensing some sense of shame about her history Tim hires Jed to dig into his family tree which initiates the search for Merrill who is Tim's maternal grandfather. Extensive archives research yields birth, marriage and death certificates which map Tim's ancestry. I found this book interesting in the same way I find reality shows looking into celebrity family t [...]

    10. Based on real life events, Where's Merrill relates Jed's story as a genealogist researching the mystery grandfather of his American client, Tim.Tim's mother would tell him nothing about her father, not even his name. Jed's search takes many twists and turns and he gets to the point where the subject just disappeared off the face of the earth, no death or further census information or paper trail of any sort.The story is told in two different time frames as Jed researches each family member in tu [...]

    11. I'd give this one a 3 1/2 if I could. I really liked the idea of a story of the research process and of giving life to the characters. And, I was intrigued by the mystery of this particular family and anxious to learn what more could have possibly taken place in their lives. However, I disliked the main researcher immensely. As I genealogist, I found his character and much of his process to be a bit more than unprofessional. I was also bothered by the bizarre description of the electronic search [...]

    12. As a cross between a research project and historical fiction, this is a great story. The present-day moves chronologically but the story set in the past jumps around as the researcher learns more about the people he's researching. That's how it works in real life too. A little confusing here and there but that happens when there are lots of people to follow.The formatting of the e-book made the present-day text harder to read because it was lighter on my kindle but the story itself was good.

    13. This is a great idea for a book and obviously written by someone who is very knowledgeable about genealogy I really expected to enjoy it but it just didn’t work for me perhaps because it was about American genealogy which I am not that familiar with. Also I found the constant time switches a bit confusing. However the main problem for me was that Merrill emerged as such an unpleasant character that I really didn’t care where he was.

    14. Interesting storyRead this book to the end because I was intrigued by the relationships and suspected it was based on true life story. Didn't like the structure or the style much but having got past them was intrigued.

    15. A good read, especially for those with an enjoyment of mystery thrillers and an interest in tracing their family tree.

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