Hotter Than Ever

Hotter Than Ever When you land in hot water swim for safety or let the fire burn Claire McKinley has just experienced every bride s nightmare The groom is a no show and now she must face five hundred guests alone Fu

  • Title: Hotter Than Ever
  • Author: Elle Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781619214811
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • When you land in hot water, swim for safety or let the fire burn.Claire McKinley has just experienced every bride s nightmare The groom is a no show, and now she must face five hundred guests alone Furious and humiliated, Claire seeks help from the most unlikely candidate her almost brother in law, who promptly whisks her away to his apartment in San Diego, where she canWhen you land in hot water, swim for safety or let the fire burn.Claire McKinley has just experienced every bride s nightmare The groom is a no show, and now she must face five hundred guests alone Furious and humiliated, Claire seeks help from the most unlikely candidate her almost brother in law, who promptly whisks her away to his apartment in San Diego, where she can recover her pride in peace and quiet Dylan Wade is no fan of Claire s, but no way can he leave the jilted bride in her time of need Bringing her home seems like a good idea until he remembers his new roommate Dylan s relationship with Aidan is complicated And with Claire thrown into the mix, life becomes even complicated Claire is blindsided by her attraction not only to Dylan, but also to Aidan, a man she s just met Soon they re caught up in an all consuming sexual storm they can t fight even if they wanted to Yet Claire wonders if it can last, or if she s just setting herself up for heartache Warning This book is very dirty M nage a trois and man on man dirty Graphic language and explicit sex dirty Basically Dirty You ve been warned.

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    One thought on “Hotter Than Ever”

    1. when the three of them were together, she felt like everything… made sense. Which made no sense, damn it!It says something when a book is so good that you feel going out to have ice cream is a waste of time. Well, I actually started the Out of Uniform series from the last installment. Fortunately, it absolutely can be read as a stand-alone book, and as I loved it, I’m definitely up for the whole series.What I loved in Hotter Than Ever:- The story: it is simple and credible, told from alterna [...]

    2. 4.5--Two Are Better Than One--StarsWhat's better than one smoking hot military guy? Two smoking hot military guys!!This book was Not only was it hot as hell but it actually had a nice little story to go along with it. I don't read a lot of ménage books--shockingly enough--but what I liked about this one was that it was MMF. So we get some MM action, some MF action and some MMF action. I loved all three MCs. They each brought something to the relationship. Claire is poised to walk down the aisle [...]

    3. If all you wanted was my panties all you had to do was ask :D !!!This book did not let me down at all , it was a really good read . sometimes sad,sometimes makes you want to punch someone ( specifically Chris -__-) but other then that i really thought it was good book .

    4. Dirty. Dirty hot but in an incredibly good way. (lol) And nothing real nasty or too explicit (at least not for me!)--although there were plenty of steamy hot encounters (m/m, m/m/f, m/f, mf/m)--there was a fair amount that happened off the pages, where you will have no trouble using your (dirty) imagination. For the past couple of books in this series, Elle Kennedy has been teasing us with the character of Dylan Wade. Dylan, the sexed-up Navy SEAL whose sexuality may be a bit of a question mark [...]

    5. 4.5 It's Scorching Stars!Loved, loved, loved this scorching hot book!!!I was so happy with this book. The storyline was awesome and the sex scenes were steamy.

    6. Beyond HOTAZY HOT and with a sweet true love done three way styleA MUST READ for those that love m/mm/f/mm/m/fd m/f.s all the same 3 together but its a tru 3 way where Dylan and Aiden care for each other just as much as they care for Claire and vice versaLOVED IT!!!!

    7. Multiple-POVs, HAE. (Can be read as a standalone)JAY-ZUSIS WAS SOME QUALITY SMUT. And I don't even typically go for menage stories. But after reading the Off-Campus books, and exploring Kennedy's roster a bit, I found this one. Fortunately, it can be read as a standalone which, I think all of them can be if I remember correctly. Good thing too. Can't vouch for the other installments in the series but this book right here I'm still doing breathing exercises. I've read a few woman-scorned books la [...]

    8. 4 Dirty hot, sweet and romantic stars.I really enjoyed this book. It’s funny, romantic and SUPER smutty. I’m always intrigued by books featuring ménage relationships, apart from the extra-awesome-smut-factor, I love to watch the dynamics at play, and that was done really well in this book. Claire has just been dumped at the altar. She’s not as devastated as she probably should be, but she’s embarrassed and furious that the man she had promised her life to could treat her so badly. Wanti [...]

    9. 5 Hotter than Ever Stars - ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤This was a re read for me; I didn't really know that till I was into it I guess I read it early 2015. I call this poetic justice. See there isn't a bro code when you treat a woman like Dylan’s brother did. So, when Dylan is asked to tell Claire there won’t be a wedding moments before the ceremony. I say all’s fair in love and war. And let’s throw in another sexy man for good measure Yep this is a ménage style romance my favorite kind [...]

    10. "Warning: This book is very dirty. Ménage a trois and man-on-man dirty. Graphic-language and explicit-sex dirty. Basically? Dirty. You’ve been warned"SOLD!!!

    11. okuma yılı girmişim ama hala to read'tef gibi mmf. mm ile birlikte adfadsfsben kurguyu gerçekten çok sevmiştim. hele sonlara doğru o kızın babasıyla olan muhabbetler fln. alın size mis gibi menage. hot hot hot.

    12. 4.5 HOLY HOTNESS starsThis bookfucking loved it!So glad I found this book. It's not often that I come across a read quite like this one. There was a shit ton of sexual tension in the beginning and amazing sexual chemistry between all of the main characters--yes all of them, meaning three. Are you ready for this? Two men & one female.Say what? No seriously, trust me, it's all good!I'm not one that typically enjoys multiple lovers at one time-meaning three people being in an actual relationshi [...]

    13. SoI don't really know what to say. This book was actually really good and hot. The characters were pretty likeable and the storyline was ineresting. Still was not for me. This was my very first mmf/menage and I can already say that I won't be reading much more of this genre in the future. Ofcourse I've read some books were there were some menage scenes, but not were the entire relationship was a threeway. For some reason it just pissed me off. See I liked Dylan and Aiden together. I liked there [...]

    14. ***********4 ★★★★**********This is definitely not your average boy meets girl love story.It's boy meets girl and boy! d it's f#%$# perfect!d so damn HAWT!

    15. I ought to have been more cautious. Sorry, this is icky on too many levels to state without ranting like a maniac. Anyone as shallow as these characters, and behaving as atypical of normal people, would still be ashamed of being shoehorned into such a trite plot.This is the second attempt at reading Elle Kennedy, ending just as the earlier one. I need to remember not to buy her anymore. This writer is really not for me.

    16. to read my full review follow me @ marymenage.wordpress/2013/I loved it!That’s what I am talking about! This story had everything to keep me glued on my android.()The plot was not overly original but I believed it from the start even if the villain was a bit over the top villain, it did not really matter because the focus was on the main characters and I liked that. I am fine to find a villain in a romance but his character must be justified to talk about. It is difficult to be just enough vil [...]

    17. I love Elle Kennedy. This year she has become one of my favorite authors, so naturally I want to read everything she's ever written. I came across this book and I wasn't sure what to expect. I've never read a book that involves menage before (a relationship between three people) and I was curious to say the least. This book ended up being awesome. This book is sexy and fun and it actually has a good story happening here too. This book follows Claire who has just been let at the alter by her douc [...]

    18. 6 ++ starsWOWFANTASTICABSOLOUTELY wORTHY TO READter reading anatomy of Jane by j.j.McAvoy ,I LOVED this book sooooo muchother AWSOME mfm.Fantastic Alpha heroesn and Dylan alpha heroes who are worth to read.d the speciality of this book is,its have a verrrrry STRONG Heroine furious,strong,independent and hillarious ly cute.fucking love it.her straight forward and honest nature makes her sooo adorable Claire you are the best babe.d Sex scenes are SUPER HOT and chemistry between main leads is OFF T [...]

    19. Hot hot hot MMF, MM, MF sex scenes. Endearing muscular men. Meh self-absorbed heroine. Meh storyline (bored at times)Full review to come.

    20. Claire and Aidan/DylanAnother hot one by Ms. Kennedy. Yum, yum. Full review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews My first Elle Kennedy experience was the straight guy bj scene in Feeling Hot. That scene alone won Ms. Kennedy a reader for life, however when I found out Hotter than Ever was Dylan’s, one of the participants in the straight guy bj, book I was pretty excited.Claire has been left at the altar by Dylan’s brother and though there is no love lost between the two of them Dylan feels bad enou [...]

    21. A lot of erotic passionate sex. The story is pretty good too. I enjoyed it.Two buff military guys Dylan and Aidan have hot sex with each other, back door action, and menage scenes with female Claire. I was disappointed that Claire’s scumbag jerk ex-fiancé didn’t suffer some pain or karmic payback. Other than that, things wrapped up wellE OUT OF UNIFORM SERIES:I’ve read 5 books in this series. All of them are about sexy guys, steamy sex, and each guy is totally devoted to one woman (with t [...]

    22. I am still blushing Wow it was a scorching read . This book is much better than some of the m/m hot reads . The story was okay - 3 stars for it,but the pace with which it flowed did not bore me.The 4 stars I give is for the MC Liked all three of them Aiden , Dylan and Claire .At one point I was rooting for Aid and Dy to fall in love and leave Claire out . But by the end of the book I was rooting for Claire too .Its an entertaining read . I think I like this writer Thanks to Stars bright Star [...]

    23. If you like Nicole Edwards Club Destiny Series you'll enjoy this book. This book is number nine in a series (all sorts of combos in the previous books), but I think Hotter Than Ever can still be enjoyed without having read books 1-8. The series revolves around navy SEALS and whilst not BDSM this is a hot ménage read!

    24. Enjoyed this one okay. I'm not really a fan of MMF because I prefer MFM but I was stretching my boundaries. Well written and fairly fast moving with serious thought put into the reactions of family and friends towards a polyamorous relationship. There were sex scenes but it wasn't all about those scenes. Lots of story here.

    25. My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: joyfullyreviewed/new-rDylan Wade has never been Claire McKinley’s biggest fan, and he’s definitely not looking forward to having her as a sister-in-law. But when his brother dumps Claire five minutes before their wedding, Dylan can’t leave her to face the headache and embarrassment alone. The best solution he can come up with is to take Claire home with him. There’s just one thing Dylan forgot: his roommate and lover, Aidan Rhodes.Dylan and [...]

    26. The title says it all with this book. Hotter Than Ever is definitely the best story yet in the sexy Out of Uniform series from Elle Kennedy. Claire is the jilted bride- left at the alter by her spineless fiance. Dylan is the best man- brother of the groom- left holding the bag of crap that is explaining his brother’s last minute change of heart. Aidan is the “other” guy: Dylan’s lover and housemate. He’s a charismatic charmer with a hot body and a seductive gaze.Claire was stunned when [...]

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