My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore's Bilingual Journey

My Lifelong Challenge Singapore s Bilingual Journey None

  • Title: My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore's Bilingual Journey
  • Author: Lee Kuan Yew
  • ISBN: 9789814342032
  • Page: 307
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      307 Lee Kuan Yew
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    One thought on “My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore's Bilingual Journey”

    1. Good job, Harry! You've successfully created a bilingual nation. You hated being called Harry because you were the only kid in your school with an English name, so you re-registered as Kuan Yew. You were English-educated, and saw how English-educated Chinese-Singaporeans had better job prospects than Chinese-educated Chinese-Singaporeans, so you made English Singapore's primary language. However, the English-educated had no confidence in themselves and were too psychologically crippled to challe [...]

    2. There are some out there who perhaps deem the book tiresome and full of plain narratives but I think otherwise. The book influenced me actually by compelling me to embark on a journey attempting to be more bilingual.The inspiration I drew from the book made it so special .I felt it an enormous regret for not having read this cautiously before. I remembered looking it through once in a sloppy way by fliting from pages to pages. All the details eluded me now. But that is no matter .Different time, [...]

    3. This is really part of LKY's memoirs and the canary in the coal mine for Western education. From the quantity of reviews and ratings across several sites it looks like a chronically small number are listening. I am more inspired by his lifetime of hard work and ability to write books at almost 90 years old than to argue and dispute his historical education policies. Even though there are a large number of expats living and working in Singapore(and respective international schools), this book is [...]

    4. I read this book in hopes it would make me more knowledgeable about Singapore and her founding father to celebrate SG50. The book was interesting, I definitely learned about the importance of knowing many languages and knowing your own mother tongue, but it was still extremely boring. I started off with so many reasons to read this book, but honestly the only thing that kept me going was how I needed it for humanities (my project was going to be about LKY (Lee Kuan Yew)). It was a good one time [...]

    5. Mr Lee Kuan Yew shares the story of his life and his decision in the midst of the turmoil life he had throughout his life vividly and clearly. The most important thing I learnt from this book is that you can never truly become an English man even if you tried to live like them, therefore, you should accept and be proud of your own identity, and you shall earn other's respects by doing so! It is also a great book for you if you are interested in the history of South East Asia.

    6. Mastering 2 languages as diverse as English and Chinese is not easy for general folks who are not language-gifted. Although it is difficult, I agree with many of the thinking of LKY that it is absolutely necessary for Singaporeans to learn 2 languages - a mother tongue for cultural reasons, and English for social, business, education, commercial reasons. LKY is one of the most brilliant thinkers in the world, and the ideas in this book should be mandatory reading for any Singaporean.

    7. The first part of the book was interesting for me because it explored the development of the education system in Singapore. It felt like LKY was talking to me directly as it followed his style of speech relatively accurately. The second half of the book is a compilation of the language journey of several people.

    8. The contents are great but as far as the book title goes, the subject can be pretty dry. The book basically details down the journey of how LKY diminishes the usage of dialects among its people and promotes English and Mandarin in a dialect populated country.

    9. A personal look at Singapore's bilingual education system, and how it has evolved over the years, in tandem with political developments. Perhaps just one man's view, but definitely an important one. Some of the other stories by the various contributors were interesting, but still, just a sideshow.

    10. All are about politic and strategy. I could see the courage and bold action taken by the former No.1 of Singapore to instill English in every heart of his people. Similiarly to PPSMI, I think, there's blessing in disguise, but, yup, the data which is the fact, has shown the otherwsie.

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